The Big Huff, Puff and Blow

I just wanted to give a little heads up on our status with the storm.

I am so grateful for everyone’s prayer that the storm would continue turning away from us….And also grateful to every Floridian who stood along side me, in facing east towards Dorian, inhaling deeply, then blowing as hard as we could. (Yes, we actually do that. Call it a ritual if you will, but every Floridian knows that when a bad hurricane is coming, at some point you just turns towards the storm and give a big blow in that direction. I guess it’s our version of the Butterfly effect.)

Now, the storm is still close, but not as close as it was a very days ago. A few days ago, this beauty was barreling right into the center of Orlando. As of this moment, Dorian is only supposed to skirt us, just clip us at the edges.

Allow me to translate: my panic level is now at, “Well, we’ll only lose power.” When the other day it was, “Third floor, in building three, apartment thirteen, with a category three storm headed at us. Yeah….Some numerologist out there just whispered, ‘Ya’ll are doomed…'”

Phillip has opted to sleep through the event. I’m too wound up to do that. Yes, I know I should be knitting. But, how the hell do you expect me to count rows when I have longitudes, latitudes and millibars on my mind? Are you CRAZY???

But, I’ve never been the sort that knit because they were stressed. No! When I knit, it’s because I’m in a happy place. When I’m stressed? Hell, I’d rather watch disaster films, dance to some loud Goth Industrial music, have a shot of Southern Comfort, panic about it, write about it, fall lovingly in my bed, next to my husband, winds be damned, get the whole damned hurricane over with and move on….

We’ve been tracking this trick for a week! Can we please get this over with?

As hypertensive as this sort of situation can make one feel, in moments of crisis, believe it or not, there are moments of levity. Since we have been glued to the television nonstop for a week, both Phillip and I have developed our own little meteorological crushes. Phillip fancies Brian Shields….well, because Phillip really does like them scrawny. 🙂 And I have my own weatherman crush on George Waldenberger. I just have this feeling he’d approach and me say, “Gee, your writing sure is swell Mr. Patrick. Golly…” What can I say? I’m smitten with naivete…. 😉

The bottom line is that we shall probably be powerless in a few hours. Hopefully, not. But, the likelihood is that the winds will take down a number of the power lines. I’d rather have that than that a roof ripped off.

And maybe because I wanted to leave you with something fun to read in the event we lose power and you don’t hear from me in a few days.

I’m sure Phillip and I will be fine. But, be sure to keep the people of the Bahamas in your prayers.

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  1. Hang in there. It’s not just Floridians who blow in the direction of the storm. Our bridge is closed. Our major route west is now on contra flow so going east is impossible. I live a bare mile outside the mandatory evacuation zone, and we’re staying put (but we have water bottles in the freezer, lots of junk food, batteries etc. The sky is blue and Snail Dorian is where it was yesterday (poor Bahamas!)

    It’s this bleeping waiting that’s driving you (and me) crazy. So borrow a cup of chill from Phillip and try to get your brain to your happy place so you can knit. Peace, kiddo.

  2. I can relate to your situation: we sheltered in an apt in Naples for Irma. The days of waiting and being glued to the news, yuck! Especially with well meaning friends texting us: “it’s heading for you! ”
    Tip: when the power went out we found an old ipod that we could use to access radio. It ran forever, and the TV stations and weather guys were transmitting that way so you could still hear the local voices you were used to. I think I developed a crush on a WINK-Fort Myers weather guy. Mind you, if you lose power you won’t be able to follow your crushes, at least visually 🙂

  3. We’ve prayed for days the storm would move away from land. They’ve said for a while the eye would be about 20 miles offshore. This morning it’s 60 miles away! That’s GREAT NEWS. I’m so glad you & Phillip are safe from the worst of the storm. That knowledge puts high wind & power outages in perspective.

    After this is over we will find the best avenues for helping the poor Bahamians who have suffered so much.

    Our prayers continue

  4. I just don’t get your level of anxiety, I’m so with Phillip 🙂 If I can’t change things – and in this case, it’s just accepting that you can’t – I try to not get that worked up… if I can. Why stress over weather reports and such. You are well prepared, from what I understand. And no, it’s not because we don’t have big storms here, it’s my way of life. Stressing and obsessing over things, that I have no impact over, is just not good for my (mental) health, so one day I decided to stop and only worry about things I can change. I rather curl up with the Happy Hounds and maybe watch something nice on the telly. Take care, Good Luck and try to chill ❤ ❤

  5. wow, it would have been super nice if those of us not in Florida who are looking at getting hit could get some information. What a waste.

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