Why I Deleted My Ravelry Account….

When I first heard on the radio Ravelry’s decision to ban support of President Trump on their website, I thought it had to be a joke, so I went to Ravelry and found their post.

“We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is unambiguously support for white supremacy.”

I just slowly shook my head and looked over at my yarn and thought, “Oh, you poor skeins….you were not spun to be weapons.”

So, I deleted my account because their decision to ban support of Trump only helps to perpetuate this massive hysteria that has overwhelmed this craft for a long while now.

Which tells me that they are missing the point behind this craft.

These skeins, these needles, these movements of beauty that shift from knit to purl and back again to build something beautiful may be the only thing in this divisive time that some of us have in common. But, at least with all our differences, we have at least THAT we can build from, that we can use to communicate to each other with, learn from each other. Through knitting we should be hoping to build alliances with our alleged enemies through the majesty of our shared craft.

Not all of us got to knitting from the same place, but we’re all here now, and we should be more anxious than ever to hear from someone so different from us through the language we share of our needles clicking and clacking together to create something of comfort.

I so wish Ravelry had a change to their policies that said, “Everyone come to the table, bring your projects and lets talk.” But, instead they insisted that some of you aren’t welcome here. AT ALL. And I really don’t want to be a part of that attempt to continue to divide people on every level possible. I mean, really. This division between us is growing at a rapid rate and instead of helping to reign it in, pull it back, and find a way to get us BACK to the table, Ravelry decided that keeping us separate worked better for them as a company.

And I just don’t believe their company policies have anything to do with knitting anymore.

For years now I have used this blog to foster knitting as a method of contemplation, of meditation, and for myself, prayer. I have always thought that in it’s purest form knitting allows time for personal reflection, allowing us to turn to the quiet part of our soul and listen without all of the maddening noise that we’re constantly barraged with. And God knows we need that NOW more than ever.

It never ever occurred to me that a knitting group, the largest on the planet (I think they have 8 million members) would ever opt to say that only some people are allowed here.

My decision to leave Ravelry was not politically motivated. I just knew that that Ravelry had made it perfectly clear that no bridges would be built on their platform. They were not interested in allowing us to come together as knitters and start healing. No, their decision clearly screamed a desperate attempt to keep us at each other’s throats. Don’t believe me? Just see what happens when someone says they’re leaving Ravelry over this. A hurl of insults will come flying at you because obviously you disagree with their new policy because you’re a (fill in any derogatory slur you can think of). Yeah….

Being a gay man who knits in this community is nothing novel. I’m received with open arms. Being a conservative gay man who knits in this community is forbidden. But, I didn’t come to this community to be any of those things. I came here to KNIT.

Ravelry doesn’t seem to be fostering a healthy environment, but a segregate one. And I just don’t want to be involved in that. I’d rather be in the group that is doing its best to find ways to bring us BACK together rather finding new and unique ways to keep us as far apart as possible. And I, for one, find that a very poisonous thing to do to a community.

I cannot, in good conscience, be a part of a company that would rather push people away, have them spy and attack each other, rather than bring them closer to the reason we even knit in the first place: to share the sense of peace we gain from knitting with others.

And that is why I deleted my Ravelry account.

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      1. Take your ball home, Ravelry. I can’t wait to see a better platform eliminating division.

      2. Love your words! Thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been feeling. My first reaction to the new policy was sadness. In an effort to tell the world that Ravelry’s policy promotes inclusiveness they have failed to see that their policy is hypocritical. They have excluded anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. Sad,sad,sad. Our creativity should bring us to a neutral place. A place where we can enjoy and admire each other’s work. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for this. The Ravelry page on Twitter is displaying so much hatred. Makes me sad. I feel Ravelry is completely missing the plot on this. Slandering those you disagree with is never acceptable.

    2. I did the same thing. I may not approve of Trump, but I have friends who do support him, and they are NOT white supremacists. Many aren’t even white. Ravelry is way off the mark with their assumptions. They sounded very mean spirited and intolerant, ironically what they accused Trump and his supporters of being. Why didn’t they try to look past their own prejudice. They must not have known that “racist” Trump got an award from Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition for helping black youth in New York. I suppose that passed their notice.

      1. Go into your profile on Ravelry then scroll to the bottom. It will have a link to delete your account.

      2. What happens to all your information when you delete it? Can you export the account? I have SO many cute photos of my babies in booties, Grandma in mitts, step Dad in hat, etc. I’ve often thought of making a special photobook of it, I adore the loving collection hand-knits! Not to mention my 800 pattern queue and extensive photo stash library.

    3. I agree completely. When does a knitting site get involved in politics and WHY? I do not care who they are for. It is a matter of principle and creating more hatred. Very sad.

      1. My thoughts exactly. Why!?. I felt like new people entered the picture. Their offices. Supercilious millenials and I am not bashing all millenials. It just felt like new do as I say kids had taken the reins. Very sad and I was hurt by it.

    1. I understand your point. Companies need to maybe not jump into the fray all the time. On the other hand, I can see how they are trying to protect their followers globally that are being tossed around. Ravelry has international reach. There are a whole lot of people around the world being kicked around that have no voice. As far as Trump goes? Yeah, dont get me started. There are not enough skeins in the world to calm me enough to speak when it comes to his policies, words, and actions.

      1. If it had been NO politics discussed then I probably would have been fine with it. Censoring half of your customers and not the other half is blatantly wrong. Also, they are flat out wrong that we are supporting white supremacy. We are not. So censored for nothing. Not cool at all.

  1. Very well said. I am a straight woman who knits and crochets. I tried to post to their blog twice and both times it was deleted. They didn’t want to hear it. I was upset they would call me, a Southern, Christian woman who supports Trump, a racist. They don’t even know me and apparently they don’t even want to get to know me. I don’t judge anyone, I don’t care of you are green, purple, black, white, gay, straight or in between. As long as you respect me and treat me good I will do the same with you. My motto is just love everyone. But Ravelry has gone too far. And yes, openly disagreeing with them just creates a huge shit storm. ~Cheri~

    1. Well said, Cheri. Right there with you. I, too, am a southern, Christian White woman who knits and crochets. I also sew and quilt. One of my very best friends is a liberal gay man with whom I sew costumes for a local theater. He was my anchor when my brother died. As you can guess, many of the actors we sew for are gay and we know each other’s beliefs. I keep my politics out of the sewing room and the backstage area, as do my friends. It’s not difficult to do because we share a love for the craft. For 8 years, I was told I was racist if I disagreed with the President. Now I’m labeled something ugly for agreeing. I do needlework for relaxation, not activism. I love seeing my granddaughter in a handmade item. I love giving a baby blanket to a new mom. I love making a scarf or hat for our church’s homeless program. I just want to chat, make things, and build bridges. I’m afraid to even visit a local yarn store anymore for fear of facing scorn. I don’t feel comfortable purchasing from companies who are tied to a Ravelry, either. I may just give up this creative outlet once my stash is gone. It’s become more stressful than not knitting. At least Greg’s words give me momentary solace and have reassured me there are at least a few reasonable people left in the knitting world. Peace and love to all.

      1. Please don’t give up your hobbies and the joy they give you because of hate! We have to stand strong in the face of opposition, even though it can be so, so wearisome. I also handcraft for relaxation, family, and charity; not for activism, but it would be heart breaking to give it up just because the ones who yell the loudest are on the opposite side of us politically! I will be praying for you.

      2. I moved all my patterns to the LoveKnitting app then deleted Ravelry. I agree with everything you said. This was a very stupid and classless move on their part and has done nothing to help their business.

    2. exactly! I’m a straight white girl who was raised going to church regularly. I’m admittedly still not always exactly…. comfortable…? with homosexual things, however I have friends and co workers who are gay and they’re perfectly pleasant people who I enjoy speaking with. And one of my favorite yarn stores in StevenBe in Minneapolis, run by the Glitter Knitter Steven Berg, who may be one of the most flamboyant gay men I’ve ever met. I go with that I’ll treat everyone with dignity and respect, as long as I get the same from them. So when Ravelry decided that I’m a white supremacist just because I don’t rabidly hate every single idea that comes out of Trump’s head (though I do wish he’d put that damn twitter account down once in a while), I had to leave.

    3. I totally agree with you Cheri M. On Instagram when Ravelry stated
      “For those of you who have asked about donating to Ravelry: please support us by supporting Ravelry designers, dyers, advertisers, and shops, particularly those run by people who are black, indigenous, people of color, members of the LGBTQ+ community, disabled crafters, those who belong to otherwise marginalized communities, and those who are speaking out on justice and equality issues to effect change.”

      That is an exact quote I just went back and copied/paste.

      I responded to the particularly…..that I felt as a designer on Ravelry the customers were being encouraged to NOT purchase my patterns because I did not fit in that category at all. I am also a Southern, Christian woman, not a POC. I got hit with so many hateful comments INSTANTLY that without five minutes I deleted my comment. They were saying I was twisting the whole thing.

      Ravelry is so one sided. I could have supported them totally if they had come out and said no politics but how can they claim to be inclusive and then take sides.

      Ravelry used to be my happy knit place. Not so much anymore.

  2. This is so eloquently said thank you for posting and so true it breaks my heart to see the world getting more and more divided, I am 59 my sisters were 8,7,6 years older this is so not how I was rasied…my mother said you like EVERYONE till that person upsets you dont group people togerher….I grew up in the world of we each have a side, Lets Talk which is what knitting and knitting with others does, you are so far ahead of these people who wear blinders.
    Again thank you,
    Maple Grove, MN

      1. Greg, I’ve been following you for a few years now. I just love you and Patrick to pieces. Thank you for trying to bring us all back together. But some just like to keep stirring the pot and don’t know how to play nice. Again thank you for being you. Much love ~C.~

  3. Maybe Ravelry should have just said that it was a non-political place and refrain from all political speech. Would have been simpler, especially seeing all the hate speech on twitter now, Brexit seems like a walk in the park now lol.

    1. This would have been my choice. Why should we keep a knitting site…gasp.. about knitting. We can all agree and disagree about patterns, colors, worsted or sock weight and keep all politics out of it.

  4. Thank you so eloquently writing how I feel. When I first read this last night I couldn’t believe it. This is just another way to divide the community. Didn’t we all just go there to knit and find other people who had the same interests in all things fiber? I haven’t had time to think about if I’ll delete my account. But it’s under consideration.

  5. Indeed. My only public comment was that I had mixed feelings about the decision, and pitchforks were already being polished.

  6. I could not agree more! Knitting and other crafts allow me to get away from politics and things that drive us apart as human beings sharing this world.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Thank you thank you. Knitting, spinning and raising sheep, designing yarn is a haven to me in a very loud intrusive world. And I have always loved being part of a beautiful fiber community first as a knitting instructor, then a yarn shop owner, then an owner of a wholesale hand dyed yarn company…and now a.shepherd designing yarn from the hoof on up. Now I see a threat to the industry of hand knitting. When owners of the largest watering hole for knitters now say to millions of knitters that because you do not agree with our politics..that you are not welcome. You are less than. We are putting a label on you called white supremacist and must either adhere to our way of thinking or.be banished. Does this remind folks of anything? Fascism has invaded hand knitting. And we can be like sheep and be silent, or we can push back at this injustice and poison to the fiber community. Thank you for taking a stand.

    1. Thank you Woolfarmgal, your post said exactly what my I have not been able to put into words. I have been very sad since Ravelry’s announcement and the outpouring of hatefilled rhetoric that is tearing our community apart. I truly hope some talented people will build another knitting community where we all are able to freely enjoy our love of the fiber arts.

  8. Well said Gregory. If anything, they should have banned ALL political posts. Now you can be as crappy as you want about Trump, and it’s applauded. 😦

  9. I understand your point of view, and I tried to see it your way at first. But then I found why the measure: it’s not ok to attack a person for saying they do not like a pro-Trump pattern. It’s not ok to disclose the details (name, home address, phone number) of someone who doesn’t agree with your political views, so that person would be attacked and abused online and in offline. Because that is what happened.
    And as such I don’t think Ravelry is preventing knitters to discuss or to heal. More like, they are trying to prevent attacks to people who are usually the target of supremacist. Sadly, those attacks still happen outside Ravelry: on Instagram, on blogs etc.

