Capitalism, Its Evils, and How You can Profit!

So, Phillip and I decided to watch “Poltergeist” last night. It truly is one of the most amazing films ever made. AMAZING! We’ve all seen it, right? Well, if you haven’t seen it in a while and need a refresher, the opening scene is of the TV station doing a “sign off.” (Yes, kids, there was a time when the media shut itself off for a few hours, rather than rambling on about nonsense for 24….God, those were the days.)

Anyway. Back when the TV stations would sign off, they would play the national anthem.And in a knee-jerk reaction, I stood…right there….in my thread worn pajamas, to attention. Now, be mindful, in the opening of “Poltergeist,” they play the entire national anthem. And I stood the whole while.

Phillip asks, “Legs hurt? Charlie Horse?”

“No, you fool,” I replied. “You ALWAYS stand for the national anthem.”

But, again, I’m old fashioned. I am the sort that thinks the only time you burn a flag is if it touches the ground….

I have a reverence for this country, its flag, and its anthem. I have a reverence for this citizenship. Because this country, this citizenship encourages you to go from penniless to mogul if you want to. IF! you want to. It has happened to others, it can happen to you. And so there will be no confusion, yes, that is what I have been working on since I was homeless.


I love this country for handing over to me, with trust, the right to pursue my own path, tumbles and all; the right to go any direction I want; the right to sell my bears on the side of the road for a can of tuna, to eventually selling them online so that I could buy a home one day.

But, many in the knitting community would disagree. Because if it can’t be a profitable craft for them, then it will be political.

So sad to see all of these creative knitters using their craft to disparage America….then make quite a few bucks doing so in the process. Funny, you actually do want to consider booking them for a speech about “Capitalism, Its Evils, and How You can Profit.” Meanwhile, they’re raking in big bucks by talking about how much they hate this country, its imperialism, and its greed.

Isn’t that hilarious? All of these self described “marginalized,” and “oppressed” knitters screaming at you about not having a voice, how they hate this country, how they demand distribution of the 1% back down to the 99%, and seem to look so….goooood????

I see them on television telling me how they don’t get a fair share in this game, and meanwhile, girl has a net worth of what I made in 10 years combined waiting tables.

Be wary of anyone claiming oppression if dressed better than you. I promise you that the “oppression” of anyone will never cease as long as someone is making some money….and it is usually the alleged oppressed cashing in.

I get so sad thinking that this craft is being twisted into a disgusting art form of hatred towards the people that are trying to defend it. They don’t want any trouble, they don’t want a confrontation. They just want to knit….


“Well, we need help with this pattern because it looks a little tricky.”


“Darling, trying to fight off this knitting basket of mine that has become a depository for wayward yarn….”


“Last time I was marginalized was on my wedding night. And yes, we used the whole tube….Excuse me, just curious….do you even knit???”

They couldn’t possibly be knitters….

Because as a knitter, as an artist, you go into this craft with a clean, pure ideology about what you want to contribute. You don’t bulldoze this craft with demands…..

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  1. OMG, the last part made me snort my cocktail through my nose. I love your posts. I too remember listening to the National Anthem at the end of the night. When I was in High School I worked at Bob’s Big Boy until 10pm (labor laws wouldn’t let me work past that) and I would come home and rub my aching feet watching whatever on the TV. At midnight after the anthem it was bedtime since I had to to be at school at 8am. I have in fact never seen Poltergist because I can’t handle the nightmares after scary films. We live in a great country, thank you for standing up for the USA and fro knitting. BTY Damn those V hats are ug-u-ly.

  2. we forget that every group of folk have their nuts and we live in a nut loud time! the nuts have come to the surface, the folk who like to be heard and copy the ’cause’ of the moment to shout about. I work in schools and have seen over 4000 pupils in the last 20 years, of them I have had 3 genuine unpleasant kids with no reason and nasty no matter how they are treated or helped. the rest of the more than 4000 kids may have problems but you can help, in that time I have met drama queens, and die-hards, folk destined for the court pages and folk destined to fly through uni and do well. In every group, you have a percentage of folk who are loud and ignorant no matter how you shuffle them! and these are the ones who also knit, and shout and make noise. I love your honesty, your take on life. I have also learned to turn the noise out! comes with being called ‘Miss’ for enough years.

  3. Amen. God bless America and God bless all the knitters who are doing just that, knitting, not standing on soap boxes railing at the rest of us.

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