Thank God for “Stranger Things”

So, Phillip’s birthday came and went. And I’m sure you read how terribly I handled it. So, I set out to rectify my bad mistake and was intent on taking him to a movie, then a nice place for a steak dinner.

Well, yesterday was Phillip’s day off, and it also happened to be the 4th of July. Big plan, right? Dinner, movie, fireworks!

Except, not being out in public very much, I wasn’t counting on just how MANY people were going to be running around yesterday. Think, Gregory, think! Its a freakin’ holiday in the middle of summer! Everyone was everywhere. Now, that didn’t mess my agoraphobia nearly as bad as I thought it would, but suffice it to say after seeing Longhorn’s menu online and how much it was going to cost to go to dinner and a movie, it became quite clear to me that we simply couldn’t afford that kind of splurge. I haven’t been to a restaurant in nearly 4 years. I had no idea how expensive going out to eat had gotten.

So, yesterday morning I was just wrecked with trying to figure out something special to do for him. And out of nowhere I saw it online. I had no idea that this was an option. It was like the Universe said, “Here, let me help you out.”

Phillip woke up and within half an hour of having his coffee asked, “So, what did you planned for today?”

“Binge watching.”

“Wow….there’s a shock. We do that on all of my days off.”

“Yeah, we do….but, not to Stranger Things, Season 3!


“YES! It came out this morning!”


So, there we sat the majority of the day binge watching with popcorn and M&M’s and had a marvelous time. And since we live on the third floor, the view of the fireworks was amazing. Thank you, God!

But, despite all that, I still need to finish selling the bears in my shop, hopefully by today. I’d like to make sure we have enough food stocked and bills paid this weekend. Our first month in our new apartment has come and gone and now I’m anxious to see what our new bills here are going to be like. So, gather the funds for groceries, then stockpile everything else just in case the bills here are more (they might be less, I don’t know), but I want this new place to be our home for a while and I don’t want to start out here in the rears, or behind a month on all of our bills. So, take a peek through my shop and find a bear (or an elephant!) that suits you. You’ll be doing me an amazing favor.

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  1. I would highly recommend that you let your statement stand and refuse any interviews and publicity. Some of the folks on the other side are quite vicious and think nothing of getting your personal information. They will try to destroy your business and life. You just don’t need the drama. You’ve made enough impact by just speaking out here.

  2. A movie here in the UK costs £12 a ticket, then a snacks the same, and that is per person and we are a family of 5, so waiting for the streaming or dvd works so much better for us! Glad you had your treat and so pleased how well the place is for you both, love also to your fur babies, how are they liking the move and please pictures of them would be very welcome.

  3. Hi! I’ve followed your story for quite a while, cheering you on! Currently, I’m sorting and thinning my stash that has grown out of control. My question is, do you have certain yarns you use? And, would you like a surprise package, as, I’m finding homes for a lot of it. If so, let me know where to send it! Sincerely and love, Lynne

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