Books, Cats, Knitting…What Else Do You Need?

Phillip and I did the most recent episode of our little show on Youtube, “KNITTER BE DAMNED.” I really love the direction our show is going. 20 minutes, just the two of us, no possibility of editing. Just be ourselves and talk about what’s been going on in our little world. It’s much more joyful, laughable, even charming. We talk about our life together….and probably the same way that you do! And LAUGH hysterically the whole time.

This week we talked about my new book and some of my favorite scenes (watch Phillip try to explain the book. Hilarious), we talk about our new kitten, “Black Betty….Bama Lam,” and all the fun stuff that we’ve been up to, and looking forward to, while enjoying this holiday season.

So, take a look!

Click here for a Kindle version of “TENANTS.”

Or here click here for a paperback version.

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  1. I LOVE you two guys!!! You have given me and continue to give me so much inspiration…I am presently making “Thunder Gourds” and will incorporate my crochet into them. I have stopped being a recluse because of my dental extractions, in order to have my cervical spine operation. (Loose teeth from high doses of Prednisone, which could have broken off during surgery and ending up in my lungs causing death) I still am trying to save enough money for dentures which the VA will not provide.

    Now I have a spot every Sunday at the local “Swap Meet”. My scrubbies are a big hit; my afghans all sold but one, unfortunately way below market value. But I am generating money to invest in my “Gourd Operation”. The first monies since my rather “forced” retirement.

    Keep on being you…Have a Merry Christmas and a truly blessed new year. If I ever decide to leave Arizona it will be to Florida, right next to yur “Honey Bear House”. God bless us everyone. Hugs, Tobias… Eloy Arizona

  2. I finished Tenants yesterday afternoon and didn’t want it to end! I loved it! Such a simple story, yet I could picture both characters in my head. Please write another one about them! Their story, as all of our “stories” need to continue.

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