Back in Time for Halloween

When I was a young man in my 20’s I had the most amazing life. I truly did.

I had just come to Orlando from Berlin and hadn’t yet found my way. But, I loved writing and wanted to find readers. So, I would schlep my stories to every open mic I could find so that I could build an audience. But, reading isn’t enough. I needed attention, I needed to stand out. I needed to perform my words, not simply read them.

(I was writing a LOT of Gothic fiction at the time).

I asked friends to perform some of the characters, found bands to give me some samples I could play in the background on tape, asked a few coffee houses if I could just do a reading of my stuff and the next thing you know, I’m reading my stories live with full production and selling my Kinko’s copied manuscripts at the front door.

I did these shows frequently. Loved the experience! I truly loved exploring the presentation of words, and how you could make written word come to life.

So, right before Halloween I did this “performance” of a story about a man who writes a letter to his daughter just moments before his murder…and to why she is likely to be next.

I did the piece solo, using samples from Cold Meat Industries, using a guitar pedal attached to the mic so I could amplify and distort my voice and I went at it. Man, it was a good piece, a great story, eerily told, perfect for Halloween.

The evening was so good that I asked a producer if he would help me record the event in a studio. Same tapes, same guitar pedal attached to a mic, the same desire to not just read these words, but perform them with voice.  And it came out wonderfully.

This is that recording. I had soooo much fun with this. I hope you enjoy.

So, turn down the lights, grab a glass of wine, kick back with some knitting and have a good creepy listen. Happy Halloween! (Click here to listen!)

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  1. Thank you. But what’s *really* scary is the news.

    I’m sticking to my knitting (and spinning) and watching YouTubes about animal rescues (I recommend Big Cat Rescue and Southwest Wildlife of Utah ( I’m donating to charities that help the Kurd (they seem imho to be in everyone’s gunsights). I’m knitting a watchcap for Seamen’s Church Institute. And (may seem crazy to some) praying for peace and goodwill.

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