Today is my birthday. Wonderful, isn’t it? Now, every year I do have a nice, glorious time celebrating my birthday, but I have to admit that this year should involve some real REAL celebrating. Maybe a nice steak dinner with my husband, or maybe just ordering a pizza and binge watching, “Drag Race” all by myself. Who knows? See, this is the first birthday I’ve had since I got terribly sick last year, so this year I’m definitely going to celebrate like crazy. The first half of the day I’ve already spent in some sort of contemplative mode, quietly praying, being gracious for another year, and proposing to myself ways that I can make my little world a better place this year. I’m cleaning house at the same time. I don’t know about you, but I generally tend to feel that cleaning house can be metaphoric. Cleaning the outside, while cleaning the spirit at the same time. So, I have a little cupcake, I don’t really eat sweets so this little one was really all I needed, and thanking all of you and God for a really great life. Oh, I can’t wait to see what kind of celebration my little birthday turns into!

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  1. Have a happy and blessed birthday, Patrick. I just celebrated my own birthday. It’s amazing the differences that a year can make, isn’t it? A year ago, I was in the hospital after contemplating suicide, homeless, and wondering what was going to happen to my little family. Today, my husband and I are living in a snug little rental home, along with Rosie the Dog and Pretty Kitty, happily counting every blessing in our lives.

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