    I think now Ravelry is trying to be the place where one can feel safe to knit and enjoy this fibre arts passion. You can be conservative and knit and enjoy the community as long as you don’t lash out to others for having different lifestyles. It’s just common sense, in my book.

    Just because you have a different political view, it doesn’t mean we can’t communicate. As long as you don’t attack me for having liberal ideas (and because I’m from Europe, for us Liberalism means something else than it means in the US). We can still knit and share patterns and ideas but just because one has a different skin color shouldn’t be abused. Or belittled. Or judged.

    People are divided by many things, not just political or sexual reasons. Poverty, health, opportunities, heck even birthplace or knitting vs crochet can be a factor. But if we allow hate speech, people will be even more divided.

    Variety is silver, tolerance is golden!

    with love from Europe 🙂

    1. But it’s ok for all the anti-conservative, anti-Trump drivel. Sorry, not buying it. The owners are huge liberals who can’t stand people who think for themselves. I have better things to do so I deleted my account and hope Ravelry goes down the tubes. #walkawayfromravelry

      1. Why do you think people who agree with Ravelry aren’t thinking for themselves? I assure you that it’s possible to think for yourself and be liberal.

    2. The problem is that people who objected to the “F” Trump patterns were also demonized. There are jerks on both sides. But you’re only allowed to speak and post patterns if you’re an anti-Trump jerk. And I think doxxing should carry stuff legal penalties no matter who does it.

    3. Its not OK to punish the many for the horrid actions of the few. I am so saddened by the hatred that has popped up in discussion groups on both sides. I’ve seen name calling and vulgarity on both sides, and my respectful posts disagreeing with the policy have simply disappeared. Thank you Gregory for your thoughtful post; I have been struggling with the decision to leave Raverly, its hard because the knowledge base is helpful to a mediocre knitter like me. I love the craft, and the history of the craft. I have always shied away from sanctimonious ideology-its such a negative place to be. I want to share my life with kind hearted people with multi faceted viewpoints. How can I gain wisdom if I don’t listen to people who have different opinions and experiences than I have? I look forward to following your wise blog.

    4. Why is a Fuck Trump pattern allowed on Ravelry but not a God is Love pattern that was banned? Yes, that happened during all of this.

      No political stuff would have been easy and acceptable, but instead they went the way they went.

      1. It is very simple. A “fuck Trump” pattern is a pro-human rights pattern, whereas a “God is Love” with hidden homophobic undertone pattern is a dehumanizing pattern. If you can not see the difference…ask yourself why. Ask Gregory what he thinks of the rainbow colored “god is love” pattern. I don’t think he would like it.

      2. Don’t you know? It’s kicking the Christian time at R. God Is Love is not homophobic at all.

      3. Your kidding right? I can’t stand them even more if this is true. They are disgusting 😡

    5. Val – I hope you will give this some thought. I am reading that you are saying Ravelry is justified in repudiating all Trump supporters as ‘unambigously white supremacists” but that’s okay in your book because a tiny fraction of their members stupidly doxed people who espouse liberal views. Am I reading that correctly? How is that acceptable? How is that right? Any conservatives can feel welcome to particate as long as they remain muzzled. But anti-conservatives can use whatever nasty expletives and rude, disrespectful comments in posts, patterns, etc.

      I’ve yet to see one person show evidence that President Trump is a white supremacist. Ravelry’s “evidence” ties back to an RPG site that bases their white supremacist verdict on the President’s statement in a speech that he is a nationalist. These RPGers, the majority of whom spend their every waking hour on screens, couldn’t take the time to check online for the definition of nationalist. Instead, they made a wild leap from nationalist to white nationalist. It’s laughable. It’s akin to equating ivy with poison ivy.

      The truth is that there are a small percentage of very loud, angry people who wake up every morning looking for outrage. Like the opinion writer who recently wrote that every white person wakes up in the morning thinking they are good because of the color of their skin. The writer is not caucasian, so this was written as an accusation, a condemnation. I’m white. And I’m old as dirt. And there has not been a single morning in my entire life that I have thought I am good because of my skin, although I *have* lived every day thinking I’m good, I’ll not deny that. Why do I have the audacity to think that? Because I believe that I was created by a power who tells me I was wonderfully made. Because I see happy people and smile for their happiness. Because I see people in distress and want to help them. Because I AM good – in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul.

      I’ve spent a lot of time on Ravelry and in the fiber community, and have felt the push that I’m not permitted to think what I think if it doesn’t coincide with what others think. Polite discourse is dead. Ravelry is NOT trying to be a place that is safe for everyone. They are trying to be a space that is exclusionary. They are practicing bigotry.

      Gregory has expressed the thoughts of many, many people who don’t have the talent or forum to present it so well.

    6. Val – I hope you will give this some thought. I am reading that you are saying Ravelry is justified in repudiating all Trump supporters as ‘unambigously white supremacists” but that’s okay in your book because a tiny fraction of their members stupidly doxed people who espouse liberal views. Am I reading that correctly? How is that acceptable? How is that right? Any conservatives can feel welcome to particate as long as they remain muzzled. But anti-conservatives can use whatever nasty expletives and rude, disrespectful comments in posts, patterns, etc.

      I’ve yet to see one person show evidence that President Trump is a white supremacist. Ravelry’s “evidence” ties back to an RPG site that bases their white supremacist verdict on the President’s statement in a speech that he is a nationalist. These RPGers, the majority of whom spend their every waking hour on screens, couldn’t take the time to check online for the definition of nationalist. Instead, they made a wild leap from nationalist to white nationalist. It’s laughable. It’s akin to equating ivy with poison ivy.

      The truth is that there are a small percentage of very loud, angry people who wake up every morning looking for outrage. Like the opinion writer who recently wrote that every white person wakes up in the morning thinking they are good because of the color of their skin. The writer is not caucasian, so this was written as an accusation, a condemnation. I’m white. And I’m old as dirt. And there has not been a single morning in my entire life that I have thought I am good because of my skin, although I *have* lived every day thinking I’m good, I’ll not deny that. Why do I have the audacity to think that? Because I believe that I was created by a power who tells me I was wonderfully made. Because I see happy people and smile for their happiness. Because I see people in distress and want to help them. Because I AM good – in my heart, in my mind, and in my soul.

      I’ve spent a lot of time on Ravelry and in the fiber community, and have felt the push that I’m not permitted to think what I think if it doesn’t coincide with what others think. Polite discourse is dead. Ravelry is NOT trying to be a place that is safe for everyone. They are trying to be a space that is exclusionary. They are practicing bigotry.

      Gregory has expressed the thoughts of many, many people who don’t have the talent or forum to present it so well.

    7. I think you have this idea because YOU weren’t the one attacked. I love Ravelry & I literally used it every day. But to single out a group you do not agree with, label them something HORRIBLE to defend your actions is very Nazi like- do you not agree? Can you see why those so unfairly labeled are upset? Some react with anger, others with sorrow. But those who react by saying— ‘well it’s no big deal’ those are the ones I feel sorry for. Remember the ‘Nazi’s came for the gypsies & it didn’t affect me, they came for the homosexual, & it didn’t affect me so I said nothing…..then they came for me & there was no one left to help me….'(very rough paraphrase)

      Thank you thank you thank you Gregory for being so thoughtful, fair- first time on your site but not the last!

    8. No… Ravelry said Trump and his supporters are clearly ‘white supremacists’. That is not only untrue, it is hatefilled and abhorrent. Definitely not an attempt to prevent attacks…that statement was an attack.

    9. No evidence of the alleged doxing incident leading to the new Ravelry policy has ever been provided. In my opinion, it was just a hoax to justify a policy intended to be divisive. Ravelry seems to be using tactics championed by Antifa, a group which promotes Communism and Anarchy. The virtue signalling of Ravelry should not be confused with actual support for the LGBTQ community. It’s all about breaking down society and any sense of community one might have. That starts with promoting tribalism, the us vs them mentality. Ravelry isn’t trying to make people feel safe, it’s making them question how safe their neighborhood is. Asking members of Ravelry to turn in other members for possible wrong-think is McCarthyism. Ravelry isn’t a safe space. Once one group is gone, they will find a new group to attack. That’s how this works.

  10. Yesterday I made the decision to delete my account also. So have several of my friends. I want to know about knitting.. I don’t want my knitting site to get political. They say it’s not, but they are lying.. All the social media sites are trying to band together to keep us from knowing the truth about the Democrats and what they did with Hillary to stay in power. A couple of my friends are talking about trying to set up a site where truly all people are welcome.

  11. Gregory,thank you for putting into words exactly how I feel. I host a group of Knitters every Thursday. We knit and donate hats and scarves to those that need them. Veterans, children in need, families struggling. We are over 50, different political and religious views, and not once has anyone ever said a cross word to another. It’s our love of knitting, and others that brings us together. I learned long ago that no matter how hard you try to persuade someone to change their mind about politics, the harder they dig in. Why can’t people just let others be, agree to disagree, and live and let live. I lost a few friends over the past few years over politics. I watched as they blasted Republicans with every name you can imagine, not realizing a person is far more than a political party. Keep spreading your wisdom, and your beautiful knitting!!

  12. I usually agree with everything you write but I must disagree with you on this one…it seems to me that Ravelry is not banning people who are in support of trump only their actual support because in their (and many others ) opinion he is a gay bashing ,race hating white supremist and they are trying to keep all that off their forum…they don’t care what you believe as long as you are not bashing others for following YOUR. Beliefs…long live Ravelry

    1. Not my business, just an observer but I read the announcement (lots of people are talking about it) and you’re welcome to your pro-Trump opinions just as long as you never even *breathe* them to anyone. So long as you’re in the deepest darkest closet you’re “welcome” to sit and listen to others deride and abuse you. Though they did say that it was also against the rules to provoke conservatives or to bait them, just how is someone supposed to complain of abuse that would require them to identify themselves as holding the forbidden opinions?

      Saying “pro” things isn’t bashing anyone. But “pro” opinions are forbidden. They’ve made it completely forbidden to express the opinion that Trump supporters are *not* all of those lies people tell. In some sense, they’ve removed anyone’s ability to counter the narrative of white supremacy. They’ve done just exactly what the author of this piece has said… they’ve made it *impossible* for anyone to bridge gaps or come together over a shared interest and development of friendships.

      1. Can I say, too. Accusing people of racism and homophobia and white supremacy IS ABUSE. It’s not just an innocent description. It’s slander.

      2. They don’t want to bridge gaps. I think people need to understand that this is about promoting anarchy and communism. Just look at the issue of intellectual property rights on Ravelry. They have the resources to police the political beliefs of members, but no resources to vet patterns that might be copies of someone else’s work, even when designers make complaints about copyright issues. They don’t care about who owns what, because that is a non-issue given their political leanings.

        It’s not about promoting inclusiveness. It’s not about bridging gaps or bringing people together. It’s not even about making money or having a successful business. It’s about breaking down society and making people distrust their neighbors. It’s about making people ashamed of their country and their flag. That’s how Communism has taken hold of countries historically.

        We need to bridge the gaps. We need to get to know our neighbors. We need to celebrate our communities and who we are. That’s how we fight back.

    2. Their opinion would be wrong, and punishing other people for it is also wrong. Treat us all fairly or you lose.

    3. You are so off base. What they said was that anti-trump members could say all kinds of awful things, but labeled anyone who even supported the presidency, as flawed as it might be, a white supremest. Ravelry could have taken the high road and banned all political speech. Deleted objectionable posts and monitored the situation. It could have used its platform to draw people together, it took the opposite road. It took the route of calling all Trump administration supporters, or even those who wanted to find some good in his administration White supremists and banned any supporting words for dialog. They should have focused on the foundation of their platform and kept politics out of it. I am 68 and have seen presidents come and go. I have been knitting since Kennedy was in the White House. No administration lasts forever, but I fear the ability to have civil discourse is lost forever. I am saddened by the intolerance of people today to even try to see some truth in an opposing point of view. Shutting down speech does not change hearts and minds.

