Really Kinda Cool, When You Think About It

So, with everything going on recently, I was hard pressed to take a day and not move very much. Just unwind, and let myself relax for a day. No knitting, no binge watching. Turn everything off, close down the sounds, unplug, detach and read. I love to read, but haven’t had much of a chance with my constantly pressing myself to be on the go all the time.

I picked a nice spot, that big, fat comfy second hand chair I just got, picked the perfect day (a nice quiet morning), and while the coffee was brewing, I went to my book case to look for something to read. And it didn’t really matter if I had read it before or not. I’ve read many books more than once. As my eyes scanned the titles, I kept seeing my own name roll through the spines. Right there, next to “Memoirs of a Geisha,” and just there beside, “The Fountainhead,” “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and one of my personal favorites, “Dishwasher.”

I cracked a little smile. You know, since I was a young twenty-something writer I always wanted to be on “that list.” Do you know the one that I mean? That list of greats that you hold dear. You hope one day you’ll be mentioned on that list. But, who needs a list when you have your own books staring at you from your own bookcase? Funny! There I was crouched on the floor pulling my own books off the shelf, flipping through the pages, reading different passages, smiling and thinking, “Wow. I wrote that. That’s pretty good stuff. Oh, I love this line. That is a really good line. Shit, this could have used a comma….Oh, well. This really is kinda cool, when you think about it.”

I was scanning the pages of my own books, tucked right there intermittently between all of my favorites. It gave me a sense of some interesting accomplishment that you rarely get to enjoy, seeing your own work alive, in print, ready to read. You get so worked up with the writing of it, the cover art, the packaging, the marketing, that sometimes you forget that this is now for someone else to see and enjoy and love….and put on a book shelf with the rest of their favorites.

I started thinking of “TENANTS” and how that little book could do so many big things for me. Such a beautiful story, such a happy cry. And now that it’s available in paperback and kindle, if I generate enough interest in it, maybe it will be optioned to be a film, a nice simple art house film with just one set and two beautifully flawed people. (I still see Patrick Stewart and Judy Dench).

This little book could be my ticket. Oh, God, how wonderful that would be. Everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve hoped for all resting on the pages of a simple story about two people in desperate need of each other….sitting there on my bookshelf.

Look at me, getting wishful and dreamy about what this little book might do for me. But, all you have to do is dream…..

To get “TENTANTS” on Amazon, click here.

And by all means, enjoy those two characters and keep them close in your hearts.

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  1. I can picture a stage play, only one set, with a wall down the middle of the stage. I can also see those same actors, only on stage instead of film. I loved the book…it needs a sequel! They are such lovely characters!

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