I Had No Idea….

I had no idea that my shop wasn’t accepting credit cards. I thought they had in the past, but I do recall maybe a year or two ago Bigcartel sending me an email saying that I should switch to their new “streamline” payment system. I thought, “Pfff. I like the way the shop is set up now. Why mess with something that isn’t broke?”

It wasn’t until about two weeks ago that I learned that my shop wasn’t accepting credit cards. Only paypal. So, if you didn’t have a paypal account, you couldn’t buy anything from me. How horrible is that? Boom! I got right on, went through the application process, went through the steps and was finally able to accept credit cards. That was when Stripe (the cc processor) sent me a cute little email saying that I wouldn’t receive the funds for at least 7 days, and that new customers are under a probationary period for several months. After that, they do an evaluation and if all is well, I would only have to wait two days. RRRRRRGGGGG. Ok, waiting a week to be paid is one helluva long time in my little world. With paypal, my funds are instant, and I can ship right away. You see, Stripe doesn’t even have a shipping option. That is whole DIFFERENT application process, a whole different company to apply to and try and manage. So, I use the USPS website, right? WRONG! My teddy bears are light enough that they can ship first class. That’s about $3 in shipping. The USPS doesn’t offer that on their website. No, you have to ship Priority…at a whopping $7 in shipping.

You know, I like my little one stop shopping and shipping with paypal. I know I might be cutting half my potential customer base by dropping the credit card processor, but with the fee they charge and the inconvenience that comes along with it, I don’t think its worth it. Not right now. Maybe eventually when I’m making a tons of money, but not right now when a week without pay can break you. So, once the orders that have been processed FINALLY come through, I’m going to cancel that account. So, if you see an option to pay with a credit card on my shop, please don’t use it. If you don’t have paypal and you see something you’d like, just email me and I can send you an invoice, you can pay with whatever you want, credit card, debit card, chicken bones, I don’t care, and paypal will process it for me and make it available to me right away. Which kinda sucked about yesterday. Went through this promo blitz to sell 10 copies of my pattern book to bring in some quick money, right? Well, won’t see that for a week.

So, here I am, back again to push 10 copies, except to urge you to pay through paypal in my shop, OR you can buy the pattern book through craftsy for instant download. You can also leave a review there, too.

In other news, I’m working on something for Halloween. I think I’ll only have time to make one or two, but now that I’ve done the head, I’m not sure what to do with the body! I’m thinking black and white candy stripe, very Tim Burton. Or black and purple? You tell me! Let me know what you think. And PLEASE grab a copy of my pattern book. Here’s a little video excerpt from the 35 minute video tutorial that comes with the patterns.


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  1. people who want to use credit cards can pay via paypal without having to set up a paypal account. I’ve used it before…. they just enter their cc info into paypal as a “one time” thing and iirc, they can use it over and over to check out as “guest”. They have to re-enter their info / address each time, but it will still integrate with your shipping / usps, so you’re good to go there…. =) hope all is well in your world. Blessings, Kari

  2. It’s crazy how technology is supposed to help, and then totally doesn’t. Sorry to hear you are having these issues. Hope it doesn’t affect your sales!

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