A Certain Vulgarity in Knitting

One of the biggest deceptions we are facing right now is that it is normal for us to be divided into camps, that it is normal for us to introduce ourselves to each other with monikers of division.

So, it breaks my heart in so many ways to receive so many “conservative” groups ask for me to join them. And they always have the most ridiculous of names.

An invitation to join a “We Hate Liberals” group (or something to that effect) is not at all something I would ever be interested in. Have you been reading this blog on a regular basis?

I have a lot of conservative followers. Have ya’ll been listening???

There is no way in the world you could convince me to join a group that embraces division when all this time I’ve been trying to promote REAL inclusion, not these separatist concepts that mirror a modern version of the Civil War. This current Civil War is not geographical, it is ideological. And I am not for succession, I am for union. However, leaving into opposing camps, then fighting each other to the death seems to be what everyone wants….in almost every….damn….aspect….of life.

And that’s just not for me.

I am a proud gay, white, conservative, Christian knitter. And you know what? Those aren’t EVEN the most fascinating things about me! But, according to the rules of our new Civil War, none of these are allowed to be in the same room at the same time. I am never allowed to be all of them. No, I can only be ONE of them.

People demand of me in message, comment, or email that “if you don’t like it, then start your own conservative knitting platform.”

Well, you do realize that if I did that, I’d be a hypocrite, right? I’m not interested in factions. I’m not interested in shunning people away. I’m not interested in pressuring people out because I don’t like them.

I am a conservative….but, don’t ask me to join groups that exclude liberals. That isn’t fair to my conservative principles. Like Lincoln, we should be doing what we can to keep our society together, rather than letting it be split and fragmented into groups that want to continue warring.

As a conservative you should be doing everything in your power to save this craft, this culture, this tradition of compassionate artistry….not escalating it into full on war.

So, please. DO NOT invite me into conservative only groups. And the same goes for liberals! DO NOT invite me if the obvious intention of your name is to exclude!

That is just vulgar. That tells me you never read a damn word I ever wrote.

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  1. According to the “I hate ___” folks, you should be constantly arguing with yourself. Or attempting to stab yourself with a knitting needle. Sheesh.

    Well done, you!

  2. Well said, as always. Gee, it’s like they didn’t know you had a knitting group at one time, isn’t it? It was about life and knitting—funny, touching, embracing, accepting, and strongly opinionated— just the way we liked it.

    But, somehow, that wasn’t good enough, or something enough, I was there and don’t exactly remember everything, but minds were blown, colors of flag were objected to, and stitches, manners, sensibilities, and tempers were dropped along the way.

    Did I mention how much I appreciate you and your writing and how openly you share your life with us out here?

    Well, I do. I just love you.

    Knit to End. Much love.

  3. You nailed it here, MMK. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m not male, gay, politically conservative, or Christian, but I am so happy to be here at your table where I feel truly valued as the complex, messy, completely human being I am.
    Let us give thanks for you and for me and for these terribly trying times that offer us the gift of hope — that ubiquitous thing with feathers — for what we might become.

  4. I’m a card-carryin’ Libertarian, and I will always back those who support and protect the individual’s ability to make their own choices. That includes groups that are welcoming to any who might wish to join; labeled groups make the choice for a prospective member on whether or not they SHOULD join or CAN join. I cannot, therefore, support that perspective.

    One side effect of the divisive mentality is that people see you identifying yourself as “conservative” and automatically assume that means you hate/are against all self-identifying liberals. That is a stupid mentality, as is that of conservatives who automatically hate any who call themselves liberals. If we automatically assume that everyone who isn’t like us is the enemy, there is no chance for meaningful conversations – and reconciliation/resolution – to occur.

    1. Correction: I mean to say “That is a stupid mentality, as is that of liberals who automatically hate any who call themselves conservatives.”

  5. Exactly!! This is the group I want to be part of: “You knit? Hey, me too. Oh, crocheters too. You like yarn? I’ll trade you a hat for the yarn…..” The group that lets us all be together and we can be friends.

  6. We need librals, just not mad, insane, extreme ones. Just as we need conservatives, again, not mad, insane extreme ones. I, for one, am glad you are here, say what you say and practice the tolerance all of us should. I may not like a person’s opinion but I will defend their right to it, even the mad, insane, extreme ones, although I, personally, wish they could be more moderate. All the hatred and divisiveness hurt the whole country.

  7. Well said, Gregory. I am beyond weary of so many in our current society viewing people as labels, not human beings. In my knitting, my interest is figuring out how to k1b in bulky yarn without creating holes. Sticking labels on people does not interest me. At all. Keep up the good work.

  8. I’ve been banned from a local knitting group here in orlando. I was told not to come to their open knitting because as a conservative I would hamper their free flow of talk and they need to feel safe to express themselves.

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