“Woah, Black Betty!”

Ok, if you have been following me here and there for the last few weeks, you’ve heard me mention this adorable little kitten that I have simply become enamored with. She’d been skiddish and jumpy, but seems to have taken quite the liking to me. We have this little ritual. I open the front door, leave the screen closed, and she pops over to visit at both 7am and 5pm. Some days I open the door and there she is waiting for me. I fill a little dish with food and visit with her. She hangs out for a few hours, twisting and cocking her head at me inquisitively, rubs against me, chit chats with Bacon through the screen.

This morning she tried to follow me to Publix. When I realized she was right behind me a block away, I was like, “Woah, woah, can’t do this. No, no, no, shooo! Go home.” None doing. So, I walked back home, put a little treat out for her and that kept her occupied until I got home. And there she was waiting for me when I returned. .

I’m trying to get her to finally come inside. I’ve opened the screen a bit, she pops her head in, says, “Nice pad,” then gets confronted with a screeching, screaming Mario who comes running across the living room, puffy tailed and ready to kill. And of course, the kitten dashes a few feet back, but then returns. Apparently, Mario isn’t too keen on having this little thing a part of our family. After all, for nearly a decade it was only Mario and me….then Phillip and Bacon came along and she just rolled her eyes, huffed in a corner, until she finally came around to them. Now, she tolerates Bacon, but Phillip is her boyfriend. She adores Phillip. Who doesn’t?

And since we have sort of, kind of, pretty much adopted her, we were trying to think of a name. Whenever I saw her, I’d kindly say, “Hey, Buddy!” But, that’s a dorky name. Then it hit us. “Black Betty.” Like the song, just so if she does something sketchy we can go, “Wooaaah, Black Betty, Bam uh Lam!” And Betty sounds alot like Buddy, which she has started responding to. So there! Bam uh Lam!”

I couldn’t help myself. I had to go out and take some pics this morning. I mean, come on. Look at the face! I even took a picture of her with one of my Christmas Bears. I was only able to do two this weekend. You remember, Phillip was sick and I spent all my time tending to him. But, the good news is, he is back to his old self and doing well.

I know it’s “Cyber Monday” and most people are going to be rushing through Amazon today, but I’d like to throw my little bear in the mix. Free shipping. I don’t know how many more I’ll be able to do before the 15th (for shipping reasons), so we’re running out of time! If you’d like one, click here. Like I said, there are only two for right now. And I really need to get as many of this knit and sold as soon as I can. After all, sales will plummet soon.

Ok. Need to get back to work….and go play with the kitten for a few more minutes. I really hope she becomes a part of our little family. 🙂

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