Big Chairs and Bears in Drag

Well, good morning! It’s a good 6am here in Central Florida. You know that I’m accustomed to being up early, but this morning was a little different. I was up at 2am. Why? Because it’s time to get back to work! Yes, all of the holidays are over, everyone is getting back into their normal routine, school is back in session and I, for one, am done with the holidays. And here at Mad Man Knitting Headquarters, the holidays are officially over with my birthday. Boom! We end the season with a bang.

It was a great birthday. Probably top 5 at best. I spent the whole weekend with my mother. Yep, she brought down this enormously gorgeous leather club chair that her neighbor was getting rid of. I’ve always wanted a club chair. So, she snagged it for me. There is just something gorgeously elegant and masculine about a nice, big, fat, comfy, leather club chair. So, I finally got one! YAY! However, my husband seems to have fallen into it and has yet to come out of it. (It is a deeply comfortable chair, and what the hell….it looks better with him in it, than me.) If I’m not mistaken, when it was unveiled he said, “Finally, some big boy furniture….” (And to be honest, when I sit in it I look like Lily Tomlin’s character “Edith Anne.”)

Phillip had to work all weekend, so my mother and I made a big batch of chili, got some popcorn and M&M’s, and hunkered down to binge watch, “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” I know! FUN! We gossiped and laughed, shared secrets (shhhhh!), and never got out of our pajamas, nor took ourselves too seriously. It was the perfect birthday.

She’s much like myself. Sitting and staring at the TV can drive you crazy. You have to be WORKING on something, doing something. But, she is fresh out of yarn, had nothing work on, nothing to crochet, so I handed her a crochet hook and my stash and she started work on a giant granny square afghan that The Madam from “TENANTS” would have made. FUN! I can see it now. “The Madam’s Extremely Loud and Garish Afghan.” (oh! By the way! “TENANTS” is on sale in my shop for today only for $1. Now, go!)


I was working on a teddy bear, of course. Something kinda cool about being able to say that this little bear was knit up while binging “Drag Race” on my birthday. Again, FUN! HA! (I wonder what a drag queen bear would look like…hmmm, wheels turning…)

If you’d like to adopt him, click here. And you get the glorious honor of being able to say, “This bear isn’t just ANY bear….It’s a moment in Gregory’s personal history.” So adopt the little bear by clicking here and share a great memory with me. (and he REALLY needs a home soon).

Ok, 7am is nearly approaching. Much more work to do! I’m working on my agoraphobia little by little today….

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