  13. Gregory, beautifully said. As you know, you and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. I don’t care that you a conservative, or gay, or a male knitter. None of that matters. What matters is what we bring to the knitting community. Lumping people together is what got us to where we are right now. It is not only unfair, it is damaging to our country. I will speak out against injustice and bigotry, but none of that belongs in a creative environment (unless someone is disparaging someone else’s creative endeavors!). That is what political sites and open forums are for. Ravelry is for sharing knitting and crocheting, not political views. I am keeping my Ravelry account, not because I am a liberal, but because I still want that creative connection. However, I will be leaving a comment about their decision on their site. Thank you for being you!!

  14. Well said. Many, many (most?) topic-specific social media discussion forums ban political speech/prevarication of any stripe. Why didn’t they just do that? I agree that we all need havens from the storms around us. This is clearly a blanket response someone needed to sleep on before initiating.

  15. Thanks for your articulate and insightful blog post. I’m so sick of the double-standard that the left can express their POV but the right cannot. Thank you for speaking up for the smaller voices. I can’t believe what Ravelry has become. Wiping out all the conservative Jedis that mostly kept their opinions to themselves (trying not to make waves). They’re supposed to be the coexist crowd! All my positive sentiments towards Ravelry have been shattered. Ravelry = Darth Sidious, imho. The last sheep and wool festival I attended, all the left-leaning TDS knitters did was bash POTUS when no one was even discussing him.. they were so obsessed and it all started with those stupid pussy hats. So I decided to not go out of my way to attend anymore festivals. How can we reorganize and get a real meetup/group for people that are okay with people no matter their beliefs/politics. I’d gladly attend. I’m a black female knitting Trump supporter and I am not a white supremacist. Walkaway / Blexit / WalkAwAsian (whatever you have to do) ..before it’s too late!!

    1. First of all, I love your Star Wars references. Second, I feel your pain. I can’t go to my local LYS anymore for the same reason. I’m wondering if there’s room for me in the yarning universe anymore.

      1. LOL! I was referring to Carrie’s post about conservative Jedis. But please feel free to throw some Star Wars our way, too!

      2. Mimi – I was at an LYS Sock-A-Long and everyone was bashing Trump. I mentioned that he was at the top of my chain of command, and while I struggled with his personality, as an economist I felt that his fiscal policies were going to put everyone in a better place. The owner of the shop took my sock out of my hands saying “oh you made a mistake” and frogged my sock.When she was done, she smiled sweetly and said “I think you know the mistake that you made now, don’t you.” I felt like I was in a fiber Twilight Zone. I get the last laugh though. I have a lot of disposable income. Bwahahaha. 🙂

    2. I deleted my account as well. Hope another site pops up that just focuses on the craft where everyone is welcome. Would love to be a part of it!

  16. To be clear, and to reiterate what it says in its policy update, Ravelry has not banned people who support Trump from the site. Instead, they are requesting that they keep their support of Trump and his administration off of Ravelry.
    I think this is fair and I think that it keeps people connecting about knitting and fiber arts and not politics, that isn’t what their site it for.
    I respect your decision, as I respect theirs.

    1. Maybe if the anti-trump people could keep their lack of support for the administration out of the knitting community as well. But they can’t seem to… at the NY Sheep and Wool festival all I heard was Trump hate.. I bit my tongue about it. I have not been rubbing people’s noses in the The Hillary defeat but people are so obsessed with hating him and that’s all they talk about. So what is the right supposed to do in that scenario.. just keep hearing it and not saying anything about it? Also, I might add, that accusing half the country (and knitters who support POTUS) of supporting white supremacy is an extremely unfair characterization/generalization of a lot of people.

      1. So many here have said exactly what I was thinking and feeling…thank you. I have been with Ravelry for years and when i saw their post i was at a loss for words then. I’m pretty easy going and will listen to boths sides of an argument, even giving the other side the benefit of the doubt. But when they pretty much accused any Tump supporter of being white supremacist, I felt instantly jolted. I did not vote for him, I do not like him, but I’ve come to learn he’s not any worse than some of the other presidents we’ve had. And, out of respect for the office, I want him to succeed. Does that automatically make me a bad person? Shame on you ravelry for being so judgemental. And for showing yourtrue colors. It just makes me sad.

    2. Then why not ban all politics from their site and just keep it a knitting community? That’s what I would have liked. But they continue to have F*ck trump stuff on there. Hence, bad decision. Deleted my account and buying elsewhere.

    3. But Jackie, they ARE keeping politics on their site – just the politics they want to see. So it’s about knitting and fiber arts and the politics THEY allow. It’s their site, it’s their choice. But we have to call it as it is.

    4. No. Not at all. They didn’t say NO POLITICS they said trump supporters and supporters of his administration had better get in the closet and stay there or they will be banished. They should have forbidden political discussion for EVERYONE. Right now they just look like bigots.

    5. To be clear, Ravelry called Trump supporters ‘White Supremacists’. Do you agree all Trump supporters are bigots?? Only Trump supporters are told to stay in the closet…do you agree with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Why can’t everyone see we are being manipulated to hate each other….a divided USA is a weakened USA. We are NOT the enemy, we should look deep to find out who is 😔

    6. They said all support was banned! Trump bashing and hating all who supported him was OK! Keeping ALL politics off would have been a smarter choice, and they could have been diplomatic about. Instead they said all who supported his “administration” which is basically the entire White House and 63 million Americans were white supremists. They should have kept all politics off the platform and stuck to their core mission……fiber arts.

  17. It is like a gut punch reading your comments. It makes me so sad to know that people feel excluded in the name of inclusivity. The world has gone mad. I just know that silencing some for how they cast a ballot is not the America I know and love. I served my country to defend the freedoms we have. I feel like we are now standing on shaky ground and it frightens me.

    1. And.. I think the best way to impact them is to contact their advertisers and enlist support of others to stop purchasing patterns. I wonder how designers feel about this policy?

      1. I agree. I will not buy a pattern, click on an ad, or make any other move that will provide financial support for Ravelry. If I want to buy a pattern, I will look for it on an independent website.

  18. I agree with you wholeheartedly Gregory! I love how eloquently you describe your love of knitting. That is truly my happy place and has been for many years. I have enjoyed Ravelry as a fiber art resource that I haven’t found anywhere else.

    I will miss being able to search through so many patterns to find my next challenge and project. However, I will survive without it.
    I too will be deleting my account today.

    Ravelry is a private group and have a right to make their policies as they see fit. I have struggled with my thoughts and feelings over their new policy since Sunday. I am not the best at putting my thoughts to words, but this is my attempt: I agree with their stance of not supporting white supremacy. I just think it is a huge leap to judge and label a group of people just because you don’t agree with a few of their actions.

    I don’t agree with everything our president does, nor have I agreed with all the actions of past preaidents. However, I do not think our president is a white surpremist, and I know I’m not. I cannot remain in a group that in my opionion is using hate speach about a large portion of it’s members.

    It would be nice to have another fiber art resource like ravelry with nicer policies. I would start one if I knew how. Maybe you would have an idea where to start. 🤞 😊

    I am thankful I saw your blog, and truly appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

    Brenda O

  19. Perfectly written! The exact words I habe been saying since I heard what they decided to do. They should have banned ALL political post and kept the site about fiber arts!

  20. It is sad that this has happened, from the beginning to the final words, and the break down in communication. I am very much a bring us together person, no matter what you believe you can still be human and talk! knitting is sadly very political and has been for centuries! but I thought we were past the point of banning folk, or accusing folk. Sadly I have been proved wrong. We have to make our choices for ourselves, I am here and love you all ❤ regardless of which side, whose 'right' or barriers to communication. Knit on head held high Greg!

  21. Hi Gregory. While I fully support Ravelry and their bold decision to create a truly safe place by implementing this policy, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your perspective. I too hope that we can return to a place where our love for knitting can be the joy that brings us (back) together.
    With Warmest Regards,
    Rachael (Rashieknits)

    1. It isn’t safe for conservatives, so it isn’t truly safe or inclusive. When I think of their website I just picture a little place full of hate.

  22. To combat inclusiveness, Ravelry decides to use oppression! What the hell is this country coming to? 3 months ago i participated in a conversation and ended up getting banned from speaking for 3 months. Many of my posts disappeared completely. Many posters voicing displeasure over this anti Trump policy are having their criticisms demeaned and/ or deemed entirely leaving the impression that nobody cares about this change. The few GOP groups are being infiltrated by liberals who’ve never before chatted in those rooms until Sunday and now are systematically entering every corner of the site to engage conservatives into conversations that ultimately get them banned. They’ve stated that our rights to free speech don’t apply to a private company like Ravelry. They are just simply showing us the door. Others have announced their leaving and are being told that they aren’t airports so they don’t need to announce their departures. They are really enjoying this moment. Let them enjoy it because they’ll have to endure 4 more years of Trump regardless of what they and Google di to try to stifle our voices.

    1. What’s even more insidious, on one group I think someone was pretending to be pro Trump and making vulgar ridiculous comments to further inflame the group. Before the fake Trump comments came along the discussion was fairly civilized.

  23. You said this beautifully, and I am not nearly as eloquent, but I just deleted my Ravelry account as well. I am a straight, white, conservative knitting enthusiast but I wasn’t there to push any agenda, or question anybody else’s belief system or way of life. It’s about needle arts, period. I don’t care who on there is LBTQ or any variation thereof – it has nothing to do with me (I just live and let live.) But at the same time, I always felt that a knitting community, in which the sexual orientation of the members is irrelevant to why we are there, wasn’t really the place to promote a gay pride agenda. There are appropriate venues for that, but Ravelry isn’t where I’d expect to go for that discussion. However, if the owners of the website wanted to use that as their platform, I figured it’s their site to do with as they please so I just ignored it. Fine. But what wasn’t fine was the whole “You can’t support Trump here” thing. In other words, we will promote our political agenda, which has nothing to do with knitting, but no one else can so much as make a peep to in support of something we oppose, which also has nothing to do with knitting. Well, ya’ll have fun with that. You could choose to make it not political in any way, shape, or form: state that as your policy and stick to it. But when you pick and choose to promote one political stance that is important to you while shutting down everyone else’s opinion on another, then I’m moving on. I’m not defending Trump, necessarily, nor am I objecting to expressions of gay pride. But you can’t have it both ways, and have it be respectful to the wide diversity of membership on Ravelry.

  24. Well said and I agree with you completely. It’s not political for me either. When a business owner decides to use their business as their political platform and I’m a customer, that’s when I’m done. I had a pattern shop there and they made money anytime I sold a pattern. So, for example, if I had a MAGA hat pattern (I didn’t just an example) that pattern according to the Ravelry owners is an unacceptable pattern and would be returned to draft status. However, a F*CK TRUMP hat pattern (you insert the U) is allowed to remain. That’s a double standard, it’s wrong and it’s far from even handed. Folks can call it right to expression if they want, but any educated person sees the wrong in that. Sheri Shaw @ crochetaulait.com

  25. So very well said, thank you for expressing what I felt in my own heart. I just want to knit and snuggle my yarn. I have met so many amazing people through Ravelry – from all walks of life. When I saw what they had posted… honestly, it just made me so sad. I hate that they chose to handle things this way. The hatred and division that it has created is heartbreaking. 😦

  26. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your Honest writings, here. I feel the same exact way…well, almost…I am a woman, straight but conservative and a lover of yarn…i won’t even look down my nose at you because you knit instead of crochet LOL…But, if we cant sit and Knit (or crochet) and be civil why walk the face of the Earth to begin with. I deleted my account because of the treasonistic thoughts. I love My Country and whether you agree with The current Presidential administration or not you have to stand behind it..UNITED WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL!! I pray someone will create a non partisan platform that we can unite on. God Bless you! Be calm and Knit On!!

