And That Apartment is Ours

Look at all of that pink. Ladies and gentlemen, this picture is the classic example of NOT knowing your audience, nor even listening to them. Look at all of that pink. Ok, take a peek at that far one on the right. That is TEN teddy bears waiting to be made. That one the middle? A good three. Finally, a pair of socks on the end. I could knit this all up in no time and BOOM! Bears in shades of pink all over the place….And that apartment is ours.

The bad news is, nobody wants pink. Who would have thunk it?

No. They want your classic bear, the one that made you semi famous. Or as my mother says, “I wouldn’t call you famous….But, I would call you notable.” (I love that idea. Makes me sound like the punk hero, the alternative grunge band. Not mainstream enough to be swamped at the supermarket for autographs, but enough attention for people to call you a folk hero. I’m good with that.)

I push and strive everyday to get myself one step closer towards a goal, a goal that lends me to some sort of success. And one may ask, just what is that success anyway? That doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Because when you get down to brass tacks, it really is about striving for that you want out of life and doing at least something, something everyday to get you closer and closer.

I love the concept of visualization. I go to bed every night visualizing us in our new apartment. I know where every bookshelf goes (which is beautiful, really. I wanna know where my books go first. I have nearly 200 books. Now, you see why I don’t have any money. I love to read, and I love books. BOOKS). Then I think about where to put the big chair Phillip spends his evenings in. (Not fond of stereotypes, but I do love the one of my big husband coming home from a long days work to plop into a big fat chair to rest in….before asking, “When’s dinner?”)

Then there, over in the corner, a potted Mother in Law Tongue. (I like plants that don’t require a lot of my attention. You can’t kill Mother in Law Tongues. They just keep going and going. Hence the name).

I can see it clearly, from something as simple as Phillip’s paintings on the wall, to something practical and strategic as to where to place the cat boxes. I can see it all. I can visualize it….and do every night.

But, you have to do the work. Don’t tell the Universe this is what you want, dream about it, then just sit there. No, you have to actually participate in that dream, you have to get up at 4 in the morning to write, to knit, to make contacts, to expand your empire, to put yourself in the arena. Because if you don’t, no one will even know you exist.

Oh, God, I hope I have inspired all of you throughout these years. I hope I have shown you what beauty there is in hope AND tenacity. Hope is the dream, tenacity is the process. Hope is wishing, tenacity is doing. But, you need both because hope is like one of those “dream walls,” or “mental boards” that successful people place where they can see the manifestation of their dreams coming true. Hope is just the mental version of that. Tenacity is turning that hope into action.

I am so close to turning everything I hoped for turning into something that I actually worked for; something that these hands actually built from yarn or words. (Reminds me of that woman who sent me a message. “I thought this was a knitting page, but you keep talking about writing.” To which I could only respond, “Well, I’m spinning yarn in one way or another, right?” She didn’t get the joke. Only seasoned people will get it.)

I’m only a few sales away from my teddy bears and my latest book series to really make this all happen. That apartment of ours is so close….And yes, I am busting my ass to make it happen. I’m so close to turning my hopes, into something real, but I’m going to need your help to get over the finish line. And that apartment is ours.

To grab my classic teddy bear, click here.

To read my “Madam and Brown” series, click here.

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  1. Pink elephants? Bunny rabbits? My daughter adores the purple elephant you did and I bought. Maybe there is a little girl or boy who would love an elephant. Bunnys might sell this time of year? Just ideas for that yarn. Oooo an octopus?

  2. that pink would make a fab crochet blanket! or a really pink mad friend ❤ been ages since Philip had time for these! granny square blanket of pinkdom!

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