A Bear’s Fall

Now, you have to think that if bears hibernate in winter, then they must have all kinds of energy in the fall. You know, foraging and stuffing themselves all the way up to the last minute, right? I mean, they must be running around all over the place, feeding and frolicking before their long bed time. We have tons of bears here in Central Florida. Many people think of gators when they think of this neck of the woods, which is true, we have plenty of those, too. But, we have an abundance of bears. And right now? They’re swimming around in backyard pools, digging their way through trash cans, taking cat naps in trees, waking only if they roll over the wrong way and PLOP! to the ground, their paws all stained with berry juice.

So, in honor of autumn, I finally got a chance to play with this gold color from Lionbrand’s Wool Ease line. I think it makes up the perfect sort of bear for fall. Now, one skein made nearly two bears, which is why the second fella has a nifty little white muzzle and paws. So, there are only two for now. I might make more. Might work on some in “pumpkin” and “avocado” to keep the colors of autumn close to my fingertips.

I’d like to sell them today. It has been a while since I sold anything, really. And you know how I get. “ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! MY CAREER IS FINISHED!!!” Well, of course, not. That’s just me being a nervous knit wit (hey!) and panicking. But, I would like to sell the little guys. Ya know, just so I don’t flip out and worry. So, if you’d like one of them, click here. Don’t forget, there are only two.

I still have the last manly granny blanket in the shop, too. It was a fun couple of weeks playing around with those, but they weren’t quite the hit. So, I’m back to my teddy bears. They are classic, right? My signature piece of knitting. I’m the teddy bear guy. I’m good with that. 🙂



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