Knitting’s Prickly Priorities

I have had the best time writing these recent posts because I felt that I had actually found my voice. And I have had many people contact me and tell me their own personal stories about the shredding of the knitting community in the name of equality.

They’re terrified.

I get email upon email from people saying they truly appreciate what I’m writing about, because they are certain if they said these things, they’d be run out of business. So, they stay silent. But, they’re grateful that I’ve been head strong in this endeavor to speak out against what I feel is a disassociation from the craft….and an apparent association with terms and descriptions that I doubt you would ever find in a pattern. You only find those terms to describe who made the pattern, as if to suggest that only those mentioned are even allowed to attempt it.

I have felt a passion about this craft for a long time because it saved my life. And you can Google all day long about how this man knit his way out of homelessness….So, this matters to me. These simple skeins gave me blessings.

I’ve always felt that knitting was a form of prayer. But, that’s easily seen because of my love of monasticism, in which ALL things you do should be a method of prayer. So, when I see this craft being turned into that twist of a prayer concept, where we pray to God that our enemies are destroyed, well….that’s when I step in and say, “You know nothing of either prayer, nor knitting.”

(One of my most favorite parts in the Bible. People are screaming, “YES! YES! We destroyed our enemies in your name, oh, LORD!” And God looks down and says, “You did what???? YOU DID WHAT? Don’t you get it? How could I be happy? Those are MY children, too! You expect me to be happy that you destroyed another in the sake of MY name? Have you gone crazy????”)

And this theme keeps resurfacing every time I write about what’s been happening in the knitting community, because it is a greater reflection of what is happening to us as people. And if we can’t figure out how something as simple as knitting (or prayer) can be weaponized in the name of justice, virtue, or equality, then we will never find any real justice, virtue, or equality.

I have been really passionate about this. And sadly, in the process, have neglected my own knitting. Ironic, isn’t it? I’ve spent so much time pushing people to remember the craft and not the crafter that I haven’t been crafting. And if you’ve read my blog for a while now you know that knitting is my bread and butter. Those teddy bears pay my rent, they pay for my food. These teddy bears I knit pay to keep the lights on. Throughout this discourse, I haven’t been knitting and may have screwed myself. If I don’t knit, I don’t get paid, and if I don’t paid, neither does the landlord.

Pretty ironic, isn’t it? That it REALLY is about the actual work, the actual knitting. For now, I have to step back for a second and actually do the work. I have to knit. I have to pay my rent. And the quicker I can do that, the quicker I can get back to writing. (Writing really is where I find myself, my actual self, the part of me that tries to find my authentic self, while  knitting is where I get to reflect, spend time with my silence, hear my quiet self, and listen to the Absolute).

I have a ton of this gorgeous pink yarn on hand. It doesn’t make sense to go out and spend money on more yarn, when I already have this on hand. I’ve already started working up bears, spending the last two days making all the body parts necessary to bring these little darlings to life. But, I need to sell at least 10 to get the rent paid.

The quicker I can get them all sold, the quicker I can get back to this blog, this blog that has brought so many people together, this blog that has done so much for not only myself, but for others in the quest to find peace not only in the knitting community, but with each other. Click here if you’d like to adopt my little teddy bear.


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