My Bear Clan

So, earlier this week I was reading my monthly sales statement. ONE in the last month. What???? That can’t be right!

Oh, but it is. And it is my own fault, you know. So focused on doing such a massive amount of writing, I’ve been neglecting my adorable little teddy bears. I haven’t knit very many, nor have I actively promoted.

Well, it was time to put the writing down and get back to work. With bills coming in for the month, I head back to my little bear clan to ask for their help. I knit up SEVEN teddy bears this week, mostly in this new alpaca from Hobby Lobby. And I truly love working with this yarn so much, I think it’s going to be my new go-to yarn for teddy bears. Alpaca feels sooooo nice as a teddy bear. It truly does.

Ok, so! Go grab a bear! Keep Mad Man in business! Grab a bear here!

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