One Minute to Knit


Well, well, well.

Apparently, my last blog post did not go over so well with what some would call “my base,” my core audience. (You know, it never dawned on me that I should size up my crowd and take notice of how many of a certain demographic followed my blog, my writing, my knitting. I just figured all sorts of people do).

I lost a lot of followers because of my last post. Some people thought I was being hard on conservatives (which, is true, so they checked out), and being a little more placating to liberals. And then someone said they didn’t come to my blog for politics (girl, where have you been? So the “only knitting” crowd took off, too).

Listen, I won’t apologize for my remarks. At this stage in my life I’ve had my fair share in experiences related to crap and I have no problem calling on that wisdom. I will reiterate. I have no interests in people that chose to exclude.

Oddly enough, I didn’t think I was being that aggressive, nor oppressive in challenging people with differences to finally come BACK to the spot where they were all once friends….back here. To knitting.

I thought I had reached the paramount in any message I could ever tap across these keys: invite the opposing side to your space, tend to them as you would any guest, say nothing and just listen while working away a knit along. Be good to each other, don’t push ANYONE aside.

And in my last post, I challenged “my base,” my core audience, to do the same. Because that concept of inclusion shouldn’t just rest in the knitting or political community. It should be in everything you do.

Despite what everyone tells you, despite the common divides that run rampant in EVERYTHING we do or experience now, knitting could be the one true and pure space where that can change, where you don’t see political, racial, social, or economic differences.

…but, of course we’ll never get there as long as we keep seeing only the political, racial, social and economic differences between us…..

That peaceful attachment to knitting that we all have should be reflected in everything that we combat in our daily lives. Heaven knows everything around us is in combat mode. And hell knows that social media is simply a cute term for “battlefield.”

So, I can’t find fault in asking my fellow conservative knitters to rethink groups that attract a certain anger and vitriol in someone. It is a bit like inviting someone to your church, because “we think your hatred towards other people is exactly what we’re about!”

I was calling out conservatives who were being booted from knitting groups, starting their own groups, and then pulling the same exclusionary ideas….and being a little nasty about it, being a little hypocritical about it.

And I really do not want to be a part of that. Even more so, I don’t want to even give the impression that I would ever be interested in that.

If anything, I hope I give the impression that I genuinely do care about this craft and the people in it. And the people in this craft are genuinely very good people. I’ve seen it over and over again, ten years now, over and over. Knitters are truly good people.

So, I get a little passionate when they turn on each other….

You know what? It’s Sunday, I say we take a good 30 seconds and pray for the person we are told to hate the most. Then take another 30 seconds and pray that we will never ever be put in that situation again….

Because if we are to pray for people, then praying for those we are told to hate isn’t something we should be doing on a regular basis. We’re not supposed to be hating to begin with….

Do that quick one minute prayer while you’re knitting.

You’ll get where I’m coming from….

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  1. I am neither conservative or liberal, just tired. Tired of everything being about division. I want nothing more than people to be kind to one another. It does happen, but now it’s so unusual that it’s a special “good news” story. I come here for rational plain speaking with no agenda. Thank you. Going back to knitting now….

  2. Sorry the haters left. I’m still here, knitting a sweater for my awesome husband. Knitting is the way that I cope with all the division. I, too, am tired of the divisive nature of the world now. Thanks for focussing us on KNITTING!!

  3. I tried to leave a comment on your last post and wordpress gave me a hard time about it! I guess it had been too long since I last entered my login or something. Just wanted to say I get what you were saying, but I am afraid that most will misconstrue your point or miss it all together. Very well worded. Nothing in your point of view has changed. You may notice that most of the vitriol you hear isn’t done with big words. There’s a reason for that, and alas, many who have left, missed your point entirely. (If they had taken the time to READ instead of skimming every fifth word, they wouldn’t have left.) You keep right on typing what’s in your heart. The good ones will stay.

    Have a lovely day to you both.

    1. Dreamspinr, In reference to your point – I’ve noticed that people who are guilty tend to see/hear their guilt reflected by the words of others even if that is NOT the speaker’s intent. Similarly, people who want to be offended will find offense in the most inoffensive of statements. Anger, offense, sensitivity, all come from WITHIN. As the paraphrased Eleanor Roosevelt quote goes:

      “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

  4. I’m a conservative and I never felt like you were spewing anti-conservatism in your last post. You were pointing out that there is no difference in conservative divisiveness then in liberal divisiveness. It is all the same. And if you were hurt by one then how could you turn around and do the same thing to others.

