30 New Blessings…No, Wait. 32

Confidence and ambition can do delicious things to your moral. But, you have to keep your spirits up. No matter what happens, or doesn’t happen. You must always continue to have faith in what you do….

Earlier today I posted that I was going to be selling all of the books and patterns in my shop for $1. Not a bad deal, eh? Actually, an exceptionally good deal. But, the sale would only last for the day, not forever. Basically, it would end when I go to bed tonight. Sometime after “Jeopardy!” and “Murder, She Wrote…” Damn, throw in some old school Andy Rooney and a sip of Brandy and BAM! I’m my grandmother 🙂 (“Would you toss me that afghan? It’s a little cool in here. No…Not that one. The other one. The one from Gregory….”)

I sat here in my chair, knitting in hand, staring at the laptop, waiting for something to happen.

Nothing. Hours passed…..”Don’t do it, Gregory. Don’t get discouraged. Just wait….” You take a deep breath and you trust in yourself and in the universe. Because just the slightest bit of negativity will wreck your plans with certain destruction. Negativity can’t stand to be left alone. It requires more negativity. And the next thing you know, you’re spilling out bad mojo all over the place, it stinks out of your pores, drips off your words.

Stay focused, look forward, not down.

PING! I dropped my needles. A sale. Hot damn! Emailed the pattern right back. PA-DING! Another pattern sold. Yes! And a few moments later, another. Then another. YES! And in the interim I’d write and knit. TA-TING! Hell, yeah! Another pattern sold.

I might be a writer. I might be a knitter. But, I’m a salesman at heart. Every sale is a validation of your work. I’ll take every last PING, PA-DING, and TA-TING I can get 🙂

Within a few hours I had managed to sell 30 PDF’s in my little shop. Now, a naysayer may say (is that grammatical???) that I only made $30. No, no. I made 30 new acquaintances, 30 new hopeful friends, 30 new blessings, 30 new reasons to believe in myself again. And THAT is remarkable. But! Here’s what I really love. A lot of the purchasers were new people I’d never heard of before. I’ve seen a lot of traffic coming from Ravelry lately and I’m not sure why. But, as someone on Facebook asked, “Why are you questioning the universe???” HA! Well, with all these new people, perhaps my little sale was a great way for new people to get to know me through my work.

I gather we have about three or four more hours before I head to bed. That’s when the sale will end. SO! Rush on ever to this little shop of mine by clicking here. Grab yourself some patterns, some books. I’ll be here. Clicking away with my knitting needles ready to email them to you in a turn around that has on average been FIVE beautiful, blissful minutes!

That’s right. I said it. Look forward, never down. Chin up. Straighten your posture. Now, go!

(And see? While writing this I sold two more PDF’s.) YAY!

If you appreciate this blog and would like for it to continue, please donate to help keep it going. Every single dollar helps! We couldn’t do it without your support!




  1. just had to pop over and have a look at that sale even though I have £0 to my name, that Christmas teddy bear looks so cute tho and well done for finding a way out of a low point, that is something many people struggle with!

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