  27. Your observations are spot on. What does knitting have to do with politics? Is there ANYTHING any more that is exempt from politics? It’s such a shame to see Ravelry doing this. It’s unnecessary and really quite stupid!!

  28. It makes me so sad to read your post and I applaud every sentiment you have so eloquently expressed. To walk away as you have done takes courage & resolve to be the best you can be, something the narrow minded bigots who dare to bring discrimination into a crafting forum can never aspire to nor understand. Take heart and watch it Unravelry!!!!

  29. I don’t get it. What does anyone’s political affiliation have to do with a site made for searching knitting and crocheting patterns and yarn? Somebody please explain to me!

  30. I crochet and knit. All I want to say is if this is a love that you have, lets not let these political views come into an art that brings comfort, love, & joy. Let others do what they do but don’t let it influence you. The world has enough chaos, biases, division, and corruption. This is about patterns, not forcing your personal agendas or feelings….at the end of the day, it is Ravelry’s decision. Let’s just crochet and knit along!

    1. I get what you mean but it’s kinda difficult to look past someone accusing you of supporting white supremacy. Their message rang loud and clear.

  31. I agree with you completely. When I saw that on the Ravelry homepage it broke my heart for the same reasons. I haven’t deleted my account for selfish reasons. There are patterns there I’m waiting to download!

  32. And why does everything have to be politicized? Why must they draw the line in the sand? And these are supposed to be the coexist people. Ravelry does not speak for me…they claim they speak for the marginalized while they marginalize people. Tired of the double-standard.. it seems okay for Ravelry, (and the people that agree with them), to express their view but anyone with differing opinion must be suppressed/silenced. And this all started with those stupid pussy hats.. Plus, I honestly don’t understand why ravelry is taking this position now. I’ve been a member for years it’s where I find all my patterns. I’m baffled people still that devastated from the last presidential election. I will say at the sheep and wool festival a lot of the knitters appear to be on the TDS/anti-trump side …I mostly ignored them at the festival… never debated anyone.. kept my views to myself.. now all of a sudden the entire site has to take a stand… now?!?! I swear it makes me sick just to think of it. Why are people always trying to create drama that does not exist. I’m sure most conservatives were underground/undercover about their views (doing their best, like me, to not make waves or rub anyone’s nose in Hillary’s loss), but people still have to be alienated even further. I doubt I will attend another sheep and wool festival. And what’s next, ravelry will ban chick fil a eaters (seeing as though it’s a slippery slope on the path of sjw-ing) My guess is Ravelry just wanted conservatives to quit their platform.. the majority of their base is not conservative … they knew the activists (that never supported previously) would rally behind them and that would make up the difference.

    1. I don’t think they wanted conservatives to leave, that’s why they took great pains to say they weren’t banning us. We can be there as long as we agree to be second class citizens and let others abuse us on the website. The people who can’t seem to find anything wrong with this policy are the ones that it isn’t affecting.

  33. Seems you missed the point of their actions. Yes they did ban people. But it’s my understanding that they were the ones that refused to follow their site rules. Banning talk and support for Trump is not a bad move on their part. To me it’s smart, he is too controversial because of all the lies he has been caught in. The way he treats women, people of minority. His obvious disdain for people less fortunate is sickening. Its best to keep patterns of him or any talk about him off the site to keep the peace. It just makes sense.

    1. That’s fine and dandy if they are going to ban trump hate as well… but they did not. They singled people out in particular. But the conservatives aren’t the ones that are obsessed with talking about POTUS it’s the other side. And Ravelry took a side.. instead of saying this is a non-political environment w/ absolutely no politics or world ideologies/views… they said “no trump support” and “if you support trump you support white supremacy” … so, nope we did not miss the point..we heard it loud and clear. And I’m a minority, btw, I don’t need people to protect/speak for me. I’m not helpless. That doesn’t do me any favors it only alienates me further from the human race.

    2. Please give examples and proof of what you accuse him of. I listen to him and watch him all the time and fail to to see or hear any of what you accuse him of.

    3. Oh he can still be talked about and trashed by liberals all day long. This isn’t banning all political speech, it’s bigotry against conservatives.

    4. Deanna, they banned people just for having the kinds of discussion we are having on this blog. Be careful. They might find out you posted here and ban you too. Just for hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  34. What I heard was no political ideology from eirher perspective would be allowed which is appropriate for a forum devoted to needle crafts. More importantly what boundary issues preclude individuals from keeping their political opinions to share on the multitude of sites dedicated to that sharing. In this politically divisive climate having a haven where those differences don’t have to be confronted is a positive.

    1. Oh, that would make it a perfect world, wouldn’t it? But, being devoid of political content was not what Ravelry said. There quote, which I cited in my post, was a definite decision to side with ONE political belief over another.

    2. Only one perspective is allowed. Conservatives are being confronted all the time on that website because they don’t care about that. Basically, conservatives are sitting ducks who can’t make a sound when they are attacked. Cool for liberals, eh?

  35. The other thing I’d like to note is if there was a site rule that certain chatter would not be tolerated they could have just posted it on the login page (I see things like that all the time on my FB groups..I see people getting banned every day for violating the rules), but Ravelry politicized it further by putting it on a worldwide social media platform. You can’t unring that bell that we all heard loud and clear.. it was on Tucker Carlson’s show for goodness sake :-/ Ravelry took a side (insulted an entire group of people) and then broadcasted it for all the world to see.

  36. Deleted mine as well. I don’t need them and, clearly, because of a vote in a single election, they don’t want me. To claim Trump supporters are white supremacists is libelous; to censor one side of a political discussion and not the other on a platform that bangs on endlessly about “inclusivity” suggests they need a new dictionary. I wish them well. I’ve gone to Loveknitting, who sells me yarn when I want it and doesn’t bother with forums at all.

    1. I agree. For a community that blathers on and on about safe spaces, I have never felt so attacked in my life and I never even looked at the forums. Not something I care to be a part of.

  37. I appreciate your post on this topic. I was rather taken back by Ravelry’s announcement and couldn’t find the words top express how I felt but you have done an excellent job. Thank you.

  38. Bravo. The people whining about ‘too much divide’ in our world then go ahead and divide it forcefully. There is no sense anymore.

  39. Thank you so much. I’m in the process of scaling back immensely. I’m sure that I will be banned simply because I was a member of one Conservative Group there.

  40. Thank you, so much for this post. I’m in a few groups and I follow a few fiber craft pages on Facebook. I’ve seen so much division from the “inclusives” that I’m not sure I shouldn’t just leave those groups. I’m a cross stitcher, and on occasion I crochet.; that’s all I want to talk about or think about in those groups. I cheer on the RBG on AOC dolls and patterns because “creativity!” but gods help me if I were to design something supporting Trump, or conservatives.

  41. It’s very true. The hysteria over race, inclusion, exclusion, and anything else they can think of, keeps pushing division and devisiveness into Instagram and it increases the level and amount of vitriol being spewed with each attempt. Now it’s become ‘unfollow me. I dare you’ and ‘your different opinion will be removed’. Lol. I just laughed! Since when? Let me just say. I have enough patterns and yarn to last me way into the next ice age. I no longer buy yarn from manipulative and entirely unkind indie dyers. I’ve switched to much less expensive, and still gorgeous reproducable yarns. The same with patterns. This severe attitude was also displayed on facebook by some authors who were cheered on by their minions or better, they just let them threaten and beat people up verbally to a level which I had never, ever seen before. I did not know such evil existed in this world. I began praying again, in earnest, for the removal of pure evil from this world. I also stopped buying books from those same authors. Lottsa books out there. Yarn and patterns, too. I have been SHOCKED at people who state openly on IG that only their specific group woes and concerns matter. They cannot even fathom the same things can happen to other groups as well! Damn all others. It is insanity!!! Unheard of. I care for ALL of our fellow men. I don’t mix politics with my knitting and I pray for all men and women on this earth. Amen! (Again, just dumping all knitting, yarn and pattern IG pages. 2nd time. This is the LAST time.) This post is only MY EXPERIENCES on Instagram and Facebook. If you attack me, I’ll delete your comments. Just kidding….keeping a list. Nooo. Another kidding! 🤣

    1. I too have enough patterns until I am too old to see to knit. I downloaded 115 purchased patterns and deleted my acct. Sadly I downloaded a couple in another language so I will have to translate them. Add in all my other hobbies and I think I am good.

  42. I totally agree with you & I’m also going to delete my account. It never even occured to me to do so! Thank you for the great idea. It’s time someone else started a group for what Ravelry was SUPPOSED to be meant for – a place to share and/or sell all aspects of the “yarn arts”. Ravelry had come “unraveled” – too bad….

  43. I left ravelry for the same reasons as many of my friends who are pattern designers. Ravelry chose to divide and destroy a fun site. So, etsy will receive more of my attention and funds. Ravelry was the site for fun patterns but a few years ago they allowed vulgar patterns then politics. Goodbye ravelry you once had a site for all yet you chose to divide. Maybe someday they will realize their awful mistake but then again…

  44. Thank you Greg for your eloquent post! I have shared this so others can learn from you. My conservative gay daughter will love to know there are others who share her world view as well!!!

  45. If there is any positive that comes out of this, it is how it is bringing people together. I don’t think I ever would have found you had this not occurred.

  46. … you are amazing! I can love you and not like your decisions! You can love me and not like my decisions! That’s family! Please join us in the new group rav3lry rejects! I’ve shared your blog there! Come say hi!

  47. Love the whole thing, but especially the next to the last paragraph, “I can’t in good conscience……”.

  48. I, too, deleted my Ravelry account after they posted their ban. I’m conservative, and have never once posted anything derogatory regarding their obvious leftist bent. I sighed a little when the pink hat thing became a cause celebre, but I kept it to myself. Then, BAM! All of the sudden I’m a supporter of white supremecists and hate! It actually took my breath away, to be honest.
    I was deeply saddened to delete my account and leave the community of Ravelry. I feel a little lost without that plethora of beautiful patterns and projects to browse through. I used to go there to find inspiration, but now it’s sort of a gulag where the wrong opinions can get you attacked.

  49. And that was great. I think a lot of people fail to realize that behind many wonderful conservatives are people who just want to let others get on with their lives, and expect others allow them to do the same. I married a liberal 34 years ago, met my liberal best friend nearly 30 years ago. I’m about as conservative as a person can be. It’s worked out with both, because, as you say, it is necessary to come to the table to reach understanding.

    Thank you, and all the best.

  50. I support Ravelry in their decision. It is never OK to allow racism to be free to spread without those of us who rail against the hatred spreading throughout this country to stand up and say, not here, not ever. We cannot silently stand by while people spread their hate no matter what platform they choose to use, be it Ravelry, FB, or any other platform without speaking up. I don’t want to hear the reasoning behind their hate. There are just no excuses. I hope other entities follow Ravelry’s lead

    1. Have you been reading the forums and seeing the hate this policy is promoting on Ravelry? If they had left Trump and the allegation that anyone who voted for him is racist and simply stated that they would no longer allow any political patterns/posts then it wouldn’t have turned into the hate fest that it has.

      This policy came about because of one designer who doxxed a user for not liking and reporting their pattern, they should have left it alone after banning the designer and anyone else who was involved instead of lumping millions of innocent people into it.

    2. Dear Eyeamdust,
      Please tell me why a person who voted for Trump is automatically a white supremist. And please let it be facts not theory. This is not meant to be negative nor accusatory- I would really like to know. Thank you.

      1. I’ve been asking that same question over and over again. Not one person has even attempted to answer it. Perhaps because they can’t, but have just jumped onto a liberal bandwagon, or figuring it must be true because some stand up comedian made a joke about it.

    3. The vast majority of conservatives are not hateful and do not support (insert labels of the day). We want to just live our lives and be left alone.

  51. Very well put. I’m wondering why politics found their way into knitting anyway. I don’t care what anyone’s politics are, I just want to turn pea-green with envy over everyone’s knitting skills.

