Mr’s Green Thumbs and Lanolin Hands

There is one frail little corner in our apartment that gets just a brushing of sunlight…..and Phillip has started adopting any stray wandering jew, as though it were a puppy that had followed him home. “Can we keep it? Can we? I’ll take good care of it, I promise!”

Now, we’re both fond of foliage. He’s more plants, I’m more flowers. But, we both appreciate the beauty of green things growing, then blooming. So, he planted the pretty, purple, precious plant in some water. No soil, just water.

…I’ll be damned. They were off, sprouting, looking grand, looking vibrant, youthful. Then he took to picking up more and more low light plants that would grow inside the apartment. And I couldn’t be more amazed at how well he has done with this one little sliver of gold dew that comes in coyly through that one window. I am truly impressed. (I did ask, “Sweetheart, you’re not taking these clippings from people’s yards are you?” And he delightfully responded, “Snatched them from the city park. My taxes paid for them….”)

So, I sat down to knit today for the first time in a long while. We can talk about that in a later post….but, I think I’ve been dealing with PCKD (or “post Christmas knitting depression.”) You know, where you’ve knit so much you’ve feel like the life has been sucked out of you? Where you’ve run a pre-Christmas 25k marathon, struggled with heavy, dangerous breath past the finish line, then collapsed on the pavement while bystanders offer you bottles of water….and someone asks you if you mind walking home?

Nonetheless, I sat down to knit….because I love, remember, miss dashing to the finish line with my knitting needles…..and probably more so, because of a greater purpose: I have bills to pay.

So, I was so grateful to see, while sitting to knit, just a few feet in front of me, Phillip’s grand collection of resourceful beauty. I spent quite a long while staring at the knitting needles in my hands, then glancing often at the plants on  his stand.

We don’t have much, but we so appreciate when we can make excellent use of the blessings we’re given. Whether it be a penny on the pavement, or a slice of the sun’s life, we look forward to accepting those blessings, watching them bloom, then handing the blossom to someone else.

I knit up these two adorable bears. One in silver and grey, the other in a classic, muzzled, chocolate brown. If you’d like to have one of them, click here. 

(Of course, they need homes soon. Like I said, I haven’t knit in a while and I need to get back to work in a bad way).

I’m looking forward to sitting here knitting. As the wool moves through my hands, I’ll be watching Phillip’s pathos grow….

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  1. Love my greens, some with flowers, most not. No matter how much stuff you have, it’s the free stuff that means the most, the longest-the greens, the sunrise/sunset, that you wake up even. As long as you stop & take that breath to appreciate anything, you will have every thing🌹🌷

  2. So delightful! Plants can calm the mind and feed the soul. I think plants make a home. At one time or another I’ve had all the plants you have. Right now I have a pathos, snake plant, and Chinese evergreen. But the plant I’ve been nursing along is an eyelash begonia given to me by a co-worker. It needs more light so it’s atop the bathroom cabinet.

    Your concern for Phillip’s source reminded me of a plant demonstration I attended several years ago. She said she “acquired” her plants. While in line at a drive-thru she always had her clippers, damp paper towel, and plastic bag ready. As she moved in line she “acquired” new plants. Phillip is just following that tradition.

  3. Lovely to have greenery inside, oxygenate the air and provides another focus point for your eyes. That wandering creeper looks a lot like a menace weed we have in New Zealand as it smothers and kills native plants. Any little part of it, leaf or stem will send out roots and continue in its journey to eradicate anything in its path. It may cause a rash to dogs and cats if they roll in it. You will get your knitting mojo back, probably when you least expect it.

  4. Many years ago we had a small plant shop in town that I would wander into on occasion. She always had such nice plants. When I commented on her sources one day, she informed me that she would visit the State Greenhouse, on the grounds of our legislative building, and pinch starts from the greenhouse’s exotic plants. She said it is an old wive’s tale that people should never share starts, that they do so much better if they are stealthily snitched. 🙂

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