Don’t Fear Having Fun

And so it seems the internet loves, JUST LOVES to take your fun away from you sometimes. Doesn’t it? Well, after having battled an illness that nearly took me as it’s bride, Phillip and I love being flippant right now. We can’t take everything too seriously. We find better pleasure in the laughable, giggling rapport that we have come to adore.

You’ll find a lot more laughter around this house. You’ll find a lot more squashing of burdensome negativity within these walls, and most definitely find love in who we are, as we are, when we are.

It really is so strange to me that you have to apologize for having fun these days. No one has a sense of humor. No one just sits back, cracks a laugh and takes it on the chin. Everything you say is monitored for offense, to someone, somehow, somewhere, waiting at their keyboards to be a warrior in defense of whomever you might have demolished with your poison pen. One single fart can ruin everyone’s good time at a party.

But, never fear having fun. When you have a public presence, you are constantly on edge, because your career can be shredded to pieces at a moment’s notice for something you might have said. And living on that hypertensive, anxiety filled, fake smiled edge will hurt you more than anything some keyboard warrior might ever want to destroy you for. They come into the argument with a need to silence, a reason to boycott you, a desire to rid the world of your….fun.

Who cares, right? Who truly cares what total strangers think about you. Focus on your fun, and your loved ones. Some random comments from faraway fools shouldn’t ruin your frolicking through the sun. And it won’t ruin ours, either.

Like I said, I was in pain for so long, and was nearly gone, and I TRULY am enjoying  myself with vibrant smiles and ridiculous endeavors. Who can blame me?

Phillip and I started up our show again because it was fun. We had shut it down for some reasons, and you can hear why if you watch it. Click here if you’d like to take a look. Couldn’t hurt. And you do get to see me live, in the flesh, so happy to be alive that I smile far too much, behave overly anxious, and get giddy.

Now, go have fun today. Screw what the internet thinks….

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  1. You guys just strike me as being so much fun. 🙂 I think you’re the kind of guys I’d enjoy hanging out with, just to have a meal with and to BS with for a bit.

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