Best Birthday Ever

If you have read this blog for at least 13 months you will know that this time of year is usually filled a bunch of hops, skips and jumps from holiday to holiday in this house. We gear up at Thanksgiving, then do a sprint towards Christmas, then hop to New Year’s, skip to my birthday, then jump into Epiphany.

Yes, It’s my birthday. 🙂

And while most people have the notion that whatever you do New Year’s Eve will set the tone for the next year, I thoroughly believe that I use my birthday for the same idea. While some may ask, “What will the next year be like,” I’m inclined to question, “what will the next year of my life be like?”

I can’t control what happens to the world at large. But, I can certainly try and get a handle on my own life, and think less of what the world around me is up to.

I’m spending my birthday writing, because that is what I want the next year of my life to be about.  I want to see how far I can take this talent.

I won’t lie. The older we get it’s do-or-die time. You’re not getting too many more chances to really go for it. I love hearing about the “overnight” success of someone in their 60’s, who finally hit it big. That wasn’t “overnight,” that took 30 to 40 years of trial and error. And the fact that it came at that age makes them heroic. They kept at it, despite age, despite failure, despite having to find some way to find the last couple of bucks for rent every month, they stuck to it…..

There is a lot more value in life in ambitions than there are in regrets. Ambitions get you up and out of the chair. Regrets chain you to it with the punishment of self pity.

I’m an ambitious little man, I really am. I want to spend this next year of my life in pursuit of what I can accomplish with my writing.

So, if I could be blessed this year with really making my writing work for me, really commercially work for me, then I’ll know in hindsight next year that this was the birthday ever.

Because this is my year to shine, to do-or-die, to really take my talents to new places and make them actually work for me. I have so much I want to write, to say, to learn from as I pen…. and Lord, I am so ready to reap the benefits of what you have given me.

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