Live, From Sunny Florida!

I’m looking forward to shaving soon. Yup, was able to get my meds yesterday effortlessly. When I called at 7:30am to make an appointment with my dentist, they inquired why, I told them, they asked if it was the same tooth or the same area, I said yes, and they said there was no need to come in for a visit, they would just phone in the prescription to Publix for me to pick up. Hallelujah. By 10am I was back at home, comfy as a bug in a rug on the couch popping pills. I’m a little tired today because my face and my teeth still hurt and it was hard to sleep, because I refused any painkillers. I don’t like them. I really don’t. And unless it is an absolute MUST I don’t take them. But. I’m grateful to God and all of you for alleviating some of that stress off of me. One day of healing down felt pretty good. Ice cream was at the ready. A “John Wick” marathon and some knitting in my hands set the day perfectly. As soon as the swelling goes down, I’m gonna shave shave shave like no one has ever shaved before.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Phillip finished up his first Strange Friend in almost a year! Can you believe that? It started on movie day last week. He felt lazy just sitting about on his side of the couch, while I was on the other knitting up my teddy bears. So, he stood up, went to our stash, pulled out some awesome yarn and got to work. About an hour in he confessed how much he had missed making them. So, here he is, fresh off the crochet hook. We call him, “Live, From Sunny Florida!” With his grey hair, deep tan, exuberant readiness to head to the beach, he’s the perfect Florida spokesman. He’s cute! Fun! Ready for summer! If you’d like to adopt him, click here. 

He’s already started his second one. And I do so enjoy it when he makes them. His creative spark comes to life and he bounces all over the place, happily convinced he is a debonair artist. I’m off to do laundry. Finding as many busy things to do today to distract from the pain. And if there is a pain deeper than an abscessed tooth, it must be laundry.

Have a good day!

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  1. I have a mouth sore that has now infected and tracked up into my face. Another costly dentist visit and we can both take our antibiotics and heal. Good luck.

      1. That particular Strange Friend’s name is “Live from Sunny Florida”. With his gray hair and “deep tan”, he fits in with the stereotypical senior citizen retirees that make up a good chunk of Florida’s population (at least 60, retired, likes to go to the beach, which explains the deep tan). It’s kind of a cute commentary on Florida culture without purposefully being a commentary.

  2. Welcome back Phillip! And a question/suggestion. Have you ever considered making your weird friends as puppets? I’d sure love to be able to make this newest one talk! Seems like it’d have things to say.

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