Knitters at the Mercy of Threads

Recently I’ve been starting threads on my facebook page. Oh, I love starting a little discussion. 🙂

Someone asked me why after all this time I haven’t been a paid sponsor, or influencer in the knitting community? That’s easy. I’m too controversial. Maybe that’s the punk in me. Yes, in describing myself in musical terms, I’d have to say that I was Gothic at heart, punk by nature, but really love a good POP now and then. Sometimes I enjoy bucking the system, the status quo, the conventional thought.

I LOVE to rile people up. I DO! And I don’t intend with every post to start World War III, but sometimes you have to press people’s buttons just to get them to engage with you, to talk to you, to know that someone is listening. DO you see now? Why I’m controversial? Because I get people engaged in discussions. There are forces out there that DO NOT want that at all. And that is a real shame. Because stifling speech leads nowhere. Smart knitters know this.

I can post anything from the new 007 being a black chick, to asking if you’ve ever given up sexy time with your spouse to spend time with your knitting. And knitters from all over the world jump in to partake…..and SHARE. TALK. DISCUSS. We have thoughts and lives outside of this skill! We are REAL people who have things to say. AND THEY MAY NOT LIKE IT, but I sure do love having a platform that embraces the discussions that not too many people will take on.

Because, I have come to the place in my life where I have no interest in people who say, “You can’t ask such questions,” and even less time with people who say, “I refuse to talk with people like you.”

So, I create these questions, these debates KNOWING someone out there disagrees….and will TELL ME why. I LOVE THEM! We, as knitters will find ourselves in a thread that has NOTHING to do with knitting, but we can always use that as our bridge when we disagree! WE get to interact without the forces of a third party deciding if our conversation is even allowed. WE came towards each other, voluntarily, to discuss what was most pressing on our minds.

We are knitters….involved in these posts that become threads when so many people jump in to give their truth to the argument. Because we LOVE to share who we are. Hell, the majority of you knitters reading this have a WIP that isn’t even for you, but for someone else you want to share your care with.

Some people are funny, some witty, some weird. You never know. But, the one thing that you CAN see is that knitters can disagree and still say freely what they think about things. And should the moment get heated, some part of you remembers what you share with the other person….and you often get to see an apology.

My posts are intended to get people talking….in a world where speech has become equivalent to physical violence. (I shake my head).

So, get to talking. Share who you are. Feel free to ARGUE with me. Because if we at least get the chance to have dialogue, then we are already on the right path towards peace. But, WE NEED THAT CHANCE. And I’m more than happy to do that on my facebook threads.

I do NOT dislike you because you disagree with me. But, I will feel bad for you, and me, and all of the whole future of our society if you say, “I refuse to speak to you.”

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  1. My father loved to play devils advocate just to get me to think and to reason my thoughts out. We always had spirited debates and i miss them. In the end and 50 years later, daddy was always right. I was head strong, young, and as it turned out, oh, so wrong.

  2. I love a good conversation, especially is it’s controversial! What a better way to learn about people and share your deep thoughts and feelings about something. Civil debate is awesome!

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