Just in Time for Christmas

When I said I was going to be knitting up a few bears and listing them every couple of hours, I wasn’t kidding. Back in my own old school style, I knit up two teddy bears yesterday, worked up with glee. The first three I knit the other day were sold in almost record time and I am SO grateful for that. I’m hoping that enough people will snag my bears as fast as they’re listed in my shop so that I can have a special Christmas of my own. I have something really wonderful I want to do for my husband this year. So every bear that sells and sells quickly will help get me closer to that goal just in time for Christmas.

And if you’d like, you can always knit your own Christmas Bear by snagging a copy of my pattern. It includes the link to the 35 minute video with instructions and tips on how to stuff, sew and embroider. You can find the pattern in my shop!

So, go take a look in the shop by clicking here!

If you appreciate my writing and would like for this blog to continue, please donate to help keep it going. Every single dollar helps! I couldn’t do it without your support.



  1. A child waking up Christmas morning to discover Santa actually left a gift in bed with them is certain to make their eyes pop with astonishment. That’s a lovely idea.

  2. Hey MMK – two of your bears went to Toys For Tots last year, so hopefully they wound up brightening up some small child’s day. Cheers!

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