Perched at the Edge of a Wee One’s Crib or Bed

SO! We finally made our way to Smokey Bones for Phillip’s Birthday ribs, courtesy of Phillip’s step mother. (hey!) Yes, I braved my agoraphobia to sit and have lunch with my husband on his belated birthday lunch and there is SO much about that small outing that I can’t wait to tell you all about it in a separate post. (Hint: I shook hands with the Governor. That’s all I’ll say for now).

But, for now, I am so proud, SO PROUD, of this little baby blanket and bear set I whipped up. I say little, but to be truthful, that bear ended up much larger than many many many of my other ones. He’s almost 17 inches tall, but I designed him and sewed him up so that he can sit, perch himself (or herself, your call), on the edge of a wee one’s crib or bed. And the blanket! Poofy and squishy, huge and fluffy. A good two feet long, so its a really nice size.

See, Joann’s is in the same plaza as Smokey Bones. So, once I was done hobnobbing with the Gov (fun story, really), I popped over there because I’ve been wanting to play with some new yarn. Found some, fell in love, and spent all of Saturday night working this set up. If this one finds a home fast enough, I will definately be doing more, because I really enjoy breaking up the knitting with the crocheted blankets. What a better way to spend Movie Day than to whip through some crochet work. And, of course, I’ll take a turn at a blue version so I don’t leave the little guys out.

So, if you’d like to adopt this adorable little set, click here. I know this time of year babies are being born all over the place and it sure would make a delightful addition to any baby shower.

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  1. Oh that looks absolutely DARLING! If I had the cash I would snap it up for a baby shower no problem. Absolutely stunning dear!

  2. So, pretty! You need to sell it for more than that, Gregory. You also need more ways to sell your items. I hate to see you sell yourself short. That is a lot of work!

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