One Click Closer to Honeychurch

I feel good. I really do. And don’t you love it when my posts begin like that? Don’t you like it when my posts are about joy and not about sorrow? God knows, I love being able to write in that tone more than in any other. I hate when I have negative news to report. And thankfully, at the moment I don’t! So, let’s continue to ride an imbibing good vibe.

I finished my next batch of Christmas Bears. Oh, I was knitting like crazy this holiday weekend. You see, I passed this little house in my neighborhood. Tiny little thing. So, I looked it up on Zillow. Tiny little 800 square feet, two bedrooms, one bathroom, nothing spectacularly large. Exactly what Phillip and I are looking for one day. This charming cottage appeal with ivy covered walls, potted plants and an abundance of light. I mean, look at that. Isn’t it adorable? So, I dashed home to dream. Why not? Oh, there is absolutely no way we could afford it at this moment, but that really isn’t the point, is it? The idea is to allow a dream to inspire your ambitions, to get your thoughts moving in more positive direction, to get your smile slight and quaint as you pass your day. And after a busy weekend of knitting, I got to feel that sense of direction was manifesting itself. Sure, you could look at pictures all day of your dream, but what if you actually get to walk to it everyday, see it, experience it, smell the frail jasmine as it whispers through the breeze? That house up the road may never be mine, but getting to see what it might actually look like when made real is enough to keep me moving.

So, I happily got right back to work. Because another bear I knit is another step closer to getting a little house like this some day. Some day. To adopt one of my little limited edition Christmas Bears, please click here. Because that one click is just one more step towards “Honeychurch.”

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