  52. There seems to be no end to the utter stupidity of the political anti-Trump or anti-Clinton, or anti-fill-in-the-blank. I for one fail to see how it helps inclusivity or compassion to implement the policy Ravelry has with their banning of anything Trump. If you’re going to ban anything, ban EVERYTHING political. To ban EVERY political item, comment, etc. would be fair to everyone, offend no one and give people a place to come together over a craft instead of the now divisive policy they’ve impemented. I had an email from one of the Russian knitters I had purchased a stunning pattern from who asked me what kind of idiots were in charge at Ravelty. It took serious thought and great care to try and explain that the present political climate here in America is vicious, hateful, divisive, cruel and generally absolutely insane. I am deeply disappointed that Ravelry has gone the way of the insane and alienated so many. I certainly will not be visiting again as I too have deleted my account after contacting them and telling them why. Make sure to explain why you are deleting your account. Be polite, do not allow your anger or upset to color what you write to them. Also remember they are acting like truculant children who can’t have their way and must be guided and educated.

  53. Thanks to all! It’s about sharing a love for our craft, not drawing boundaries. The people who think that they are being “inclusive” are the most bigoted of all. An absolute joke and contradiction of who they profess to be!

  54. Ravelry never said that only some people belong here. They just said that it is a crafting site, not a political site, and they didn’t want politics discussed on the site. The site is for sharing the love of all the needle arts. Finding inspiration and patterns for our creativity and even help and guidance with patterns. The whole point of the creative arts, such as knitting, is to engage in an activity that is de stressing and creates something beautiful. It has absolutely nothing to do with, and should have nothing to do with politics. There are plenty of appropriate political sites where you can discuss politics to your hearts content.

    1. Once again. This is THEIR quote from THEIR site from THEIR admins. “We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is unambiguously support for white supremacy.”

      1. I agree, Gregory. They didn’t say “We don’t want politics being discussed” or the like. They specifically pointed to President Trump, and then referenced the ridiculous Straw Man Argument of his supposed white supremacism, which is absurd. Kudos to you for NOT making your decision or this blog entry a political statement, but rather a statement about the close-mindedness of a site meant to bring people together. Excellent post.

      2. It is Ravelry that is racist and intolerant, not Trump. I deleted my account immediately. You should start your own Ravely type site. How about Knitricks ? Lol get it knit & Patrick

  55. You obviously didn’t read or understand the post. They are not banning trump supporters but they are banning any open support of his policies.

    If you can’t see the difference or understand why a inclusive website(s) would do this it’s probably better that you do leave.

    1. I will cite the quotation again, as venomous and as divisive as it was, from their own site! “We are banning support of Donald Trump and his administration on Ravelry. We cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy. Support of the Trump administration is unambiguously support for white supremacy.” What more is there to understand or read?

      1. Quite right. All political statements and items reflecting hate towards a person or group should be banned and removed. Well said!

    2. But they will allow F*** Trump patterns to be sold and they did say that anyone who supports Trump is a white supremacist too.. I guess everybody sees what they want to see. Some of us choose not to support a site that that will allow anti-Trump support but not pro-Trump support. They have told us in no uncertain terms that they don’t want us there.. The whole point at the start is that Trump separated himself from the white supremacists from the very beginning. It’s a talking point left wingers continue to use and they are LYING.. He is not a white supremacist, he is not a homophobic, he is not a racist, He is not a misogynist .. He has done more for people of color and women than any other previous President. He is the first real estate developer to assign a massive project to a black woman manager ever. None of those women who have come forward to accuse him of attacking them has ever been proven true. People will lie for money. Look at this idiot trying to promote her book now.. She told Anderson Cooper rape is sexy and for her it was only 3 minutes.. I have been raped.. 31 years ago on February 13 1986.. I remember every minute of it. I became pregnant and on April 14th I drove myself to the hospital hemorrhaging from a miscarriage. He didn’t beat me either, nor leave any bruises. He just let me go. It was the only time I ever saw him. You all need to wake up to the way you are being lied to by the media and your social networks.

    3. It’s quite obvious. That Gregory both read and fully understood the post, as it was quite clear and simple in its intent. The very fact that you contradict yourself in your own comment — by claiming Ravelry to by “inclusive” while they clearly aren’t and then advising Gregory to leave if he “doesn’t understand” shows your own narrow-mindedness.

    4. Thank you for putting into words the betrayal I am feeling. I said goodbye to all of my patterns and closed my account too. Donald Trump is not a white supremacist! He has been painted that way by the dems and the main stream media. If he was, I would not support him. How dare these people state that as fact when it is not! I hope everyone that supports free speech and open dialogue closes their account.

  56. You may be right, but I haven’t been on Ravelry much in the last two years. What I do know is that many of these decisions are based upon dialogues that sink into anger and ugly rhetoric is tossed around. Unfortunately, many conservatives are louder and in your face and use Trump as their excuse to spew. Politics really don’t belong in what should be an atmosphere of relaxed reflection. They’re too divisive, IMHO.

  57. Thank you for this. As someone who is distinctly NOT a fan of the Trump administration, I have also left Ravelry for pretty much the same reasons.

  58. Why does everything have to be so political!
    There is a time and place for all things. A crocheting forum should be a place of peace and solemn!

  59. Thankyou! I love ravelry and have purchased many patterns from their designers, but to use it as a political arena is not my idea of a welcome to all. They’ve gone welcome to all who believe only what I do, which I find deplorable. You have stated it clearly. Thank you again.

  60. Your article is written with thoughtfulness, heart, and eloquence. Thank you for your expression on this issue. I have deleted my account as well and shared your post to Facebook.

  61. I deleted my account for similar reasons. I felt that in calling Trump what they did, they insulted yarn artists who support him…as you said, how does this bring us together to heal, share, laugh and bond? I am afraid that this will bring negativity to the table for us, and a fear of finding other avenues and ways of insulting people. I don’t want that for myself or anyone else. There’s only love in knitting…keep rocking the needles, my friend!

  62. Thank you, my feelings, exactly. I took anything I purchased, downloaded it, and walked away from Ravelry. They don’t need my business. Politics has no business on a Knitting Website.

  63. I’m so deeply saddened by this. Even if I give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are actually trying to progress things in favor of equity and fairness (you don’t seem to give them this), it is divisive, hurtful, and ironically the epitome of what creates distention rather than growth in love and kindness. No one ever became enlightened and ‘better’ by having fingers wagged at them and being called names. I just feel grief-stricken for everyone on all sides.

  64. I deleted my account too. I felt that there was no reason for the WAY it was written and using Trump and his administration as a scapegoat goat as well. It looks like they were not only insulting him, but those who support him. Ravelry is a diverse site, but its main focus should be on the yarn artists, not on politics.

    I totally understand and back their need to protect all from sources of hate, which were brought on by some against the LGBT community, because it would eventually filter out to the religious communities and others.

    However, in calling Trump out for white supremacy in the same policy is in fact hypocrisy since they are doing the same thing. Politics aside, this too, is the promotion of hatred.

    I agree with you, the site was a way for us as yarn artists to bond, share, heal, laugh and love. I can’t be on another site that promotes segregation and negativity, we get enough of that everywhere else.

  65. I agree with you about the policy. The original source came from a blog that has nothing to do with knitting. Who will they ban next?

    Thanks for the update on Lion Brand Wool-Ease. It is a favorite of mine when knitting hats for charity. Please keep me posted. It a workhorse yarn. Patons Decor can be a good alternative.

    Love your bears. You have a long way. Good luck in the future.

    Happy Knitting and Happy Fourth.

    Aimee Benswanger

    <entrelace@verizon.net >


  66. I also deleted my account. For the life of me I will never understand actions like this. What is the point other than showing their hate for certain groups of people. I don’t want to be connected to people like this.

  67. What a fabulous post. I deleted my account on Ravelry as well. I was never political on Ravelry – or any other site that isn’t a political site – but I did support a lot of designers & spent quite a bit of money. But they painted all conservatives with a very broad brush – and I just could not remain on that site. Thank you for posting such an eloquent response. I want to knit. I want to be in a community with other knitters. I do not want to be vilified because of how I may vote.

  68. I hope there is a huge class action lawsuit put against Raverly! This is racism at its best! Everyone should be allowed to support their US President, no matter who is in office! These are personal views and have nothing to do with patterns and yarn, etc! Just ridiculous!

    1. There is no grounds for any lawsuit. Ravelry is a privately owned company, they can make whatever policy they want. Their site is free to users, and vendors can take their business elsewhere if they wish. Lawsuits center around damages caused by theft, fraud, negligence, etc. or to mitigate incidences of discrimination which violate Federal law and result in damages (either material damages or “pain and suffering”). None of that was done here. These are simply left-wing liberals who are letting their personal hatred and intolerance rule the day. They aren’t breaking any laws, but they are breaking their own code of supposedly being “tolerant” and “free-minded.”

  69. I’m going to look on the bright side. Here are some reasons to celebrate:
    1. Many of us found this site because of this. Yay!
    2. I am now searching for independent yarn producers and designers. I hope they get to pocket more of their earnings instead of going through the middle man.
    3. I always said I could service on a deserted island with a couple of Elizabeth Zimmerman books and some yarn. I plan to use her inspiration and my creativity to express my artistic side.
    4. Those who seek to oppress and divide usually end up uniting good people. As a political scientist, J learned that, while there are two extremes on the spectrum, most folks fall somewhere in the middle. It’s just that the extremes are the loudest.
    May your wool be moth free and soft. May your intarsia be flexible and lie flat. My the sides of your crochet be straight. And May you always be able to locate a tape measure when you need it.

  70. FYI – The Trump ban was as a result of one of the pattern makers spying on and attacking another member who reported a pattern that violated TOS.

    Fully two thirds of moderation in the past year was to shovel out after posted in Trump supporters went off.

    You can’t decry insertion of politics on a forum AND do the same.

    1. Naome—
      First of all, many of us here have clearly stated that we never inserted ourselves in the political fray and would have been just as happy had there not been ANY political content at all. Secondly, I fail to see how anything could have been any more offensive than a project reading “F” Trump. I saw several, but chose to ignore them because I support freedom of expression even if I disagree with it. Also, I am open minded enough to realize that not everyone who voted for Hillary engages in hatred and vulgarity. It’s too bad that the owners of Ravelry and their defenders can see past a few loud mouths. It’s like assuming that everyone of a particular group is a criminal or drug user or promiscuous. Actually, I find it amusing that people who claim to be so inclusive are so bigoted. Maybe it’s time for some self examination. This says it better than I can.

  71. Thanks for this, you have put it very well. I haven’t been back on Ravelry in several days due to all the hatred that is being spewed in their forums and am not sure yet if I will keep my account with them or not. I feel as their new policy has succeeded in doing the exact opposite of what they claim they are wanting.

  72. Gregory Patrick for President. This post was suggested to me and it was like an algorithm knew what I wanted to read. Thank you so much for taking the time to say this and to bring people together!

  73. Add my name to the ‘Found you after leaving Ravelry’ list. Looking forward to perusing your other blog posts. I knew something big was happening at Ravelry when all Pro-Trump patterns disappeared and when I asked about it on the Ravelry Help forum I was told my question was political. Then Sunday morning I read the illogical policy change. By that evening I was Ravelry free. I will be fine though, I have 1700+ patterns on my computer and over a 4 foot stack of knitting magazines. I believe I have collected enough patterns, it’s time to start making some. And in between read a few new blogs and get to know other knitters out there.

  74. I was also disappointed by Ravelry’s latest policy and I wrote to them. Since it is privately run they can ultimately do what they want. However, I was hoping this would be one place where the site is for EVERYONE — a place to share our love of crafting and free of politics. There are other places for that. Boycotting Ravelry would only hurt the people who are designers and depend on this site for their livelihoods and I want to continue to support them. We need to have places that avoid this GroupThink behavior and I hope the Ravelry leadership will do the right thing and back down. What would help if the non-Trump supporters and liberal voices share their frustration. They need to hear from the liberal side of people also find these policies unacceptable.

