I Just Needed a Little Win Today

This was one of those days where nothing was working as it should. I couldn’t write, it was a bitch to knit, and the incessant sounds of construction were keeping me in a place, a space that was dark and….ok, I’ll be frank. BITCHY. I was cranky, I was rude, I was not good company. As a southerner would say, “Fit to be tied….”

Now, this all started some weeks ago. They’ve started remodeling the apartment upstairs. Turning a $900 flat into a $1500 flat. If you can do, do it. Capitalism, baby. I love it. I’m all in. I just didn’t think it would take this long, nor be so loud. Nearly a month now. We’re not talking a slathering of hammering and a sudden drill. We’re talking a non stop, wall to wall, dusk to dawn cacophony of symphonic proportions. Loud enough to wake the dead, then scare them off running with their ghostly hands covering their phantom ears.

I’m patient, but desperate to ask the powers that be just how much longer I have to be patient? The workers arrive early, leave late. That’s a great work ethic. Except, I can’t seem to work, nor sleep. So, I’ve been a bitch touchy. (That was not a type-o, it was intended. Feel free to use whenever you need to). I know this is all temporary, but I think people forget that just because you work from home that you don’t have obligations. “Well, that’s not a REAL job.” For real?  Come on! I’m on a deadline. A book to finish, a ton of Christmas bears to knit and sell and promote, fires to put out, a husband to feed, a life to build. That takes a little concentration.

Phillip finally pulled me from my work space and said, “I’ve had it. That’s enough. You’re not getting any work done, so we might as well play cribbage.”

Wow. We haven’t played in a minute, a good long minute, and all I was doing was staring at my yarn, blank eyed at my monitor, waiting to be inspired while the BANG SMASH BVVVVRRRRR of the construction was going on. Fine. I’ll comply. Cribbage….

We were having fun, although I was losing, until….this hand came up in the deal.

Oh, man, oh man, oh man. I had to take a pic JUST before I played it because Phillip had no idea that I was about to SKUNK him. Do you ever have just one of those days where nothing is going right, where nothing is working for you, where you feel like you’ve been left on someone’s doorstep? In a hand basket? Going to hell? And then magically, one little random win, one little tiny success changes your perspective? HA!

I had the winning hand.  I beat him! I WON THE GAME! I rushed up from 20 points behind to be able to peg in the final slot and scream loudly for any construction worker to hear, “I’m THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!”

And when you think of it, all of this does come down to honing in on perspective. I could sit and dwell about the distractions, and nonsense and noise….or I could take my winning hand and REALLY enjoy the moment. One version will bog you down in bad, nasty self doubt and destruction….And there you will say. The latter version, however, will have you anxious to get up with a big, fresh, smiling face and continue the win. “Let’s play again! Oh, come on! Let’s do it again!”

And I felt better. I felt like I just needed a little win today.

I have a pile of Christmas bears piling up over here that need homes. I hope you’ll get one. Because I want to keep winning. Eight years now. That’s a long time to have been roughing it through this business. From homeless to entrepreneur. Now, THAT is a win. And I want to keep this whole big, fresh face smiling for a long time to come. Click here for a Christmas Bear.

Gotta go. Phillip is demanding a rematch. Fine. I promise you, I intend to win 🙂

Love you!

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  1. what is that, 38 points just in the hand???? Ooooooh, I would have loved to have played this one out just to see how long I could hold of gloating! (And how long I could gloat afterwards….)

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