The “TENANTS” Facebook Discussion Group

From the moment “TENANTS” was released I started getting emails from people who have experienced much of the isolation, pain, and fear that Mr. Brown had in the book; the desire to shut out the world, let it go, to disappear in your own mundane, daily wrecks of whiskey and knitting. And then there were others who identified with the Madam; so hoping, desiring, needing someone to just see her, pay attention to her, validate her. She tried and tried throughout her life just to be taken notice of…yet, to no avail. Her imprisonment in her head wasn’t her decision, but the rest of the world’s. Her detachment from joy wasn’t by choice. She just wanted friends, someone, to spend her days with. And NO one wanted her around.

And I kept reading these emails from people, wishing me well, sharing their own experiences and how my tiny little book gave them hope. One half was team Mr. Brown saying, “Maybe one day, I’ll love the world again.” The other half was team Madam lamenting, “Maybe one day, the world will love me again….”

Now, this book isn’t really about mental illness, but how the broken heart can lead to mental illness. These two people in this book aren’t mentally ill at all, when you think of it. Their hearts are just broken and in desperate need of mending.

We all get like that. Your shiny, fragile heart breaks….and as you sit there on the floor trying to put it back together you realize that some of the pieces are missing and you have to go hunting for them under the rug, under the couch, in the corners of the room. We all feel like that, I think. Something in my broken heart is missing….and that last piece is somewhere around here, I just have to look for it.

So, I’ve started a facebook group for the book and any discussions you might want to engage in about it with me or each other. I think mental health is a discussion that gets politicized or overly attended to in the medical field (ie, here’s your pill….) Sometimes mental health issues are better suited for the individual engagement. Like Mr. Brown and the Madam in “TENANTS.” Loneliness coupled with isolation can breed a demon….or a romance….depending how much your heart needs mending.

“I have a piece or two missing from this heart I’m trying to put back together. You wouldn’t happen to have a few extra pieces of your heart I could use to mend it with, do you?”

I like that my little book has people wanting to talk. So, let’s do that. Let’s talk openly about it. The link to the facebook group can be reached by clicking here. I’m hoping we really get to feel, learn, and express our own problems and solutions with mental health there. Whether or not you’re “Team Mr. Brown” or “Team, the Madam,” I’m hoping you share.

And of course, if you want to read the book, click here.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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