  75. So, where is the site that we can regroup, and um, rival, raverly? where is the space where we can truly just BE knitters and crafters without the politics??? I love our diversity and our differences are what make us interesting and creative!!! I think there is an opportunity here…..

    1. Hi Courtney! There is currently a FB page titled ‘Walk Away from Ravelry’ where many of us have congregated. Wonderful group of people who are all trying to cope with things together the best way they know how. There are also a couple of other websites in the works – ourunraveled.com and I believe there is another one that is not fully functional yet.

      1. Thank you, Diana! Just requested to join the FB page, already almost a thousand strong!

  76. I so agree. Thank you for sharing. It really helps to know there are other non-militant people during times like these when it can be risky to even speak up if you have a different idea than someone else-even if you share concern for the same problem. I wish I could quickly quit Ravelry but I have SO much uploaded it’s going to take me loads of time and tears to remove the many photos of my kids’ baby booties, Grandma’s hand warmers and so much more. I use Ravelry to catalog my family through items made with love. And I keep wondering about making change from the ‘inside’ though it sounds very hard. I just so upset! Anyway, thanks again.

  77. Here here! Completely agree, I am slowly deleting my account because I need to save my projects and favorites but I couldn’t agree more. I have nothing but disdain for Trump but this policy is just divisive.

  78. Eloquent and measured response. I’m a liberal latinx and I unsubscribed for those very reasons—I won’t lend my support to any group that bans those with which they disagree, use hateful and divisive language—and the sad, transparent attempt to make their actions appear virtuous, only confirms the fascist thinking behind this silly position.

    Well done.

  79. I am so mad about it I am also deleting my account. I have never posted political stuff on ravelry and in my knitting group I don’t agree alot with others politics but I respect their positions and am friends because of what we have in common. I am so mad I want to sue over freedom of speech. If The pussy hats were acceptable and I found the reasons behind why they were doing it objectionable yet I believed in freedom of speech

  80. I just found your blog through the the Vox piece about the ravelry ban, and I am so relieved to read your common sense words and all the comments left here. I have been in an absolute tailspin since I read their declaration of war against anyone who is conservative. I was in a moral quandary; I have loved ravelry, but I guess they don’t love me back. I agree that their “company is not about knitting anymore.” So I join my voice with you and all the commenters here that have written exactly what I am feeling. You all have helped me straighten my back and do the only right thing here ~ delete my ravelry account. I can live without all their bells and whistles when those bells and whistles have strings attached that are untenable.
    Karen Schneider, aged 65, knitter for 55 years

  81. So no one will be missed, no one will care. Knitting and Crochet will still go on. Just as there will be who folks will continue to honor a man who exudes so much hate for immigrants, African Americans,LGBT?, women, (especially the kind who aren’t his type) there will also be folks will who want a place to express dislike for the man. It’s not about conservatism at all, it is about a single man – I’m not going away just for one lousy guy – my knitting is way more important than that.

    1. Where, exactly do you get this notion that the president hates anyone? As far as I can tell he’s had it up to his eyeballs with the folks in Congress who have refused to accomplish anything simply because he won the election. But to say he hates any one group of people is ridiculous.

      1. They see hatred when he bullies people by calling them names, calls refugees rapists and murderers, refers to the free press as the enemy of the people, uses the name of a Native woman as an insult, responds to an accusation of assault by saying the woman isn’t attractive to him, etc, etc, etc. Honestly, if you can’t see the hate emanating from the highest office in this land you simply aren’t paying attention.

    2. I’m pretty sure I and many others wonder where you see or hear hatred coming out of the president. The only hatred I see or hear is coming from the MSM, members of Congress, groups like Antifa, and the left in general. Yeah, I suppose there are plenty of hate mongers on both sides of the fence, but to drive members of Ravelry away because of some misguided hatred for President Trump is ridiculous.

  82. Thank you for writing this and for the courage to do so. Originally I was going to ignore this because the ban doesn’t affect me, as I’ve never expressed anything political online nor wanted to make a MAGA tea cozy. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that behind this ban, was hypocrisy and bigotry. What incensed me was their claim to be inclusive. That they can’t see the irony in their own statement makes me shake my head.

    So, even though I’m not pro-Trump, I’m pro-freedom, and I’m anti-Fascist. That they’re encouraging their members to flag and snitch like some communist country (I came from one) doesn’t sit well with me. That they’re unable to see the lack of logic in their statements confounds me.

    To call all Trump-supporters white supremacists (regardless of why they’re supporting him) is the equivalent of calling all liberals baby killers. As a rational person, I know that it’s virtually impossible for anybody to agree with 100% of the ideas of any party, given how few of them there are to choose from. We all have to pick the side that aligns more “closely” with our ideas, even if we don’t agree with all of them. That they can’t see that is just sickening to me.

  83. I’m deleting my account as well, as soon as I get my patterns downloaded. For anyone looking to exit, you can export your data by hovering over your profile svstsr. There is an export link at the bottom of the list, right before ‘log out.’ It will export your projects, stash, posts, etc. I won’t export your library. You have to do that one at a time, and it’s a tedious process.

    Has anyone else looked at Mimi Dee’s youtube link? There is something very curious going on that is discussed in the video. Of the 8.5+ million Ravelry ‘users’ – nearly 8 million do not have avatars. The system only shows 3334 pages of profiles, 30 per page. Of the profiles with avatars, the oldest dates back to February 2015, and if you randomly visit different pages, all are peppered with projects, patterns, and posts. So the math of the members with avatars is roughly 100,000 people in four years, averaging 68.5 people per day. Of the profiles without avatars, and the 100,000 that are visible, the oldest dates back to April 5, 2019. Three months. 84 days. 1,190.5 new members per day on average. A rough random bouncing around of the pages seems to reveal that about 98% have no projects, no stash, no posts, no patterns, nothing. Did the Ravelry owners boost membership with a bot, then stir the pot? Or maybe there was an enormous fiber enthusiasm generated worldwide that struck the hearts of people, no less than 1,000 a day, who are to busy yarning to post….anything.

    See for yourself if your account is still live – go to the main page, click the magnifying glass, on the page that appears, click “people” and have at it.

    1. I saw that, and I did my own research which supported the video. I don’t have an avatar, stash etc. But I do have patterns in my library and comments. It seems very odd to me that so many peeps would join in the time frame right before and during the controversy.

  84. I came across your blog because I was looking for a “I deleted Ravelry” pic to use for my Instagram feed, read your post and all I can say is “AMEN”!!!!!Ok, that’s not all I can say, but that is the first thing I want to say. I am a South African. I live in a country with sooooo many issues and a government that I would rather not talk about. Yet, I don’t go making a big hoo ha about my country’s politics on a platform that is supposed to be a place for crafters. If I was at all interested in politics, I would join a political platform. What I am interested in is finding inspiration to get the crafters of my own country to forget about race and the past and just sit down and knit, crochet, weave, spin etc and in the long run, pray together. I loved Ravelry in the beginning and inspite of the fact that there were things happening that I did not agree with, I ignored it and still supported the platform. This was the last straw, though. If a platform calls itself “inclusive” and then starts excluding and banning people because they don’t agree with their political views, I have lost all respect for them.

  85. Same here, I am leaving Ravelry due to the divisive agenda they are pushing. I do not feel welcome there anymore. I mean, it’s just knitting for gosh’s sakes!

  86. Thank you for your words. I feel the same way that you do – and hoped it could be a place to come together. The divisiveness, finger pointing and intolerance is seeping into everything, I so wish knitting, yarn, needles and patterns could help fix it. I obviously don’t have your talent for words, so thank you again.

  87. I love you, man. I haven’t even had a chance to read much of your stuff… But just from what I have had time to read.. I LOVE YOU.

  88. Thank you for the time and effort obviously expended to publish your well-articulated thoughts. You have stated why, I too, deleted my Ravelry account.

  89. Thank you for your post about Revelry. I too deleted my acct.
    I come to these sites for ideas as I knit and crochet for those that struggle ($),cancer patients, new born miracles (babies) homeless.
    I do it out of love. My beliefs , political, religious, are my own.
    I want peace, and community. I am saddened by the hate and non inclusive behavior of Revelry. Thank you for including me❤

  90. Gregory, while I appreciate your opinion of Ravelry’s stance, I happen to honestly believe Trump in a terrible person, and spews hate. It’s so very obvious. An online platform is free of the physical potential to confront hatred and racism in person. WHEW! My LYS is beyond inclusive!

    But another question: Why do you need donations? Do sellers on Ravelry ask for additional donations after they’ve made a sale?

      1. And I’m so glad this topic has been raised!! Because I tried to leave a tip last night and it wouldn’t connect to PayPal. I’ll try again, but let me know if it’s broken for some reason.

        I look at blog and YouTube tip jars as nothing more than what I would pay to rent a movie, buy a magazine, etc. The big advantage (and difference) is I get to pay after I’ve seen the content (try renting a movies that way).

  91. I deleted my Ravelry account for the same reason. I’m now following your blog. I don’t think companies are being very smart when they take a political “side”. Your article was spot on. Thank you.

  92. Thank you for summing up the Ravelry political issue so well. I find myself deciding to delete my Ravelry account for all the reasons you so eloquently stated even though I would describe myself as a liberal, non-supporter of Trump. Strange, huh?

  93. Thank you for this. I too am appalled by the hate and hypocrisy. So….any advice on where I can go elsewhere to browse patterns?

  94. Thank you. That was very well spoken. I’ve been in tears this week over the mess on ravelry. I’ve also deleted my account because I just can’t deal with it all. I don’t even feel comfortable or safe walking into a yarn store right now and I don’t know if I ever will again. Was even contemplating giving up knitting for a while. Your well written post gives me hope that someday maybe America will knit again.

    1. We cannot seem to support an LYS here in Louisville.. Three have gone under in the last 6-7 years. So we are left with HL, Michaels, and Joann’s, all of which have their place. But sometimes you just want something special, like right now I am knitting animals from a book I purchased on Amazon and I want to use the recommended yarn so all my purchases for these projects are online purchases. There’s nobody gonna grab the yarn out of my hand and tear my project apart like Jen C described. As hard as I’ve worked on this current hedgehog head I’d be a screaming mimi if someone pulled it apart. That shop owner was stupid.

      I also want to mention something else. I always see people grieving over the loss of online friends.. Unless you have met them in person they are only virtual. Don’t invest your emotions over virtual friends because any friendship they provide is fleeting. And if they are basing friendship on a political leaning they are REALLY not worth the tears.

      1. That was awesome. And I love this line, “As hard as I’ve worked on this current hedgehog head I’d be a screaming mimi if someone pulled it apart.” Sounds like something I would have written 🙂 Cheers! Here’s to screaming mimies!

  95. You write extremely well. “My decision to leave Ravelry was not politically motivated. I just knew that Ravelry had made it perfectly clear that no bridges would be built on their platform.” That was my reason too. If anyone is interested, a new site has started called “Our Unraveled” based on the fact the moderator feels the country is becoming “unraveled”. The admins vow to make it fair. Period. They will not tolerate hate speech and will delete them immediately. But they do allow for polite debate under the “Off Topic” discussion board. Otherwise it will be like, but not like, Ravelry. He is looking for input from the early members on how to make the site be what we want it to be. Here is the link if anyone would like to take a look. https://ourunraveled.com/ He is non partisan BTW.

  96. Gregory, one of the most thought provoking and eloquent blogs you have written, and you have written a lot of them. I’m still on the fence about deleting my account but am seriously considering it and looking for alternatives. There are enough political forums in the internet without it infecting the crafting world.

  97. You know, I overlooked d*#ks for teddy bears, f you “magic scarves”, and p*ssy hats. I avoided the things I personally found unacceptable. Different strokes, different folks. Now I am being told I am a racist white supremacist. I mourn the loss of the patterns, and the friendship I originally found there. I downloaded my stuff, and deleted my account. It makes me sad.

