The BEST Two Cotton Pickin’ Years of My Life

There were bodies everywhere, listless demons laying along side the remnants of their perilous poisons: ice cream cake, pasta, beer….consumed to excess. It was fun!

Phillip and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this past weekend, my mother coming down to visit to participate in not only that festival, but to celebrate her own birthday, too. And what a lazy, bombastic, self indulgent blast we all had.

She picked up an ice cream cake on her way in, proclaiming with a smile, “I asked the girl to write ‘Happy Anniversary’ on the cake…..but, the poor girl didn’t know how to spell it.”

It was the epitome of “I ain’t doin’ nothing but enjoying myself today,” it was a finger to the formidable flowers and candies kind of day; self indulgent and filled with chocolaty sin. There were cocktails, M&M’s, spaghetti, cake, ice cream, beer, long, laughable moments of all three of us set sturdy in our pajamas, sprawled across the living room carpet, belching and reminiscing. We binged television shows, belching with cackles and guffaws.

I wish weekends like this were an epidemic….

The following day, we were spent. SPENT, I say. Just…..these blobby bodies barely able to reach to their feet, each of us puttering through spittled, cracked lips, “….water, please…. I beg you….Must…have…water…”

And despite a day of hangover hell, I could not have imagined a wedding anniversary spent any better. This has been the best two years of my life. Ok, people always remember their first wedding anniversary. Paper, right? I could not for the life of me tell you how Phillip and I spent last year’s anniversary. Gone from my head. But, the second anniversary? Cotton! This was our “cotton pickin’ anniversary,” and I’ll cherish it always.

That man has made me the happiest fellow that I know. I don’t no anyone happier than me. And it is because of he. He’s been my dragon slayer, my protector, my pal, my best friend, my go to, my own damned teddy bear.

My mother has gone back home, Phillip is getting ready for work, and we lunge back into normal behavior. But, I dare say, some lingering sense of life and love will be pervading our every day routine. 🙂

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