As Alyssa Edwards might have said in one of those foggy, fairy drag mother moments, “Girl, you almost clocked yourself, almost shaded yourself. Regroup, baby. Come on back and think.”

I was about to post a meme a few days ago. Yours truly looking gorgeous with big brown eyes in grey scale, with a statement embossed in white that said, “With so many people currently bitching about the state of knitting, I find it hard to believe that they actually have time to knit.”

…with my MAD MAN KNITTING moniker in striking red across the bottom.

Ouch! Right back atcha, GP!

I have been so embroiled in the writing of this state of the knitting community, that I should have gone ahead and called myself a hypocrite because I hadn’t even been practicing what I was about to preach.

I haven’t been knitting.

“You have to get back to the craft,” I kept saying. Well, do so!

So, I took some days away, worked up some lovely bears and am boxing them up, hoping they’ll find a permanent place to stay.

There is a TON of pink in my abode at the moment. So, I’m like Picasso in his blue period. Except it’s pink…..and if could mention, I was sitting once in a room with a foul individual who tried to diminish the accomplishments I had made from homeless to now. She said, “Well, I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but there isn’t a Picasso or Nabokov in the room.”

To which I could only reply, “No, but there is a  Gregory Patrick and some people find that pretty freaking spectacular, too.” (Exchange ‘freaking’ for another word and we might make this blog post family friendly).

Day and night I’ve been trying to reclaim myself with the actual work, rather than the discussion of it, because….you have to actually DO the work to pay the bills! And you have to use what you have on hand when you’re in a precarious situation. Tons of pink? Tons of pink bears.

And because I have neglected this craft, I’ve nearly screwed myself, tossed myself into a financial corner. It is Sunday, early evening. And I need to sell these little pink bears by tomorrow afternoon to finish paying my rent. Since we’ve moved into our new apartment, I’m no longer dealing with just a landlord. I’m dealing with a multinational conglomerate. I am one of a bazillion with no name, just an account number.

So, if you appreciate my work, it would be an honor to make a bear for you. A big, gorgeously Hubba Bubba Chewing Gum (trademarked!) bear for you. OR! His adorable sweetheart, instead. I call her “Hubba Bubba Bear’s Hunny.” Click here to check my shop for which one you’d like to have.

And since I started this blog with a reference to a drag queen’s name, I thought I’d end it on the same tone. Since I’m so politically minded, if I were to EVER do drag, I can’t think of a better name than “Paula T’Shawn.” (Sound it out slowly now. You’ll get it. 🙂 )

Click here to get your bear 🙂

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  1. We are all hypocrites at one time or another. The nice thing is that you were able to see it. Now, get on with your perfectly creative self and ENJOY your craft.

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