  98. Since this whole mess started, I have been struggling to find the words to express the sadness in my heart. You have done it so beautifully and eloquently. Thank you.

  99. Thank you for capturing what I’ve been thinking all week. I haven’t been brave enough to coo e or because of the reactions I’ve seen. I’m not a white supremacist or a Trump supporter. I just want to knit.

  100. Well said. Thank you for sharing your view.

    Besides drawing their line in the sand … I’m curious if Ravelry, which is only a total of five people per the sites About Page, actually contacted, notified, polled/questioned designers that use that platform to sell their patterns prior to deciding this new policy was a good idea. And not meaning only the ones that go against the new policy; did they think beyond their proclamation and consider while Ravelry losses members how it will impact those that sell through the website? It will affect sales of pattern designers who may or may not even agree with what’s been said. If I was looking at the site’s designers pages correctly: over 45,000 knitting designers and 25,000 crochet designers just had a total of five individuals’ decree possibly impact their sales and income.

    1. When hate supercedes anyone’s logical reasoning and narrows their ability to see beyond that hate. It’s like cutting your nose off to spite your face. They didn’t think past their hatred for someone they don’t really even know and have consequently done as much, if not more damage, to people who have used their platform as a means to make a living.

    2. I have seen a few blogs/vlogs from various designers who have stated they are in the process of removing their patterns due to the new policy. One thing I’m wondering is will those patterns still be available in other users libraries once they have been removed from Ravelry? As far as I know I don’t have any patterns from these designers but I’m curious how it will affect those that do own some of them. The owners at Ravelry have stated several times that once a pattern is added to someone’s library it will stay there, is the file copied to another part of their server for that persons library?

      1. Brings up interesting questions about Intellectual Property Rights. When I joined, did I sign a waver that said once I uploaded it now belonged to them? Would love to know more about that.

    3. Hi Lori…

      You raise an issue that has been on my mind also, what about the designers. I haven’t deleted my account yet (although I intend to!) because I want to review several thousand favorites (been on ravelry since 2011) and take note of the designers whose patterns I have resonated with and hopefully find their own websites which I can make note of for future exploring and inspiration.

      I recently bought a patten by Jenn Steingass who has a flair for patterned yoke sweaters but apparently has no web site and her presence in the knitting world seems to be only on ravelry. I have sent her a message inquiring where else I could find her patterns because I am soon leaving rav over their new policy/political statement. Haven’t heard back yet….then I noticed she is a volunteer rav editor…

      Oh well…before ravelry, I was an avid buyer of knitting books and visiting websites…I knit several Sunday Knits patterns before I even discovered ravelry. Same with Alice Starmore. And Brooklyn Tweed has a nice website.

      My knitting life will go on just as enjoyably after ravelry. Just have felt curious how the designers who sell on rav feel about the hateful new policy.

  101. I’ve been reading and listening to many reflections on this sad state of affairs with ravelry’s divisive new policy…your words are my favorite and capture my sentiment exactly. Thank you. I also will be leaving soon…need to save all the many patterns in my library first and let some friends know.

  102. I saved my patterns and deleted my account as soon as I heard. Just can’t go back there again; if I want politics, I’ll go find some. I’m with you on this.

  103. Greg, your post is eloquent, and the comments here are a sincere testimony to the true feelings of the Ravellers whom Ravelry would simply prefer not to hear from. I would encourage people who are feeling outraged and confused by Ravelry’s behavior to read George Orwell’s novel “1984.” ThoughtCrime, FaceCrime–we’re living “1984.” Ravelry has fully revealed the fascism masquerading as liberalism. #iwasbannedonRavelry.com #badgeofhonor

  104. Gregory–THANK YOU– you put into words much more eloquently than I ever could. You are spot on. I too will be deleting my Ravelry account due to their intolerance, and looking forward to finding another site where we can share our love of crochet/knit etc and chat.

  105. Gregory, thank you for writing this post. I just heard about this today from Crochet O’Clock and I am saddened by this accusation of being a white supremacist. This is defamation of character to thousands of people and the owners should be reprimanded for making such a statement! I deleted my account and am praying that a new site for us crafty yarn lovers will rise above this and provide a platform that will be even better.

  106. Kudos to Ravelry. If it were my thing, I’d sign right up. Trump and his people are the worst kind of scum, and anyone who makes a move to stop them has my full support.

  107. How are Trump’s people scum? I’m not trying to be contentious…I’m truly trying to understand that characterization, because I’ve met a lot of people who say they voted for Trump, and so far I wouldn’t say any of them are “scum.”

  108. Thank you! You said what I have thought and felt beautifully! I too, deleted my Ravelry account because I no longer felt wanted!

    Although, I have never and would never, discuss politics on that platform, I will say for years I hosted a local knit group and we all had different opinions and feelings about different things. Sometimes we disagreed! Vehemently! But we all did so with the utmost respect for each other and not one person ever left angry or hurt. Because we cared. And we listened!

    Again, thank you!

  109. I deleted my account, too. I actually didn’t even vote for Trump, but I’m one of those crazy people who support the office whether my preferred candidate made it there or not. I feel it’s dangerous ground to silence only one side. Why not just put a ban on all political talk?

  110. :/ I urge you to go look at what anti-Ravelry people are doing now, a week on. Places like the Boycott Ravelry FB group (which was unintentionally made public) are filled with hateful posts already. Post after post they are proving Ravelry’s point while completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy.

      1. I ask because I looked around that group and didn’t see anything objectionable, only the usual, we support Trump comments and liberals seem to be acting crazy these days. SO! That is why I simply had to have you tell me what is precisely objectionable. Which I gather you include anything you disapprove of as HATRED.

    1. So for you l, hateful=any Trump? I think here is what gets lost with that opinion. As a conservative Christian, I have certain beliefs regarding lifestyle choices. With that said, I have friends of many beliefs. It doesn’t stand in the way of my friendship. I am not in control of anyone’s lifestyle choices except my own. That is especially true regarding my knitting community. How about we allow everyone to have their own opinions and enjoy the discredits rather than exclude those you don’t agree with?

  111. There is a new site coming to give Ravelry some competition: They will offer the same amenities as Ravelry but with upgraded new technology. And Conservatives are welcomed with open arms. There is a Go Fund Me to help with expenses too. I will add that link in a comment to this.


  112. You said it, “I came here to knit”. So sad we have to feel unwelcome on a site that claims to be “all inclusive” and shoves a ton of people into one slot to be hated. I look forward to a new knitting place to hangout online.

  113. I’ve been wondering about it ever since I deleted my Ravelry account a few days ago…. will we ever know how many of us DID delete accounts? I would love to know….

  114. Thank you for speaking up and speaking out on your platform here! More and more need to step up and say this is not ok. I’m hoping some wise person will create something along the same lines of Ravelry that will include everyone. Where adults will be encouraged to be loving, kind, and mature Adults!

      1. Took me a minute to become a member. Figure the “member” button was for only members. I know, I know. Sometimes it takes me a second to figure things out. I wanna big fat “JOIN” button somewhere, anywhere right at the beginning.

  115. I left yesterday. I am a hard core liberal. I left after their post on Instagram said there could be no discussion. Only praise for their decision it would seem. Blatant censorship. We are adults and should be able to handle a little back and forth online. If not there is always the block button. Some people are just too sensitive. One woman said the # should be I support them not stand with them because of the people who can’t stand up. Come on! I downloaded my 115 purchased patterns and deleted my account. I left a comment saying why but they didn’t care. Being kind is a necessity but this is just too must nonsense!

  116. I’ve been a member of Ravelry since 2007, and I hate to leave all my project notes behind as they were fairly complete. However, it’s time to go. I will try to download my patterns. I look forward to finding out more about the fiberocity site. Thank you for your sensible comments.

  117. Yes it is a shame what has happened to this site which as I get all my patterns transferred to my computer I will delete my account. Presently looking for an alternative. FYI about a year ago I wrote Casey and asked that the FUCK TRUMP patterns please be removed as they where inappropriate for a knitting site. Conversely I also included I did not also want to see a FUCK Hillary pattern. It is just not why I went to that site to read mean spirited and just plain hatred post The response was they did not censor content. I guess as long as you agree with them its considered acceptable only. The most I wanted to debate is which is better continental knitting vs american knitting. I guess this is what happens when small minded people run a social site.

  118. You go, MadMan! Some of the best knitters I’ve ever known have been men (as was the best bobbin lace maker I’ve ever known).

  119. Well said! I will be joining Fiberocity once I’ve printed out all my patterns in my library from Ravelry. Then deleting my acct. I find Ravelry’s behavior polarizing, I come to their site for the love of fiber not politics.

  120. Ran across your blog while looking for the way to delete my Ravelry account for the very same reasons you so eloquently expressed. Am heartened to see there are many others who agree.

  121. Hello, All, I would like to share with you a new website that is growing by leaps and bounds. It is definitely a WIP, but Admin is doing a wonderful job keeping things moving in the right direction. The only request is that conversation is kept kind and civil. We can politely agree to disageee on certain aspects, or scroll on.

    So – bring your yarn, needles, hooks, or needle and thread and let’s get crafting again.

  122. If anything, Ravelry’s stance has been the kick-starter to start other fiber art online communities. Another that was started last week is Ourunraveled.com. Over 2700 users have signed up. Like others, it’s in the starting stages, but more and more features are being explored and are in the works.

  123. Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many of us in such an eloquent fashion. I mulled it over for about a week, then downloaded my patterns and deleted my account. Labeling, stereotyping, name-calling and silencing does not promote positive change.

  124. I agree with everything you said. I,too, deleted my account and am trying to put all this behind me and get back to doing what I love

  125. I am in agreement with you- I go to Ravelry to see what other people have made, share comments and compliments with one another, and to relax, knit, and access free patterns and enjoy life- I’m choosing to stay on Ravelry and ignore their political agenda.

  126. So glad to have found your site. At least one good thing came from this Ravelry nonsense!
    I just spent an hour reading your post and will be following you and your creative talents.

  127. Like most who have posted here – I also deleted my ravelry account, and mine was opened right after they started in 2007. It had nothing to do with my political beliefs either, like this blogger – I did not like that ravelry professes to be all inclusive yet chose to exclude a group of people. It is sad that the ravelry website is really NOT about knitting anymore…..

  128. Well said. I realize I am late to the party as this happened on the 25 of June, but I felt the same way. My use of Ravelry was limited to patterns, needles, and I was only active in the private forums with topics related to fleece processing and activities related to spinning and weaving. These forums remained relatively un-political to the point where I missed the original post about the knitter who wanted to visit India. I actually felt pretty terrible for her. As a computer programmer, it’s hard to avoid Indian culture. My Indian friends have encouraged my curiosity about their beautiful country and have never gotten on to me about my misconceptions. If there is something I don’t understand or need clarification on, they are glad to provide it. In fact, we are even going into a meat goat business because of their encouragement.

    Long story short, I would have been ok with their announcement had Ravelry NOT labeled a group of people whom they don’t like or agree with as white supremacists. I live in the rural south. These “white supremacists” are my family, friends, and neighbors. While the label might run true for some of them, it does not for all. I left rather than continue to be a part of an organization where I felt unwelcome.

  129. I’ve been a member of Ravelry since the by invite only days. I have so much in my pattern library, and I feel so stuck. I’m glad you left Ravelry. I’m thinking of just keeping my account for my pattern library. I’ll be buying my patterns elsewhere from now though.

    1. Go make new friends, find new faces and places where you can enjoy yourself. There are a lot of people that feel the same way, but you’ll find your crowd! Could be anywhere….As I just wrote in my recent post, just ask, “May I sit here, with you?” And you’ll learn quickly who wants you there and who doesn’t. You’ll find in no time where you belong. 🙂

  130. You seem confused about something. Ravelry excluding not one person. Zero. None. They simply aren’t allowing anything Trump related on their site. People leaving Ravelry are choosing to exclude themselves.

