The Hounds of Weird and Unusual

“That chick is nuttier than squirrel poop,” he said. Say what??? WHAT? Whenever I put on some Kate Bush while I’m working Phillip seems to suddenly find the need for his headphones. He listens to all kinds of music, varying sorts of music, eccentric sorts of music. But, for some reason he just cannot come to terms with my fascination with Kate Bush.

I love her. I find her as weird as I am. Another crazy to wave at in the endless pool of people drowning in a sea of normal. I was knitting a hound dog while knitting to Kate Bush.

Ok, wait. Let’s back up. I was in the mood to listen to Kate Bush, didn’t say a word, put some of her work on and suddenly Phillip was like, “REALLY????? REALLY????? No! NO NO NO!” He grabbed his headphones so he could avoid it. Ah, well. I imagine I do the same thing when he plays his “whiny guy with an acoustic guitar” music. (I really hate those guys. So sensitive, so full of shit, really). I mean, that might be rude, but I like musicians, artists, crafters, makers who are on the edge, who are over there, who aren’t two-a-penny. I like them weird, unusual.

So, in homage to Kate Bush, I knit up a hound. I called him, “Hounds of Love,” and not just in homage to Kate Bush, but to anyone who is weird and unusual. If you’d like to adopt him, click here. There is only one, as I think the weird and unusual should be.

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  1. A fellow lover of Kate!! She is my all time favorite. You are not weird, you have impeccable taste in music!

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