“If I Have to Sing ‘Like a Virgin’ ONE MORE TIME…..”

Slipping through my fingers are the best of colors, swirling and hugging the crochet hook before letting go to fall into place.  Each color I pass demanding, begging, wishing to be clung to next, pulled from a from a haunted skein that wishes to one day be pleased, to be adored. “Gimme a chance,” they scream. “I want to be alive, so alive.”

Each of these skeins a toss off, each sent to an acrylic grave, but when given a moment to shine became something tangible and delightful. Never judge a skein by their color. What may be muted and rough grey could be something wildly tame and usable against something stark and bright. What you get isn’t always what you see with a skein. Sometimes they need companionship. Even skeins get lonely….

Red Heart gets a red stop light sometimes when it comes to yarn. And I’ve never understood why. I blame snobs. But, I’ve enjoyed taking those shunned acrylics into my hands. I’ve worked them up as they should be, not alone, but side by side with contradictions.

I have had the best time with these granny square blankets. Another bank canvas for which to splash creativity. I’ve been asked where my teddy bears are, what happened to my stuffed animals? Why aren’t I knitting them? Honestly? I needed a break. I needed to find a new outlet, a new place for my color hungry hands to work with. I’ll go back to the stuffed animals….maybe. I don’t know. I’m going hunting. Hunting for new expressions. And maybe one day I won’t touch yarn at all, but just write about the fulfillment I had with that once and former lover and move on….

I don’t know. But, for now, we enjoy the creation in our hands as it wields and warns of things forgotten, and things to come.

I need to do something new. Creatively, I need to go hunting. So, with these captured acrylics, I feel I’m at least one step towards exploration. A new way of trapping yarn. And a new way of writing about it.

I really do love my weird, deco, not quite manly granny squares. A new canvas to play with. If you’d like one, click here. 

Let’s both see what happens….As for now, I feel trapped by a bear….To quote Madonna, “If I have to sing ‘Like a Virgin’ ONE MORE TIME I think I’ll scream….”

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  1. I love these big granny squares. They take me back, with a modern twist. And acrylics… that was funny. I’m an acrylic snob, too – I’d prefer not to wear it. But my best friend Judith, now passed on, crocheted me an afghan 35 years ago and it is acrylic, probably Red Heart, some kind of zigzag pattern, bright cobalt blue. I have cherished it, used it, washed it many times and it is as bright and soft and warm as the day it was made. It does not fade, it does not pill, it is not a magnet for cat hair.

    1. My mom knitted untold thousands of miles of yarn, all red heart. To this day, after countless washings, there is not a pill on any of her blankets. She knitted them for her children and grandchildren, and now her great grandchildren are snuggling under them. What more could you ask from a yarn?

  2. Red Heart “soft” is one of my favorite acrylics. It makes wonderful warm socks that hold their shape quite well compared to a lot of acrylics.

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