    1. Well said Laurel. I was not offended either and am as conservative as they come. My daddy always said “the guilty dog always barks first”. Meaning that if you feel defensive, you are probably going to bitch first. Divisiveness is divisiveness … no matter what you are talking about. I don’t really care what a person’s politics are, just don’t be hateful about it. Of course, it is human nature to respond like with like. When we feel threatened, people tend to respond back with the same level of hatred and meanness.

      I’m still here and will be.

  5. I’m not going to stop reading your blog until you start spewing some kind of hate. I can see why some left… we have been called racist; some have lost their businesses to the on-line hate crowd; some have lost so much that they thought they had nothing else to lose. You and another writer wrote about “its time to come together.” However, on her post, the hate crowd went nuts in the comments. Right now, there needs to be a cooling off period where people just knit and create; talk about the beautiful items being created; and go from there.

  6. I’m still here. I totally understand where you were coming from in your last post. We should all be inclusive; however, when the biggest knitting site in the world excludes so many and drew a line in the sand, it’s pretty hard to find that common ground. And let’s face it, would the left want to mingle with the right and put themselves in an “unsafe” place? I do think there are people on both sides that could and would come together, but honestly, I’m not ready for that. I prefer to knit alone…
    It’s a terrible situation that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
    I respect your opinion, though. As a new reader, I’m staying. Maybe some of your goodness will rub off on me.. 😉

  7. Hating is like frowning. It takes too much energy & muscle. I’d rather crochet & smile😊. Every day you make a choice about how you ‘re going to face the world. I pray we all make good choices. Blessings🙏😸

  8. I think you just spoke truth. Some people simply can not deal with truth. I thought you were balanced and thoughtful, you asked for tolerance. That is something everyone needs, to be more tolerant of those who do not agree with your views. In the long run all the hate and vitriol accomplish nothing and those willing to at least listen to what others think with kindness and compassion bring some hope into the world.

  9. I think you were spot on in your last blog post and I agree that we should ALL take a good, hard, long look at any group we participate in that encourages more division between us. I have left churches, regardless of denomination, that were not open minded and open hearted enough to reach across whatever divide was in our community or within the church to be able to come together and break bread. Now we cannot even come together and share our passions for the fiber arts without the “us and them” infiltrating the group.

  10. Gregory….. I am as liberal as they come, as you well know! But, I love your blog, and will keep on reading it and kick in a few $$ when I can. I’ll sit down at your table and bring the wine!! I love what my grandson said when he was about 10 years old…..”we can believe different things and still be friends”….it was his response when the children next door invited him to Bible Study. He told them he doesn’t believe in God. They told him he was going to hell. He said, that he didn’t believe that was true, but we can believe different things and still be friends. I always thought who was the “acting Christian” in that exchange? Anyway…. I’m not going any where, my friend!!

  11. Your logic makes sense to me. I’m still here, and I’m still knitting. Alone, it’s a charted lace chart I don’t do in public!

  12. I love Your blog *S* Even if i don’t like ‘mobbing’ coming Your way *S* Here in Norway the ‘scism’ between knitters is more along the line of Natural Fiber, Syntetic Fiber or cheap yarns, expencive yarns *S* That’s bad enough, but mixing in politics???????????? *sigh* Seems most people WANT something to Quarell about, not stay friends no matter what ones political ‘standpoint’ is . . .

    How come so many peole thinks that ‘everybody’ should follow their political/religious beliefs? These days the ‘big thing’ here in Norway is wether or not religious communities should be allowed to ‘cure’ Gays or not. . . (I’m not sure of the english term). To me that’s horrendus(?) No matter what any religion sais about sexuality, to me Human rights always comes first.

    I’m a fan of ‘the Cardamum Law’ *S* One shall ever bother others, be kind, othat than that do as you please *S* (Not the usual translation, just my own) (Thorbjorn Egner author)

  13. Thank you Patrick for being a breath of fresh air. Thank you for refusing to jump on one bandwagon or the other. I think when people demand you share their viewpoint it’s because their own convictions are shaky and they think there’s safety in numbers. I’m sick of people using the current administration as a handy excuse to behave like 12-year-olds.

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