The Silencing of a Teddy Bear

I knew the day would come. Considering our current climate of cancelling contradictory opinions and perceptions, I was sure the day would come when this little voice of mine would be silenced by the powers that be.

You know, in some respects, many would consider the idea of being silenced by the giants in the media conspiratorial. But, just when I start taking off, just when people start coming to my blog to read my own unique take on issues of angst and intolerance in the knitting community (and it’s macro cosmic effect on the greater society), I get squashed like a bug, silenced. But, it is all so very true.

A few years ago the feminist had a problem with my blog posts and had my twitter account shut down for good. They had me banned from facebook for a few days, they had people flock to my amazon page to leave hideous reviews to downgrade my 4 star review to a one star….and they did that successfully until I had to go through each of those hundreds of reviews and convince amazon that none of them were verified purchases and should be removed, getting my star rating back up to 4. So, I’m not surprised when the malicious mob of man haters rears its head to scream, “HE IS INTOLERANT! DESTROY HIM!”

But, this is the first time I’m actually seeing an active flip of the switch from the actual social media platforms themselves. In the last few months, my blog posts have been on fire. I really have been proud of the writing I’ve been doing lately, and felt it was precisely the “voice” my pen was finally speaking with. My numbers were growing, my audience was growing. Then all of a sudden. It was over.

This graph is from the dashboard of my blog. I can see the numbers rise, then gradually fall as they would organically. And then right when I was starting to skyrocket, they suddenly dip to nearly zero from 7:59 to 8pm. In one second, my blog posts were shut down, I was “muted” from social media. From that moment forward I went from about 2,000 engagements on my facebook page per blog post to only about 300.

Now, I love to write, I truly LOVE what I do. But, I don’t make any money off my blog, but I am able to get really good readers to come to my site, read what I have to say and hopefully have them buy a book, or especially buy a teddy bear. But, if my posts are being muted the moment they are shared on facebook, then I get almost no views, and obviously, teddy bears don’t get sold and I make absolutely nothing.

And it frightens you when you begin to think that the only thing I have promoted with my writing is individualism, sensibility, and understanding through the lens of a man who loves his craft, his country, and his Christ.

So, I sit here today wondering if there really is any future for my work. If they wanted to silence me, they’ve done an exceptionally good job. I have a new book coming out soon and it causes a little dread when you wonder how they’ll probably take to Amazon to have it banned, just as they’ve done with other books the mainstream disagreed with. I’m still knitting my teddy bears because that is the bulk of my income. But, what would be the point of knitting them if every where I turn, my work is being hidden so that it can’t be promoted.

And trust me, there are days I fear that every last blog post I’ve written here for the last 10 years will suddenly be wiped away because enough of the angry militia that doesn’t want a contrary view convinces wordpress to shut me down. They may have already tried. I just don’t know about it. But, that terrifies me. I fear logging on to my blog to find it gone because I violated someone’s “community standards.” (Which basically means, say what you want….as long as we agree with it).

I guess I should start keeping copies of my posts in a word document, or print them out for safe keeping.

My greatest crime is that I promoted peaceful outreach in a divisive world that is in desperate need of dialogue, rather participating in the hateful screaming match, name calling, and bullying that is now being praised by those who hypocritically say they are tolerant. And yes, by virtue, my greatest crime is calling out that hypocrisy.

You claim to promote “tolerance,” when all that really means is “submission.” Peace is a nuisance, a distraction from the war you rely on. Yes, you rely on people destroying each other to keep message of “equality” alive. And I refuse to participate in that.

Big tech and social justice keyboard warriors can do everything they want to silence my writing, but they will never be able to force me to pray at the altar of godless group think.

However, I will continue to promote the rational and simple truths that can only be found in peace….

…and will continue to refuse to give you the hatred you so desperately want of me.

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  1. This is crazy! Out of control! Man-Hating is a good term for the climate in the knitting world today. The white man especially. You are still up there in the GOTTA READS! in my email and on FB!
    I am off to buy one of your bears and a book! Love what you write on your blog. You are on point! Keep doing what you do!

    1. You are so right Lisa.I tell my husband regularly that I feel sorry for him being an older white man. So sad that with all the “rights to everyone” that rights have to be taken away from others.

  2. Gregory, you keep being you and keep writing! We all have the RIGHT to express ourselves in a civil way regardless if we agree or not. It’s called freedom of speech. No one is obligated to agree or engage. That is what makes our country so beautiful. The problem our society is facing is a breakdown of the social norms outside of our constitutional rights that kept it all running. It’s ok to disagree. It’s ok to disapprove. It’s ok not to associate. It’s NOT ok to silence anyone’s voice.

