Those Keys WILL Be In My Hand

I’ve been in heavy communication today with the leasing agent for the apartment that we want. We have emailed each other, text each other, just to get specifics down. The apartment that we want is going to be available in 5 weeks. Yep. 5 weeks….as long as we have the deposit and first months ready to go, then it’s pretty much ours.

After my trip to buy yarn this morning, I had a new found sense of accomplishment and was ready to put everything I’ve worked for into motion. But, I have to confess, if I was financially able to, we’d leave today. Everything is already packed, that is how desperate and anxious we are to get out of here.

Now, some may question breaking the lease. We’re under contract to be here until the end of July. But, upon telling the property manager that we were not going to extend our lease, she didn’t seem frazzled, actually seemed to light up. And then I asked, “So, if we find something before then, would you be willing to let us out of our lease?”

“Oh, I don’t know. We have a LOT of vacancies right now.”

Funny. You would think that with so many vacancies you wouldn’t want to lose a tenant, that you would quickly ask, “What can we do to make you stay?”

Nope. She never said a word. We have not had the best relationship with her this last year and it caused a LOT of problems. But, we have a great relationship with the owner of the building, whom I think we could lay out a case before and she would allow us to leave. We may not get the deposit back, but I’m ok with that, if it even CAME to that.

You know, the owner of the building used to come by when I had pneumonia to check on me, to see if I was ok. “You’re getting enough rest? Chicken soup? I really want you to get better.” She’s a kind woman, knows pitfalls, knows good people, KNOWS that the best way to have an income is to build a relationship, a long lasting relationship with your tenants. These aren’t checks in the mail. These are real people. And sometimes real people have some difficult times. Phillip had his plants in pots all over the property. You’ve seen the pictures. She came by once and we showed her with the disclaimer, “We kept them in pots in case you needed us to remove them, in case you didn’t like them on the property.” She said to me, “Have Phillip grow as many flowers and vegetables as he wants. This is YOUR home.”

I’ll miss her. I truly will. I have no interest in communicating with the property manager anymore. She’s….either negligent at her job, or unwilling to do it. Either way, that kind of person always irks me.

So, we have 5 weeks now to get that apartment. It’s do or die time. That is a LOT of knitting, a lot of books, but I’ll do it. I will work these blasted hands to the bone to make this happen. This isn’t just an apartment, this is my chance to start a new chapter in my life. This is my chance to rescue my little family. This is my chance to prove to myself that if I can do this, then I can accomplish anything. This is my chance to prove to the myself that I am worth the dream I visualize.

The deposit is required before negotiations for the apartment go any further. I almost have that. Then the same amount is needed to have the keys in my hand. A small, simple place that is clean and free of bad memories.

And those keys WILL be in my hand. I will knit stuffed animals, sell my books, cut back even MORE on expenses all to make walking through that front door of that new apartment a matter of principle. Those very keys to that new apartment are the same ones that freed me from the shackles of a nightmare we have been living in.

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  1. Hi! I made a donation and I didn’t leave a note. It’s towards your rent in the new place. So excited to hear that you’re closing in on a better place! Best of luck.

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