Waking to a Hug

Every year I work up a design for my annual Christmas Bear. Sometimes he’s wearing a little Santa suit, sometimes a red and white hat and scarf. But, this year I’ve decided to go into a completely different direction.

Instead of just doing one design I’m just going to flood the internet with my little teddy bears in all sorts of different colors, so this way there will be just the right Christmas Bear for everyone, perfect size to hide under a tree, or tucked in next to your little one just after they go to bed, waking to find a surprise gift cuddled next to them as they wake Christmas morning.

What an awesome idea. Did you see the light bulb flicker over my head?

I’m not going to do anything made to order, I’m just going to post them as fast as I knit them, probably a few a day. I have this beautiful stash of yarn my friend Poppy sent me, so I’m going to work that gorgeous group of skeins into teddy bears for Christmas.

So, take a peek around the shop, and don’t take too long. I’m only going to be able to do so many before Christmas shipping comes to an end, but I truly love the idea of placing one of these darling teddy bears next to a sleeping tot Christmas Eve, and instead of them bouncing out of bed and dashing to the tree, they waking to a hug from a Christmas bear. What a great new Christmas tradition that would be.

Click here for the shop!

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One comment

  1. I ordered 2 bears! First time ever they weren’t all sold out by the time I got to the shop. I’m so excited. I think Amanda and Charlotte will love them forever.

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