I Call It, “Overly Ambitious Buddhist.”

I had the best time last night with my little $1 sale. I just couldn’t go to bed, nor could I stop. Ok, I had a bowl of chili by my side because it is flat out COLD in Central Florida right now. But, with bowl of chili in hand I was quick to mail out my patterns and books as soon as they were purchased. BAM! My five minute turn around may have dropped to a two minute turn around. And not only that, I got to meet some really interesting people, many of whom I’ll be writing about in the coming days. So, knitting, chili, writing. What else could you want?

Phillip asked before he went to bed, “How long are you going to be up?” I could only response with a very smiley, “As long as it takes….”

Then, soon enough, a full belly and a long day got the best of me and I had to crash. But, in true Gregory Patrick form I was back up at 3am, sending patterns back out. We sold about 60 “units” as they say in the business in a good 12 hour span. LOVE. See? THAT is love.

I know I threatened to end the sale around the time I finished my “Murder, She Wrote,” last night, but I never got around to watching it. Nope. I was too busy and distracted sending patterns and books out via email and chit chatting with anyone who was kind enough to write to me back 🙂 I loved it.

So, I’m back at it again tonight. But, just for tonight. It will have to be last time I do this. Far too many other things to take care of, but it has been a delight. So, for one more night only my little shop has all of my written work and patterns on sale for $1. I’ll be responding right back atcha.

There really is no need for the photograph than a quick sort of “self portrait” I noticed to my side. I call it, “Overlay Ambitious Buddhist.” But, think about it. Everything you need to know about me is in my books, those I collect, and those I write. (ha!)

Click here to find all the fun things in the shop for $1, all for knitters and readers alike. And I’m sure I’ll be talking to many of you in the next few minutes 🙂

If you appreciate this blog and would like for it to continue, please donate to help keep it going. Every single dollar helps! We couldn’t do it without your support!


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