I Promised I Wouldn’t

Well, I had promised that I wouldn’t show any pictures of myself until I got better, but I couldn’t resist this one. So, here’s what happened. Yesterday, I’m busy doing my thing, busy knitting, busy being clever, busy being Gregory Patrick and I notice a little tension on the side of my face. Didn’t think too much of it. Phillip heads to work to do the nightshift, and I get some rest. I wake up a few hours later in some massive pain. Rushing to the bathroom I see it clear as day in the mirror. An abscess had formed. Well, shit. This, too???? I just threw my hands in the air, went back to bed and put on some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Don’t judge me). Keep a sense of humor about it, I tell myself. I’ll just look like I’m doing the “marshmallow challenge.”

Phillip comes home a few hours later, about 3am, comes into the bedroom, sees me, does a double take and asks, “What happened to your face?????”

I’ve been lucky that we were able to maintain my teeth problems over the last few years. Never had the money to have them extracted, but was able to help with the dentists to at least keep them clean, keep them free of food debris and maintain them. However, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before another abscess would occur. We did good! We went two whole years. I really never should have had those chips and salsa, but I have been SO hungry the last few months that I couldn’t resist and remember telling Philllip, “I don’t care about my teeth, I’m starving.”

Unfortunately, its back to broth and cream soups for the next week or so. Unfortunately, we can’t see the dentist until Monday. Why dental problems always happen on the weekend? So, I’ve got some orajel close by, and a handy ice pack to keep the swelling down. My dentist usually does her consultation for free and only charges for actual treatment, so that’s good. However, the antibiotics I still have to pay for. So! This bear has been REALLY popular since I rolled him out. My crayon bear. People seem to really love him. So, I’m whipping up another one to pay for the meds on Monday.

Man, it is going to be a LONG weekend. I imagine the best I can do is crash, get as much sleep as I can and just try and stay as unconscious as possible until Monday morning. Oh, I can’t wait to be pretty again. If you’d like to snag this little bear, click here. 

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  1. You know, with a food processor you can liquidise anything? 😀 Hope it is sorted soon. Abscesses are horrendous. (Preaching to the converted!)! Only ever had one in my life! That was enough!

  2. Please don’t wait until Monday, I am serous. An abscess in that area can easily go to bone tissue and that can take months of antibiotics to clear up, risking bone loss in an area around your mouth is pretty serious in addition to the possibility of it going into the sinuses. Trust me, please see a doctor asap, don’t need a dentist, anyone can get the antibiotics started right away. You can be seen in one of those clinics in the grocery store or drug store. Find out which drug stores offer free antibiotics and which ones are free, ask your doctor if they have samples.

  3. You can swish Hot water with salt to help or hydrogen peroxide and swish that around. You know 1 cap full of the hydrogen peroxide with a cap of Hot water. I did that for a long time and it held everything together. By the way I understand the pain and frustration.

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