I’m Going to Prove My Husband WRONG

So Phillip just left for work a few minutes ago. The boy is frustrated. I haven’t seen him very much recently, because they’ve switched him to nights. I get up about the time he’s coming home. But, he had to work this morning so I got about an hour of coffee talk with him.

He’s been aggravated that his hours have been slashed in half, while others that don’t work as hard as him seem to be getting overtime. Funny how that happens in life, but it does happen.

Phillip is an assertive person, does his job, and makes sure he does it well. So, he’s been really pissy lately that they aren’t giving him as many hours as he needs, but at the same time scheduling him to work a night shift (home at 3am), then back to work at 10am. The boy isn’t getting rest. He’s cranky. Depressed.

But, just before he went to work he said, “I don’t think we’re going to make it.”

“I won’t have that talk in this house. I’m over at my little work station busting my butt knitting and writing. We’ll do it. I know we will. We don’t have an option.”

“Well, it just seems like everything is back firing.”

“Not everything.”

“Sure seems like it.”

Man….”Sweetheart, the difference between your having a good day or having a bad day is YOU. I’m going to have an amazing day, and do you know why? Because I SAID SO.”

“We’re never going to get that apartment.”

“Well, with that attitude you’re absolutely right….”

Then he took a big gulp of his coffee, kissed me goodbye and headed for work. Then that man of tenacity in me just burst right out the minute he closed the front door. I want to prove to him that we can do it.

I have six hours until he gets home to prove to him a point. If you go at your day feeling like you’ve lost and everything sucks, then that’s what you’re going to get, but if you approach your day with a great determination and sense of optimism, then you’ll reap the rewards.

I want him to come home later today, point at my laptop and say, “Hey! You with the bad attitude. Come here, I want you to see something. I sold like crazy. We did it. You see? WE did it. Not you, not me. WE,” just so I can inspire him into realizing that dreams do come true if you apply yourself. “Now, smile, dammit!”

Someone asked me if I’d make them a pink elephant with all of those shades of pink I have. I said of course! And went to work on knitting the snout. Someone else asked if I would make them one of my tigers. I’m on it. Ordered the yarn a few days ago. I can do this. I’ll knit what you want.

So, if you’d like one of my classic stuffed animals, click here. Or if you’d rather have something else, like a pink elephant, or one of my other animals, send me an email at madmanknitting@gmail.com.

I’ll work for you. I’ll knit you whatever animal you want to get that point across to him AND to finally get that apartment.

Five hours and 45 minutes and counting….Let’s go!

UPDATE! Phillip came home and said, “My day sucked. I’m going to bed. Wake me before Jeopardy.” So, I have one more hour to go!!!

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  1. You’ve got this! I want you to know what an inspiration you are to me. I suffer from chronic migraines (usually pain free a few days a month) and it’s really taking it’s toll on me. I read your blog posts and they give me that little spark I need to do one more thing to reach my goals!

  2. What kinds of yarn do you use, Gregory? I have a yarn stash that needs to be thinned out. Let me know your address and I will ship you a bunch of this yarn if you would like.

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