Preaching the Peace of Knitting

A few days ago I received an email from someone who purchased my book of knit animal patterns. She said, “I’ve appreciated all of your posts on our new knitting world, though I’m not in a position to say that online for fear of losing my livelihood. It’s so weird to be in such a position in a free country.”

Amen, sister.

I get a lot of these emails. I really do. I have read emails from people all over the country that have a drastic fear of reprisal should they say the wrong thing in public….so, for good reason, they say nothing. And you simply cannot ask hard working people who just want to make a living to speak out and say something, because it really isn’t that easy anymore. They could lose everything they’ve worked for all their lives in the moment of one afternoon. And for what? For simply having a different point of view.

I however, have never been very good at staying in lock step. Which is why the criticisms about me have never really phased me. And I’ve always had a habit of revving things up even further when someone tells me, “There is no place in this world for people like you filled with hate speech!!!” (Said because I didn’t agree with the mainstream on pretty much everything that is told to me).

So, right now may not be the right time for many people to speak out, but it may be the perfect time for me to actually use these talents of mine to inspire knitters, crocheters, crafters, (people!), to remember the reasons why we make things with our imaginations, talents, and hands. There is a compassionate resonance that exists in knitting that we should always be trying to implement in our own lives.


The political poisoning of knitting has restructured the craft from comforting strangers and helping those in need, to doxing people into silence and bullying people into ruin.

So, yes, I will keep writing about this whole situation in the knitting community (wait until you read, “Confessions of a Mad Man Knitting!”) because it amplifies for me what is happening in our country right now, and more importantly, what is happening in our souls.

There is something terribly tragic and evil when a knitter no longer works from a pure source of inspiration….but, from anger and resentment instead.

Nothing good will come of a prayer shawl knit with maliciousness and protest, as nothing good will come from a knitter who is no longer looking for peace in this craft, but who is looking for ways to promote conflict instead.

But, that’s just me….preaching the peace of knitting to people who want to call what I write, “hate speech.”

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  1. I wonder if we’ll ever go back to just knitting (or insert other craft) and sharing our joint joy for our crafts and treating each other with respect and finding common ground? x

  2. I too have always walked on the side of “if everyone else is doing it, I want to do the opposite.” I have always had a big sense of “my” right and wrong and walk that path. I have also been known to ramp things up so they come to a head and get talked about. That said, I am so thankful for your outspokenness and thoughtful comments on the current situation in the crafting world and life in general. Keep up the good words.

  3. Thank you for posting this. I agree that I want peace in my knitting. It’s taken 8 months to get it back. I’m just getting there.



  4. “Hate Speech”. Sounds like something “Big Brother” would say in the classic book. What a shame it’s come down to that. It should be “Peace Craft”. ( Peace Crochitters, if you prefer.) It is truly a shame that we have to be careful of what we say or create for fear of reprisals. Since when did having your own imagination became outlawed?

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