I Promised You I Wouldn’t….

I promised you I wouldn’t make any more granny square afghans, but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m like a freakin’ addict when it comes to these. To begin with, I love playing with the colors. And the best part about that is almost like a sense of pointillism. If you put your face right inside one of these blankets, the colors are off and strange. Lay it on the sofa and step back and it all melds perfectly together. There is also still a bounty of yarn left to go through. TONS of yarn still left to work up and I can’t think of any better way than to play with these granny squares. Ok, I HAVE thought about making Phillip and myself a couple of ponchos to wear once the weather gets super chilly. I’m determined to use the heat as little as possible this year to save money. So, we’ll see how our ponchos go. Will do my best to make them look manly as possible, but I promise nothing 🙂

I really had fun with this one, mixing pinks and sharp reds alongside deep grey and green, a splash of lime and a dollop of stark white for impact. When I glare at it sideways I see red hots and pistachios. Big, bold clumps of coffee and milk beside cherries and almonds. Ok, this blanket made me hungry 🙂

I need to sell it today, so I thought, “What could be better than cuddling under a new blanket, than with a good book?” So, if you grab the blanket, I’ll toss in an autographed copy of one of my books. Which book, you ask? It will be a surprise! So, click here to get the blanket and start cuddling!

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