Enter Knitting

I’m fine! But, I can understand why you would be concerned. I haven’t blogged in about 3 weeks or so. A few people have been worried and emailed me, so I figured I better go ahead and say something.

I am just fine. Beautifully fine, actually. I’ve been busy putting my new book together. And to be truthfully honest, I don’t wanna screw this up. I really don’t. Because this book will either lift my career, or ruin it forever. Yes, that is how honest I am in this book.

I want the marketing to be right, the promotion to be unusual and different, I want the clear concept of what I have in mind for this book to be done right…..rather than just me here waving in the corner and saying, “Hey! I wrote a book.”

No, this is my time to really REALLY push myself into doing what I feel I’m good at: writing about this craft.

So, I’m taking my time with this book. Because it could be my one hit wonder….or my swan song. And no matter what happens, at least I get to say, “I said something!”

Gone are the days when you could just join a group and enter knitting.

Now, you can no longer enter a knitting group with just your knitting. No, knitting isn’t what they’re looking for. They’re not judging you on your knitting. They’re judging you on your skin color, political leanings, choice of clothing, music, books, blah blah blahs, and never ONCE does knitting come into question.

And I’m really so pissed about that. I really am. You robbed this craft from us. You really did. You turned our craft into a politicized pulpit. And I don’t like it. I really don’t. So I’m taking it back.

Use knitting as your tool of weaponry all you want. Turn this craft into a battlefield. Enter this fight with social media swords, Google’s protection, and Alexa’s spying….

I promise you, I’m coming to meet you on that battlefield. But I’m not entering with all your sophisticated weaponry. I’m just going to enter knitting.

Am I scared? Hell yes.

(I need to get back to work 🙂 )

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  1. Just read one of your old posts, I’m a ‘murican. Good post. It’s good to agree to disagree! How else can we learn & grow? I dont agree with your relationship, nor two of my nephews, but i love them to death & i like how you roll. Might even like your knitting😀. If people walk away because you are honest about how you feel or what you believe, then I’m not sure you wanted them as friends. Good thing i like myself ’cause while i would never deliberately hurt someone, i don’t pull any punches either! But the people i call friend, well it’s long term😇

  2. Thank you!!! Thank you for taking back knitting! I want my knitting back. I want to sit with a group of knitters, clicking our needles, wrapping/picking our yarns talking about our knitting, families, jobs, goals. Sharing. I miss knitting.

  3. Whew, I am so glad you wrote and you are very fine. Just today I was searching my spam and trash, worried that somehow your blog/email got sidetracked. So glad you are ok, knit on friend! Carrie

  4. I don’t socialize, for a reason. I didn’t turn 50 to have a 20 something tell me what I have to think, how I have to dress, safe spaces, unicorns, how my political thinking has anything to do with knitting, something I have done for almost 40 years. I get where you are coming from, and I’m done trying to fit in (not that I ever did, pardon me). I just wish I could take all that anger inside of me and put it into (meaningful) words, but I can’t. I’m too frustrated. So my hat is off to you, please, you’re so much better at putting it into perspective without coming across as just angry and hateful (I’m thinking about involuntary manslaughter by now). Your refined and triple carefully picked choice of words will be more honest and to the point as what most of us are able to put down in words.

  5. Dear Greg, you will be fine. I’ve been going behind the scenes for the last few weeks, reading everything I can find about what’s been happening in the knitting world. I will tell you there is a rising tide of people getting sick of the “witch hunting” going on. I’ve read about Kate Davies, the Sockmatician, and several others. People are crying out for this shit to end. It started when they went after you, for what, I still have no clue and unless we, the peaceful, thoughtful and kind knitters don’t stand up and say enough is enough it will just get worse. This lovely thing we do is being ruined by others. They need to have someone gab them by the ear or smack them in the back of the head and say STOP IT! I support you with my whole heart, I want the ugliness to stop.

    I am looking forward to your book and will buy one and I will promote it on Instagram like I have you and your blog. We need a voice of reason in these mad times!


  6. I’m glad you’re doing well.|
    Good luck with your new book. No need for you to be worried about it being a ‘one-hit-wonder’ though, as you are already a well established and excellent author.

    As far as your craft… Keep at it!
    Me… I’m a happy hooker! And totally nonpolitical. At least while playing with my yarns.

    Later, Sir!

  7. Which knitting groups have you tried to join? Because they sound harsh! That being said, I don’t really do knitting groups online because it feels too disjointed. Unless everyone can skype, or FB, or whatever, the groups just don’t have the same give and take that I feel knitting (or crocheting) can demand. Now I want to read your scandalous book! LOL Good luck, Patrick.

  8. I found your blog a few weeks ago, and have been reading as much as I can ever since! I joined your Facebook group but I don’t go on there much so can’t keep up. I too want to get back to my knitting, well mainly crochet, and I will happily stand with you with my hook in my hand and ‘enter knitting’ ( or crochet) with you. I don’t care if someone votes differently to me, what religion they belong to, what colour skin they have or who they are with, if we knit, that’s our common ground. Glad you’re ok, I kept checking back and wondering where you’d gone. x

  9. We talked about this last night at knit night; how Ravelry has new rules, the issues that have drawn a line in the sand, and the hatred that has spawned. We are a very eclectic group, and we just want to enjoy the craft and make pretty things! In a way, we are taking back knitting because we refuse to allow the differences to separate us!

  10. Dear Gregory,
    Do you ever shake your head and wonder where all the hate and intolerance came from? This is an art form where we exress ourselves with yarn. The atmosphere is so toxic now, that you can’t make a comment about something mundane without the hater hoard coming after you. And they don’t come after you to disagree with your thoughts, they are out to destroy you.
    This scares many people and so they try to placate the mob, which of course, doesn’t work. The only thing that will work is for brave people, like you, to stand up and take a stand. And then for other people to stand behind you…and buy your book and patterns.
    We’re out here…and just maybe we are finding our voice.

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