The Knit Velvet Rope

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for the encouragement I’ve received about my recent blog posts, because….well, between you and me, I was ready to be ripped to shreds. It’s not easy going against the status quo. You put your reputation, your career on the line. Especially when it is now being readily seen that there is a definite barrier that is being erected to separate this community….and when you try to push past that barrier, well….the elitist are ready and willing to strangle you with their beautifully brioche, knit velvet rope.

Many are coming to this craft hoping to knit, only to be told by the self appointed “bouncers” that you are not allowed admittance. VIP’s only.

So, when a little guy like me comes out against this new, weird world of knitters who are not allowed, you would think I would get terrified they will come after me, destroy me, beat me to a pulp with their insanely expensive yarn. No, I came out kicking down those stupid barriers that have been placed in the name of “inclusion” because I had nothing to lose.

Because they weren’t going to accept me anyway, right? I mean, why line up to enter a club that has a velvet rope that accepts only certain people, only to be denied because you don’t fit what what they want the club to represent?

Go home. Make friends. Sit with fellow rejects and remind each other that acceptance in it’s purest form comes first from the self. You don’t need their crappy club to make you feel validated. You only need your confidence. And you’ll find other knitters who feel the same.

There are many of us out here who don’t really like how our craft is being governed, ruled….because it has allowed itself to be governed and ruled. There is a tyranny in knitting that is developing. Not everyone is invited. VIP’s only, please.

Now, we could fight against them, or simply remind ourselves that we don’t need them anyway, do we? All we need is our hearts at the center of the craft and we’ll will find others that believe the same. Because you know that it really is about the craft, not appearances.

Don’t worry about wanting to be accepted by the “new and improved, totally woke, all inclusive community.” Their rules are far too strict anyway. There is no way you could make friends if you are always trying to comply with someone else’s validation.

Find a place to be yourself without limitations.

You won’t be alone. You’ll make friends. I know you will. Because you already have one in me.

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  1. You are AWESOME! One good thing from the whole r thing is it lead me to your site. I’m so glad that I found out about you. I have only crocheted, but I ordered your Beasties Book and I’m going to learn how to knit.

  2. You are amazing!!! Thank you for your blog, your insight, and your perseverance. Know that we the knitters and crocheters out her are supporting you wholeheartedly!!!

  3. Love this post! Love it. Love it. Thanks so much for reminding us that we’re just fine. Knit things for yourself. Knit things for others. Knit for joy, peace, contentment, healing, warm clothes. Just knit.

  4. I must admit, I write a blog (like when the sheep aren’t lambing and when I’m not too busy doing chores and running errands, which means sorry I haven’t posted forever) but I don’t read many. Yours I read. Like good old Ann, living there in weird Green Gables, I have found a Kindred Spirit. Whew!

  5. I found your blog because of this juvenile ravelry issue – and so I will choose to thank them. I admire your courage, and believe it was a risky move on your part. Your eloquent voice is thankfully rational in a world that can’t seem to rise above the junior high school behavior. Knitting is such a wonderful, creative, visual and tactile art. sigh. I am doing my best to be kind and stay true. Your blog helps me, thank you.

  6. When I used to attend TNNA, first as a shop owner, then as a wholesaler…I realized the knitting world was a bit clique -ish. Now it is like mean girls on steroids. And they are all hogging the good tables in the cafeteria. What they don’t get is that the sane ones in the knitting world have left high school behind along with all the immature rules. And we are the ones who are comfortable in our own skin, no matter the color, and will continue to knit without all their expensive yarn…because we also have stashes too…and many of us make our own yarn..and we have a boat load of meaningful friends who don’t need to jump through certain hoops for us. The joke is on the mean girls…their mascara is running and they don’t even know it. So rock on Madman…you are delightful.

  7. Thank you! I am reading how if we don’t engage these people, they can’t get their hooks into you. Very frustrating for them. Ahahahahah 😂

  8. Thank you for your lovely post, No knitters anymore living near, so I knit with the dogs listening to opera. I use to knit with my Mother-in-Law when she was alive, and I miss her when I knit. Its really important to know that crazytown has some wonderful, sane suburbs.

  9. Thank you. Naively, it was always about the knitting to me…until it wasn’t. I was so happy to read your blog. “Kindred Spirit” indeed, as Jennifer B. Posted. And another whew!!! Peace and happy knitting.

  10. I studied Gandhi and I think it’s time for the Reasonable People’s Resistance movement to be born. Because of the Vogue Knitting Liive’s proclamation about its “Diversity Advisory Council” I’m boycotting it. For the same reason I skipped TNNA this year. What sanctimonious drivel.
    I’ll go to any knitting event that has “Gratitude for What We Have” as a guiding principal!

  11. this reminds me of when I started knitting again, in my mid 20’s, the various groups were scandalised at a youngest asking to join them, to allow me in was more than they could bare. I found a group of misfits, helped to keep it going and now run it myself (yes we welcome every one and have only had one problem person in all the time we have been running, she was new to the area and thought she had so much to give she could come in and run our group for us and take it her way! we have a group that we all have a say in, and we all decide on things and she just didn’t like that. She moved on after several years with us, and I ran interference to stop her taking over others and others snubbing her!) We are due to move again as the venue has become contentious for some, and uncomfortable for others, but through it all we just meet once a month and put down our own worries and share our lives and laugh! that was what I wanted, not a competition of who knits best fastest etc strangely most of the group I tried to join have gone on to fail or close quietly! our group is now in our third decade of being! more than 15 year with my own help in the organising! I am not in charge as we share the group. find your own people, those who build walls will find the space will restrict them, and stifle them. Down with Velvet Ropes, up with the outcasts and freaks of knitting!

  12. I’ve always been THAT person…go against the “norm”, cause trouble, ask the questions…I think that’s why I feel such a kinship to you. My church has a saying, “All means all!” This is my mantra in all aspects of my life. We are creators, so let’s create a beautiful world and leave the poop-heads behind!

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