  3. At some point we have to stand up to and fight those extremists, otherwise they take over and really squelch the normal people like you, me, and your readers…. Don’t give up. Don’t let evil win. 💪🏻

  4. These extremists aren’t the mainstream. They are the noisiest. Those of us who believe in peaceful interaction, that everyone doesn’t have to agree and that decency and niceness is the way to go. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I should be run over and have been known to speak my piece.We must stand up to these extremist and say enough is enough. If you want to be a freak, be one, but don’t make me have to be one too.

  5. That sucks. I’d use a stronger word, but I would probably be banned.

    The folks who complained of discrimination are now doing the discrimination. I feel like Animal Farm and 1984.

    Worst case scenario, we’ll all send you our emails and you can blog the old fashioned way.

  6. When one looks at the way the hatred, censorship, and intolerance have spread it is somewhat surprising that anyone can post anything at all whether on blog, FB or anywhere else without a s*#t storm raging around them. I see the manufactured insanity going on in Washington, the nastiness on most of the social media sites and remember that we’re in the age of insanity. The inmates are running the asylum. If we (those of us who do blog) give in, the haters win, they censor us but are outraged when we even suggest they censor themselves, tone down the animosity and start acting like reasonable, intelligent people who are respectful of another person’s opinion even if they disagree. There is no longer honest debate, only shout down those who don’t agree with you, hurt them anyway you can because they had the gall to point out the truth and facts. You just keep writing, Gregory. I give a damn. I only wish I had the funds to buy a bear, or anything else that would help. Never give up!!!

  7. Keep speaking your mind. I and all of us will keep right on reading and sharing your words and ideas. The bears, those lovely make you want to order em all and cuddle them bears…dont give up your bears. They are unique to you, which makes sense because you are a unique bear in a world of cookie cutter bears. Love to you and your husband.

  8. I love FB because I never miss a birthday! I would gladly give you my email address to follow your blog. I don’t agree with everything my hubby says or does but I spent 20 years in the military so we could ALL speak our mind. This is what America, our constitution, our bill of rights is all about. I dread people like you being shut down! It just can’t happen! You keep on keeping on Greg!!

  9. Just waiting for their implosion because it will happen. They’re ghouls just slathering for the destruction, blood and gore of destroying people they don’t deem worthy. The sickest part of this whole thing us that they are exactly what they claim to hate.

  10. First off, ALWAYS, always, always back up your work. If it’s important to you, you should have it backed up several different ways so as not to lose it. Second, you’ve weathered much worse storms than this, so have faith and courage, and keep your chin up. There’s a growing number of us that are fed up with the status quo, and are fighting back. Look at Tuskenknits, and Sockmatician, they’re starting to bounce back. You’ll find our growing numbers on fb, ig and friendly platforms like fiberocity, and fiberkind. Watch daily covfefe from Unsafe space for a dose of sanity and solidarity. Keep doing you, and we’ll keep supporting you. You got this!

    1. Amen!! I am writing my MFA thesis on this subject…and I am in academia and just waiting for the crapstorm that may happen when I align myself with the need to restore peace, not hate.

  11. I really love reading your blog. You understand that there is so much nonsense that is going on that is wasting time for things that could be uniting us instead. I have lost the close bond that I had with a brother and sister-in-law because they put agenda ahead of family. Thanks for being “a voice in the wilderness”.

  12. If all the sane people like you in this world of insanity become silenced then we will need to change our flag to host a star and sickle. Freedom of speech is what gives those that hate us the ability to voice their opinions. It should also protect us. NO ONE has the right to violate your constitutional rights. But you know all too well that they will and they will continue to do so every time you speak against their way of thinking. There needs to be a way to allow us all the right to speak and engage others in conversation about the world we all live in. I will search you out and find your posts no matter where you post them. Who knows…. I may soon own a teddy bear made by the mad man knitting… Keep typing and being honest to your thoughts. May God Bless you despite the efforts of others. I wish there was a way to help you. Let us all know how we can help promote you through social media.

  13. I call bs. You are in one of the protected social media groups: A white male. In order to get cuffed you had to have said some disgusting things. I know because I get shut down myself from time to time for pushing what you can say on social media. Don’t play the victim sir.

  14. I am so sorry. I don’t hold much hope for the future when non agreement is seen as an attack to be squashed. Some of us remember how to have someone disagree with us and not lose our mind.
    Keep writing please. From one knitter to another.

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