Get Out Your Frocks and Socks, It’s Time for a Contest

You may think, without having read “TENANTS,” that it might be a severely serious little book. All that talk about agoraphobia sounds sooooo morose. But, it’s not. No, the book does have serious moments, where reality is strained to the point of pain, but overall, the book is a delightful amount of fun, full of delicious dialogue and weirdly funny moments. (YOU try destashing your yarn through a tiny hole in the wall).

So, to truly appreciate how much fun the Madam and Mr. Brown are (in their own charmingly weird ways), I thought we’d do a contest. A really fun contest. Best photo of you dressed as Mr. Brown or the Madam wins a signed hardcover copy of the book, a 30 minute skype with me, and a pair of Mr. Brown’s custom knit socks just for you. That, THAT is intense right there. BIG time intense. To begin with, you won’t be able to find a hardcover with my name anywhere ANYWHERE else but through this contest. Secondly, I’m an agoraphobic, so it would be nice to talk to me face to face (errrr, digitally, you know, but still!) The winner and runner ups will all get a signed hardcover, but the grandprize winner will also get the skype and the socks. Phillip said, “Why don’t you just offer them a free pair of your knit socks, custom made for them?”

Because I want it to be BIG! HUGE! I want people to really get creative and fun, get strange and hilarious. I want you to make me laugh! So, MEN are not excluded from portraying themselves as the Madam, and women are not encouraged to portray Mr. Brown! (Check photo. Ahem…I guess the Madam was always in my head in some form or another. HA!)

Now, we’ll be looking for CLASSIC nuances of both characters that you won’t know about unless you read the book (which you can do by getting it on Amazon by clicking here). Now, all photos must be submitted by February 13th, 2019 and we’ll reveal the winner on Valentine’s Day. (After all, it is a love story, a twisted love story, but nonetheless, a love story!)

And this is an easy contest when you think about it. All I need is a picture of you depicting either Mr. Brown or the Madam (and hell, if you’re a couple, that’s even awesome, too!) Just be creative, know who the characters are and reveal tiny little eccentricities about them in your picture.

Email me the picture to my email address ( and we’ll show that one photo, plus two runners up here on my blog and my facebook page on February 14th. So, make sure it’s a picture you’re ok having the WORLD to see. And why not? You EARNED it, baby. So, get out your frocks and socks and let’s go. And if you haven’t read the book, you can do so by clicking here. Not a long book at all, and all reviewers agree that you can’t stop reading and will have it finished in one beautifully heart touching sitting.

Category is: “The Madam and Mr. Brown REALNESS!”

So, let’s GO! Can’t wait to see what ya’ll deliver!




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