Apparently today is the last day that you can have your name scribbled on an itsy bitsy piece of data that is going to be sent to Mars. The flight is scheduled for July of next year. All you have to do is go to the NASA website and they’ll etch out your name in a tiny, frail, smaller than a rice grain object with 10 million other names on it.

Ok, if this science of going to Mars isn’t cool enough, the technology that we have developed that can engrave 10 million names on a tablet the size of rice is pretty cool.

So, I turn to Phillip and pose the question. “So, this whole ‘have your name sent to Mars’ thing on the next mission….what do you think? Do you wanna do it?”

He pipes up from his slump, big eyes ready to jump at the chance. “HELL YEAH! OH WOW!”

We follow the link, we go to NASA’s website, we register his name. BOOM! Bitch is going to Mars. No! You don’t understand! Once he was done registering they gave his name a departure date and an arrival destination. SUCH FUN! It looked like this gorgeous boarding pass. Phillip Champlain’s name will be headed to Mars next year.

Ok. My turn. “Doot-dee-dooo….”

He’s peering over my shoulder. He asks, “What??? What are you typing?????”

First name: MAD MAN. Last name: KNITTING.

BOOM! I was registered.

He just looked at me perplexed and bemused. “Why did you put THAT as your name to go to Mars?”

“Because they won’t let me send a sticker with my logo on it. I’m branding, baby…..”

If you’re going to brand, then DO it. WORK that brand any chance you get….even if it is just a grain of rice headed for Mars. DO it! Never let an opportunity to pass, no matter how silly, ludicrous, monumentally dorky. Own those splashes of your logo whenever you get the chance. And if NASA says I can send my name into the universe with just the pounding of a few keys, then do it. But, always be sure to have a little fun….Going global? More like going universal if a rocket ship will do the trick.

When my registration was done I laughed with such enjoyment to see that my name and Phillip’s were on the same flight. “Sweetheart! LOOK! Our names are on the same flight to Mars!”

And Phillip said, “Awww, that’s sweet. But, since I used MY real name, at least I’ll be able to get on the flight.” (ahem).

…don’t you just hate party poopers???

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  1. Gregory, I’m thinking maybe you missed something there. I understand you want to send your brand to Mars. I get it. I really do. But I’d bet you missed a romantic moment with Phillip and I’m guessing he might have been a tiny bit disappointed. Think of it as if you had used your real name, then the two of you would be going more as a couple to Mars. Instead you put the brand first. I hate to say it, but I don’t think he was being a party pooper. Could it be possible that you might have been? (Just food for thought, my friend.) Love to you both….~Z~

  2. I think it is cool but I also understand Dreamspinr’s view as well.

    On a side note I wanted to mention the video put up by Nathan, the Sockmatician. It’s worth a watch and his story hurt me as much as yours did. Seems like the knitting community in general is picking and choosing people to ruin. It makes me sad…

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