We’ll Go For Battery But Not For Broke

You all know one of the great ways to handle life: reaction. Like great minds have always mentioned, there are some things in life you cannot control, but you can control how you react to those situations. Much like the idea of the Serenity prayer; know what you can and CANNOT control, and knowing that if you can’t do something about it, then why get into such a tizzy? Why stress yourself out over things that are beyond your control?

Even the Buddhists have something of an axiom (and I’m paraphrasing here), but if worrying accomplishes nothing…..then why worry?

We took the battery from the yarn truck up to Advanced Auto, where they charge them for free. “Come back in an hour,” they said. Do you have any idea how grateful we are that we live pretty much 2 blocks from anything we need? That was, after all, the biggest reason we chose this apartment three years ago when we didn’t have transportation to begin with.

An hour later we headed back to retrieve the battery only to be told that this sad, antique thing, that had given its last year of it’s life to our service was just dead. The mechanic showed us a printout how it had been slowly, hopefully trying to bring itself back to life, alas, only to finally taken off life support. Slow curtain, the end, as they say. He gave us back the battery and said we could use it towards the purchase of a new one.

Well, hell…..Who knew batteries were so expensive? I mean, REALLY expensive. More than I thought was necessary for a galloping old bucket of bolts that is almost as old as we are. Seriously, I’m thinking of throwing the yarn truck a party for its 40th birthday.

We came home with the carcass, discussed and made the right decision I think anyone should in these situations. I’ll knit something to come up with the difference of what we have towards the cost of the battery. Done. I knit up this delicious elephant in “chocolate.” Hints of teal and creme accent his tusk, hooves, and tail. While I knit him up, Phillip was diligently looking around on the web for comparative prices for batteries for the yarn truck. They’re all pretty much the same. Then we came up with the smartest resolution to this situation. We’ll sell the elephant for the remainder of what is needed for the battery. If the battery isn’t the problem with the yarn truck, and it still won’t turn over and run, then we’ll let it sit quietly in front of our apartment and focus on other things. We won’t spend too much time and money worrying about it, if we can still function.

In other words, we’re not going to stress it right now. It would be an unnecessary stress, when there are so many other things we can focus our time and limited cash flow on. But, we should at least try getting the battery to see if this the problem. If the battery isn’t the problem, then oh well? Right? I mean, we have really weathered some nasty stuff this last year, we’re not going to let (of all things) the death of the yarn truck keep us from being happy. That really is a little thing in comparison.

So, we’ll go for battery….but, we won’t go for broke. Chin up. Optimism may prevail. The battery may be just what we need to get the truck up and going again. And if the battery isn’t the problem? Then chin up! We at least gave it a try.

If you’d like to adopt the elephant, click here. I was up all night working him up. Adorable, I tell you. And there is only one. He’ll help us get our battery.

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One comment

  1. You’ll need the new battery anyway, even if there is something else wrong with the truck. So, good decision and remain calm…….. 🙂

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