I Hope I Haven’t Made a Huge Mistake

I’m knitting from bed today. Oh, don’t worry. It isn’t my health again. I’m fit as a fiddle, as they say. No, I may have made a horrible mistake and I’m hoping that isn’t the case. Only time will tell, I guess.

We have finally, officially, with our warrant, adopted the little kitten we called “Betty.” Two nights ago the weather was delightful, and we had the front door open. She playfully made her way in, being coaxed with rubs under the chin, until I finally just closed the door and said, “THERE! Now, you’re in. I can protect you now.”

All seemed lovely, right? Phillip and I high-fived, Betty sort of made a sigh of relief and really gave the impression that she had no interest at all in going back outside…..however, Bacon and Mario were beside themselves. Now, no one seems happen. Our little fur babies were angry and hostile. Bacon tread around the house, swatting and combative, standing before the food bowl when Betty would make way for it, hounding outside the cat boxes just to make sure this new feline fiend couldn’t use it. How vicious he’s been? And Mario? Overly distraught and dramatic, hissing horribly at the little kitten, then boarding herself up in our bedroom, refusing to come out.

I’m hoping I haven’t made a huge mistake. I seem to have disrupted our little world and it’s often happy tones by introducing a kitten. I was sure that Bacon would finally have a playmate (Mario is NOT the playful sort), and I was so hoping Mario would have something to drag by the neck and TEACH.

Here it is, two days later, and it dawned on me that Mario was serious about this. I took in a bowl of food which she gobbled up quickly, a bowl of water, which she equally consumed with vigor, and one of the cat boxes which she…..well, you know. Damned if that cat probably doesn’t hold the world record for holding it in.

But, she was adamant, clinging close to my side of the bed, not wanting to be seen, not wanting to accept that she was feeling, “replaced.” Coyly under the covers she’s pulling her own Garbo. “I Vant to be ALONE.” (wrist to brow, as the head tilts back, so the lips may release the  whisper of a whimper). Yes, that is a pic of Mario, hiding in despair, covers over feelings, blanket over emotion. “Just…..leave me be….Why do you even care? After all, you don’t love me anymore…..” (Good grief). Meanwhile the kitten has learned that the bedroom is off limits to her (according to the other two), and that Mario really REALLY does not like her. Betty still bounces around though, with the stupidity of youth asking, “Why won’t anyone be my friend?”

So, I’m working from bed today so that she knows I’m right here, still by her side, not going anywhere and neither is she. Let’s hope this works. God, I can’t imagine having real children.

I’m working on a new set of my “Collection.” You know, a bear, a rabbit, a lion, a tiger, and an elephant, all in one beautiful box. Now, the rabbit USED to be made with fair isle, but the brand I was using is discontinued, so I just went with a really cool “mushroom” color. It fits the set. After I finish this set, I’ll start right away on a second because the first set will help us finish paying rent, and the second set will help me buy my Christmas present for Phillip. So, I’m desperate to at least get the first set sold.

I think they would make wonderful Christmas presents, even if you split them up among five little ones in your brood. If you’re interested, click here.

Ok, back to the salt mines, as they say. And back to tending to the kids. (I get now why some mom’s scream, “HEY! KIDS! Mommy’s watching Kathy and Kota,” while sipping chardonnay from a coffee cup….)

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  1. Hi-
    re: your cat situation….the internet is can usually be helpful – try going to this Google page which has some good suggestions from people with experience:


    Eventually they should accept a new sharer of their territory and possibly even friendlier but it may take a bit of time for the adjustment. Patience usually wins out.

    Good luck from a previous cat owner and friend of a number of other cat owners –
    – elizabeth

  2. it will pass. It takes a period of adjustment before residents are sure of the new critter. Shower them all with affection and treats. and thank you for caring enough to share your lives with one who needs you.

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