Goal Day

One of the simplest, most admirable of traits is to wake up and make your bed. You’ve heard that famous speech, haven’t you? Why is that important? It sets a small accomplishment that affords your mind a bit of inspiration to accomplish other goals throughout the day.

Today? I’m on a quest to sell 10 copies of my pattern book, my last manly granny afghan, and these two adorable bears made in reminiscence of the season. My pattern book includes a 35 minute video tutorial that shows you how to stuff, sew and embroider the mouth eyes and nose of your own teddy bear, or other stuffed animal. My last manly granny square is 5 feet by 5 feet. HUGE! And oozing with comfort. So, that is my goal today. I have a financial goal I’d like to reach by selling at least the 10 copies of my pattern book, but we always hope to go even further. And that really is why goals are so gracious. They inspire us to go even further.

Ok! I’m off to go make my bed! Go check out the shop for all these goodies! Click here!

UPDATE! 1:30PM Eight more to go! 

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