    1. Being told we’re white supremacists because we support the president of our nation is definitely being excluded. Also, Trump related patterns aren’t all they removed. The hat pattern which said ‘in God we trust’ was removed…or maybe it was ‘God is love’. I’d go back and double check, but of course, I cannot, since the pattern was removed.
      Fortunately, I’ve discovered that pattern’s designer along with many, many more have relocated to lovecrafts.com, a website which is proving to be inclusive to all, not just those who’s political leanings are different, as well as they have a sizable pattern database.

  131. trump’s decades-long track record of racism is well-documented and is undeniable. Any person who still supports trump should notice that the KKK likes his policies as well, as do most of the 1020 active white hate groups now training in the US (https://www.splcenter.org/hate-map). For me, the thought of sharing space with anyone who supports this vulgar, hateful man is repulsive and offensive. If you want to knit and be a supporter of trump’s vindictive hatred you should contact the KKK. Maybe you could start a knitting club with people more like yourself. First project could be knitting white robes with pointy hats.

  132. I don’t think we can rely on the news channels or Facebook or Twitter or Youtube or Kitting blogs to to find the truth about our government leaders. Politics is a dirty, dirty game to grab power and money and hold on to it. All we can do is listen, observe and check voting records. I went to the polls kicking and screaming. I didn’t like either candidate. I still don’t. They get “dumb and dumber” every year. They get cruder and uglier every year and even when they appear civil you never know what motivates them. Voters are also less informed. People are like puppy dogs wanting to be loved and taken care of. A puppy would probably lick a serial killer if the killer fed and pet him on a regular basis.
    Yes, I am discouraged with both political parties but I love our country (most of the time) and I do believe most people are just doing the best they know how. I think we have made progress since the 50’s but worry all the constant harping by special interest groups is destroying the progress we made…inciting division rather than bringing us together as humans. How can we see each other as equals if we are determined to separate everyone into their own little slot.

    I like to knit, crochet, weave, play music, walk in nature and watch Brit TV. I’m old! I’m tired of people hating each other. As long as you treat others with dignity and obey the laws of our country I don’t care if you are fat, skinny, a woman, a man or can’t decide. I don’t care if you are Mormon, Catholic, Jewish or Hindu. I don’t care if you are rich or poor. I appreciate my trash collector more than a movie star. Just strive to be a kind and caring person. Do the best you can and KNIT on!!! Patty

  133. I too, was saddened by this…distraught and appalled over all. I haven’t been too
    active on Ravelry.. it’s hard for me to make friends in real life even online.. I feel
    like people judge me no matter what, and so I say little because in turn I fear the
    backlash when I give a honest thought out, sane and neutral opinion. I ain’t a
    Trump supporter but nor am I a far left feminist either, I like to see BOTH sides of
    the political opinion. But, yes.. Knitting is supposed to be calming.. Ravelry was
    supposed to be a website where one can go to , -to escape politics and all kinds
    of hate speech but it’s rampant there.. even the far left LOVE hating on others..
    they got their blinders on and claim they are doing it for the good of all.. yea sure.

    anyway.. I didn’t end up deleting my account. I was about to but thought
    if I leave ..they win. So I will stay.. but I have friends who are computer
    programmers.. maybe I can find some who will try to help me build a new
    website for knitters (and other fiber art related people) .. that has a no-violence
    or political hate speech. in a perfect world it would happen. but sadly, it’s not
    as easy as one would imagine. I knit knowing that this old craft should be
    one of a act to spread peace and awareness… not the opposite. anyway,
    I’ll stop here and take my leave, my stash and needles in towe.

    1. Check out Fiberocity and Our Unraveled.. You might find what you are looking for on one of those already underway. There is also a FB group for venting. Walk Away from Ravelry.

  134. Well written and well said! I was shocked to hear a knitting community say not everyone is welcome. Crafting brings so many people together, it’s such a weird stance for them to do so! Definitely not the message of acceptance and love I thought that community was…wishing there was elsewhere to find fellow crafters now. I 😪

    1. There are several new sites.. Fiberocity is one.. Our Unraveled is another. Both are making their way through development. There is also a FB group called Walk Away from Ravelry. We do our venting there to keep politics off the fiber sites.. All are welcome!

  135. Beautiful post. In my life I am trying to love everyone as much as possible. Politicians will come and go, all we really have in life is each other. Keep knitting, spinning, weaving and playing with yarn!

  136. Well said! I’m a conservative Christian woman and I felt the same way about Ravelry. I was so disappointed, and I too felt unwelcome. I wish we could all come together and just share what we love and let all the rest of the stuff go instead of separating ourselves into exclusive groups. I would happily knit with you any day!

    1. I agree with you. I’m so sad not to be associated with the good parts of Ravelry any more. For years, I loved adding my projects with a lot of detail that I thought might help others. It’s all gone now.

  137. Thank you. I was so angry at the way they chose to enact their decision. I could have accepted “no hate tolerated ever, by anyone” or even “check your politics at the door” but the misguided application if everything bad at the feet of one small aspect of politics just blows my mind. It’s a continuation of the self-inflicted isolation we’ve created to shut out things we don’t like. Knitting is the one place I could always talk, laugh, and connect with anyone, just on the premise of a single common interest. I used to tell people that knitting was an emotionally safe space. My heart broke a little that day, and I’m still looking for that place where we come together to knit, just because we knit.

  138. I did not delete my Ravelry account but I totally agree with your views. I however sent them a letter questioning their new rule. Their promoting misconceptions of people just wanting to take back our country and the direction it has gone under previous political movement’s. My letter fell on deaf ears as I expected it would. I avoid Ravelry when possible but it would be nice to have a new site to use in it’s place as it’s wonderful exchanging Knitting ideas and promoting your patterns and or yarn’s. Please keep the truth going and help change other views that we are not evil people. We love our country and want what’s best too.

  139. You want to “build bridges”. You want to gather together and talk, but Trump’s goal is to build walls. I’m a Mexican. I’m terrified every single day that I live in this country that I’ll be hunted down like an animal by ice, thrown in a van, and put in a camp. This is a reality that millions are facing. And you want to sit at a table with me still? You think you’re welcome to eat with me? I’m an American citizen, but I’m brown and my family is from Mexico and that is enough for me to be hated. The fact that some knitting website banned open support of hatred and segregation has you angry is appalling. Also, you say that you’re gay right? So you know what it feels like to feel different, to be afraid. I’m a lesbian. I know that pain too. You understand that pain, yet you stand against other who experience that same pain in different ways. How can you do that? How can you stand against us? And then have the nerve to say you’re upset that a knitting website is dividing us. No, YOU’RE dividing us. You CHOSE to stand alongside a man who BUILDS WALLS. You CHOSE to stand alongside a man who harasses women and speaks about entire groups of people as though they are less than human. You’re angry that people aren’t welcoming you with open arms, but how can you expect that when you stand with a group of people who actually genuinely want entire groups of humans to leave the country? How?

  140. I quoted their own mission statement when I quit revelry. No place for politics or racist, gender biased bullies. Which is exactly how they acted just by making it an issue. I didn’t ever think about any of those issues with fellow knitters. But they had to jump on the bandwagon with the liberal bullies.

  141. You want us to listen to you but you don’t offer the same courtesy. You don’t want to sit at the table with us. You want us marginalized people to just go away so you can live above us like you always have. Actually dems are taking a page out of your book. We are exhausted with the struggle, we are exhausted with trying to go along to get along. Keeping our mouths shut and our heads down hoping you’ll see us as humans with brains just like you. You all are just never satisfied. You don’t respect differing opinions. Also Ravelry is a public forum but it is owned by the two creators. I thought it was the American way that a person can do what they want with their property. If you don’t like it then hire some tech people and get to creating your own site.

    1. OH, I couldn’t stop laughing! That was the absolute BEST satire on a woke liberal I’ve ever seen! GENIUS! You hit all the parroted talking points and everything! Oh, too funny. Truly, thank you so much for that! (Seriously, I can’t stop laughing!)

    2. Hear! Hear! If it were anyone other than their supreme leader that had been banned, these phonies wouldn’t give a damn. Sandra, you summed up it so well.

  142. Why on God’s green earth would politics EVER be brought into our craft. Who thinks or even cares about the pattern creator and other knitters. I don’t care if they are male, female, or undecided. It never ever entered my mind and I have been knitting for over 50 yrs. Revelry became bullies. Liberal bullies stooping to liberal name calling tactics. I considered them beneath my acknowledgement when they pulled that bunny out of their brainless hat. I did not see their anti democratic antics on tv, hear it on radio or any blog. As a frequent visitor I found it posted on their site. I could see it coming when they started putting so much emphasis on race and gender. To me they are racists and gender biased by just putting so much emphasis on it.

    1. You have to question the sanity of people with so much hate in their being for one man that they would alienate half their business because of it. Is it arrogance that they thought so many of their ‘customers’ would just roll over and capitulate to them? They sure didn’t think that all the way through..

  143. It is such a shame that the creators of a beautiful website could then digress to hatred and break their own policies of mind your own business and walk away from opinions you don’t like. I’m curious how many have left, I’m on my way out as well.

    1. I’d like to know how many have left also. It really hurt me to leave all my projects behind. But I guess as a conservative, Christian, Canadian woman, they didn’t want me anyway.

      1. Conservative Christian 72 yr old straight white woman here. Goes totally against the vein.
        I missed it for a while and I was hurt they took that tack. We have worked so hard for so many years to rid the world of prejudices. Then they go off on a prejudiced tantrum of their collective imaginations.

  144. Well written and sums up pretty much how I feel. I’m a straight white 64 year old female crochet addict. I really don’t give a rats backside what a person’s race is or their sexual orientation. I don’t care what your gender is or your age or political stance. All I care about is how you treat me. If you are kind and compassionate towards me you will get the same back. What I do judge people on is their content of character. Dr. King had it right, he was a very wise man. Ravelry is an emotionally bankrupt business, petty, mean and small minded. To try to influence them is an extreme exercise in futility. And after having undergone treatment for cancer I’ve discovered life is way too short and way too precious to waste time on futile endeavors.

  145. They never said you weren’t welcome. They just said no one could talk about Trump. Big difference. You said it yourself, politics has no place in knitting. That’s their point.

    1. Rav owners stated (in their written statement) “Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.” They broad bush painted /ACCUSED others of being “white supremacists” If they didn’t want politics, they should have banned hate speech against trump, F*ck Trumps patterns, as well as banning any political patterns/comments supporting ANY political point of view or candidate. That, however, does not go along with their agenda. If you want to keep politics out of it, then do so, but don’t be a HYPOCRITE! That is where they lost 50% plus of their users, plus income stream

      1. I have always been curious as to just how many people left. Do you have any information about that since you mentioned 50%. It was a breathtakingly self destructive thing to do to their business if so…. It WAS a wonderful place for while.

  146. Greetings & Happy New Year!!
    Your letter has been al over the internet for months now and I reposted it again on my FB tonight. It was so well written that I wanted to remind people how vile this type hatred is & how deeply it affects all of us on every level.
    If you’d rather, I can remove the post (probably should have asked first but got caught up in my anger) immediately.
    Blessings to you and yours in the coming months.

  147. Somehow I never heard about Ravelry banning Trump from their site. I’ve been a member for years. Apparently, I’ve had my head stuck in the sand. I’ve seen their support of the LGBT etc etc community, but until today, had not heard anything regarding Trump. In the article my husband and I were reading at the time, Ravelry’s name came up. He Googled it for me and in the subsequent article describing the Trump ban, a quote from you was found. So in the disappointment of finding out one of my favorite places to find patterns is squashing my free speech and artistic expression, I found the light that is YOU. I’ve been reading thru your posts and listened to a YouTube video. Thank you for being a shining light in the crafting community and expressing your opinions and beliefs regardless of the people trying to quiet you and anyone else that’s not part of their collective. I look forward to following your knitting adventures and I’ll be sitting here crocheting along with them. =D

  148. I just deleted my account as well. Too much negativity- as so many others have said, knitting/crocheting used to be something that brought us all together. If I only spent time with people who agreed with me on everything it would be a lonely (and quite uninteresting) world.

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