“Light a Candle for Me….”

So, I got an email from someone the other day saying that she was so sorry she had not been in touch, but had not forgotten about us, and then explained why she had been so silent. She said she had been experiencing a tidal wave of personal and physical dilemmas, many of which were just beating her down badly, especially the health concerns. I wrote her back and asked what Phillip and I could do for her, because we had noticed she had dropped off the radar. She wrote back quite simply, “Light a candle for me.”

Well, of course we would! So, this morning (which is the middle of the night for many people-you can take the man out of the monastery, but not the other way around), I woke, made my coffee, set myself before our little altar area….and before I lit the candle, I thought about it.

One candle can do so much in terms of prayers for a single soul, can you imagine what it could do for many? I lit the candle thinking about our friend, but took it one step further and hoped, prayed, asked of the Light that all of you, every single one of you that may read the words I write and share our lives through these electric screens, that you would be comforted, too. Anyone of you that may feel hurt, sad, lonely, in pain, unwanted or scared, we lit this candle for you this morning because we wanted you to know we are always thinking about you. We wanted you and the Universe to know how much we appreciate you, care for you, and love you for giving us this blessed life we have together. Not just Phillip and I, but all of us rounded together by the clicketing of knitting needles.

I decided to make this part of my morning routine. I usually light my candle in the morning for someone. The other day it was for the Thai boys in the cave and their safe return. But, now there will be two candles burning throughout the day. One for a special prayer for someone specific, or a hopeful prayer for something I need to learn and work on. But, the second candle will always be lit for you.

After I finished lighting my candles this morning, I finished up my lion I had wanted to do in pink. Yes, I know lions are accustomed to being dressed in orange, but they weren’t too shy about being donned in “seaspray” or “pink blush.” So, here is my little pink lionhearted darling. Again, I think I just might do an entire series of my stuffed animals in this color, along with the seaspray, for that delicious chocolate looks so good as a complimentary color. if you’d like to adopt this little lion, click here.

I also still have this bear and blanket set. I’m looking forward to him (or her!) finding a new home so that I can get to work on a blue version for the fellas, or a maybe a neutral color of some kind. I have so much fun working on these sets because of the break between the knitting to play with crochet. So, if you’d like to adopt this bear and blanket set, click here.

That’s about it for now. Going to go spend a short while in knitting silence. We love you. Never forget that. And should you feel displaced in a world or life that damns you with the feeling of loneliness, remember that at least two souls in this cold world are with you.

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  1. Reminds me of the Peter, Paul, and Mary song, “Light One Candle” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1cRXgDFiSs)…I’ve been singing this song for the past few months as I’ve been going through my own major upheavals since the beginning of the year:
    1-lost a good job of about 5 years, and received word that my mother had died unexpectedly on the same day back in February.
    2-new job found a month later was a poor fit and a major stressor
    3-with my mother’s death I’ve become a caregiver for my dad–and he ended up having shoulder replacement surgery in Mid-May
    4-my favorite great-aunt passed away on Mother’s Day
    5-lost the new job just after Memorial Day
    6-close friend succumbed to alcoholism and was found dead on a welfare visit (while I was at my great-aunt’s funeral)
    7-still job hunting…

    So much. Trying to make good and make do as I’m able, but it’s tough.

    I think of you guys often…

  2. I just ordered your pattern book and 2 other books. You are such an inspiration. I love your blog\ facebook page. I pray you continue in your art. Your talent is inspiring. X Dani

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