The Blessings We Had

So! This is my last blog post of the year! And what a year it was, eh? I’d like to bet we say that about every year though, don’t we? Sometimes we’re keen to cling to the bad moments that plagued us throughout those 300 plus days, but never really take a moment to remember the dazzling, wonderful moments. But, I guess those darker moments are the ones that stick to us like gum on the bottom of a new pair of shoes, propelling us on with the determined ambition and stomping that only comes from revenge.

We had some really great moments here at Mad Man Knitting Headquarters, some bad ones surely, but I definitely remember the good ones. It really is important to remember the better times more than the bad, for if you’re dreaming and hoping of the life that you want for yourself, then you need to call on those good memories you’ve had, so that the joy, energy, laughter and fun you felt back then will shape the way your life is moving forward. You smile at your dreams of the future, you don’t cross your brow and frown into them. So, I’m stepping into 2019 carrying the joy of the good moments of this last year, none of the bad ones.

Because this could finally be my year. This could finally the moment everything that has held me back is vanquished and everything that I yearn to be will finally awaken. I could finally achieve my dreams. We all could, really. Any one of us, at any time.

So, let’s lift our knitting needles, crochet hooks, and tatting shuttles in a toast: to the coming year, may it be filled with more of the same beautiful blessings we had last year.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. I tried to leave this message on the blog page, but WordPress and I seem to be having a disagreement.

    Happy New Year to you both as this year ends and the new one begins. May your year be filled with Blessings.

    Love you guys. David

  2. I want to wish you both a very happy, blessed and prosperous New Year. You have inspired me to do ever greater things in the coming year. Thank You for being you. Hugs and kisses, Tobias… Eloy AZ

  3. Happy New year to you all humans and fur babies, and remember that very year is your year ❤ each one bring more and happier times even if the bad ones try to linger! Enjoy every single day as success, you have earned it and deserve it. Much love from the cold north of Scotland (warm winter for us mainly above zero so far).

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