I Have a Plan….

I have a plan to get our new apartment. I really think this could work. I’ve been doing a lot of math lately, trying to figure out how to take money from here, put it over there, get rid of this expense, slim down that one, so we can get our new apartment.

Finally, “TENANTS” and “DUPLEX” are starting to gain traction. We only sell a few copies a day, but I’ll happily take them. There are far too many people on the internet claiming if you’re not selling 20 copies a day, then you’re not doing well as an author. I REALLY beg to differ. There isn’t a writer out there who wouldn’t kill JUST to have at least one sell a day. Of course, we want more….but, we can’t forget to be grateful for what does come our way. The Universe notices how grateful you are, and will keep supplying more and more love on you.

Which brings me to the first part of my plan. If I can sell 200 more copies of both books this month, then we’ll have a nice chunk we can plop down for a deposit. Why this month? Because, if you’re unaware, royalties payed out from Amazon have a 90 day lag time. So, all of the sales THIS month will be paid to me in July. Sucks, but those are the rules. But, as long as I know it’s coming, and I can watch those sales rise, I’ll be happy as can be.

The second part of my plan involves my beloved teddy bears. They have served me so well, they put food in my mouth, finally put a roof over my head, was finally able to buy a pair of shoes that weren’t worn in the soles. (That was a wonderful day). This the pattern, this is the deign of the bear that brought me closer to all of my dreams and I whisper again into his ear, “I need your help, little buddy. I really do.” Knitting and selling 30 of these would be able to cover the first months rent for our new place.

So, 200 hundred books and 30 bears is not that much really. Not at all. As a matter of fact, I just put up a poll on facebook asking, “Which of these two bears do you like better?” This little guy in the pic was the hands down winner…..with over 30 people commenting within the first 20 minutes the poll was up. So, there is potential for this to actually happen….and fast.

That’s my plan. It’s a good solid plan. And I know it can happen. I’ve already started packing up our stuff in anticipation that this will work.

To read “TENANTS” and “DUPLEX” click here. Or if you’d like my little teddy bear, click here.

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